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Supersim Legacy

Supersim Legacy

This challenge is to make a founder who does not die, but goes on to eventually complete all careers, all aspirations and all skills and has a fully stocked (with every plant) perfect garden. The game is played on normal life span, so your supersim has to ensure they always have a young again potion at hand to turn the clock back from being elder.

No cheats allowed UNLESS it is to overcome an accepted bug in the game and there is no other way to achieve the objective. Definitely no money cheats.

You make a single founder sim in CAS. Your sim can move into any premade or self made house that is within their budget and they may move at anytime if they can afford to. Or if you wish they can move into an empty lot classic legacy style.

Until your founder sim has an heir, they do not need to have a career, so initially your sim needs to start gardening and possibly painting or writing to earn a living. There must always be at least one live in gardener in the family to tend and keep the garden. This could be your sims partner or heir.
You may move sims out as they grow older (offspring for example) but the founder and the current heir must always remain on the lot. The current heir can be moved out when they produce an heir of their own, who then becomes the current heir.

If the founder or the current heir die, they must be brought back to life with either ambrosia or epic poem, or (the heir) can be played as a playable ghost. The founder however must always be played as a live sim.

The founder must always have a young again potion ready, but this can be supplied by any member of the family who have sufficient points.
Once the family is established with adult heirs who can tend the garden, the founder must embark on careers, aspirations and skills until they have completed them all. The founder can have as many partners or married partners and children as they wish.

In the event of a gay heir, they may adopt up to 2 children as long as they are in an established relationship.

Keep a manual record of Aspirations and Careers completed by the founder (unless this info is already kept by the game) Back up your saves every generation in case the worst happens and the game glitches.

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