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HELP! Dirty townies and no aging during pregnancy

I have been having a problem with my townies all looking like this ... (def putting a damper on my simlit screenies)




AND my simmies do not age during pregnancy ...
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    FigwitFigwit Posts: 1,072 Member
    They are a grotty lot aren't they? My first thought is you may have a mod that is outdated or clashing with something. If you use mods, then take out your Mods folder and try loading your game to see if it makes any difference.

    Sims do not age during pregnancy. If you want them to age, then you will need a mod to do that. The only one I know is the MC Command Centre.
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    rosemowrosemow Posts: 163,724 Member
    edited September 2016
    If you have cc/mods in your game, move your mods folder to the desktop. Then start the game and test to see if the issue is still there. If it has helped with the issue, put your mods/ CC back into the newly generated mods folder that is in the sims 4 folder one by one or in batches and testing after each one to see which is the causes of the problem.

    Try updating your graphics drivers and see if that helps

    Try changing your graphics settings and see if that helps.

    Repairing the game may help. To do that, right click on the sims 4 picture in Origin and click repair.

    Try resetting your sims 4 folder and see if that helps. To do that, move your sims 4 folder ( that is in Documents -Electronic Arts - then the sims 4 folder is there ) to the desktop. Then start the game, and a new sims 4 folder will be generated.
    Start a new save game and see if the issue remains in that game as well.
    Exit the game and then copy back the "options.ini" file and the "saves" , "screenshots" "tray" "custom music " and "mods" folders from the desktop sims 4 folder to the new sims 4 folder, replacing the new generated file/ folders with the old file/folders from the desktop sims 4 folder .

    Pregnant sims don't age during pregnancy.
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    rosemowrosemow Posts: 163,724 Member
    edited September 2016
    If the issues remains after doing these things, could you please post your DxDiag info here. It will take multiple posts.
    To gather a DXDIAG on your computer, do this :
    Press and hold the Windows key and the letter R on your keyboard
    You will see a Run box in the lower-left corner of your screen
    Type dxdiag in the text field
    Click OK
    Click the Save All Information button, found on the bottom of the DXDIAG report
    Then copy and paste the information from where you saved it, to here in this thread
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