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One Month One World One Year Challenge 2023


  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,226 Member
    No dumb questions. Glad you ask. Keep asking questions for clarity if you need to. :smile:

    I'll keep track of Dante's baes with a list on my website/blog. Each new bae, you'll see their profile with a selfie Dante took with them. Then under will be the list of all his baes. Bae number two is coming soon and you'll see what I mean. Part of the 100 Bae Challenge is to go on a date if the bae asks. So yes, there will be lots of dates going to happen in Dante's future. I have played ahead about a week, so I will hint to you that one bae's relationship has already started to deteriorate. Hopefully they won't ask on a date. But we'll see. I wanted to keep the premades for this one. I will be giving skintone makeovers for a few. Expect to see a lot of the premades this month. Then hopefully some player-created and more premades next. Hoping Elfie will make an appearance early February. We shall see.

    The High School Years pack is okay. This is the first time I am playing the Aspirations for it. It is fun on that part. I downloaded a custom made school to make it look a little better. I'm writing this out as January being Dante's sophomore year, February being his junior year, and March will be his senior year. Each week will be a different season because of that. I'm playing Spring right now and am looking forward to playing a prom night scenario. I downloaded custom gymnasium for that as well.
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  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 5,359 Member
    edited January 4
    one daily pic only.
    in spoiler something never before has happened, now 3 times.. mod or update... im confused.
    she had a small fan.
    whos mom came and took her home (or where ever they went off lot...
    I have never had toddler in lounge, and their own mom coming to pick them up...
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
  • BelalucinaBelalucina Posts: 396 Member
    edited January 5

    Name: June Kay
    Age: Teen
    Traits: Foodie, Erratic, High Metabolism
    Beginning Aspiration: Extreme Sports Enthusiast
    World: Mt. Komorebi
    Lot: Kiyomatsu Point

    June is only in High School, but has decided to try and live on her own in the woods. She's been in and out of foster homes and just can't seem to fit in anywhere. Let's just say that even though her cooking is awesome, her erratic behavior makes her a little hard to live with. She's found a large empty lot of land in the woods at the base of the mountain which is perfect because she plans on cutting down the trees to get wood for building her house; she just has to figure out how to go about it first, but she is determined! In the meantime, she'll just get a tent and it will be just like camping, right? And no one should mind her camping out here...she hopes. It's okay, because she's decided that once she's made beaucoups of money selling her hand sculpted furniture, she'll just pay back the money she owes for the land. She just hopes no one discovers where she's living in the meantime. The location will be perfect for hitting the slopes and building up all the muscle she'll need for her crafting. There's a hot springs nearby too, and the ski lodge has rental boards she can use until she can afford her own. She hopes she'll be tough enough to survive the cold winter. She should probably figure out how to build a fire... Hopefully her erratic tendencies won't bother any of her neighbors and cause problems for her. She hasn't told anyone she's living alone. What would her teachers think? She especially doesn't want her crush, Steve Fogel, finding out, at least not until she's made something of herself that she can be proud of. After that, she'll move on to the next dream; and she's got lots of those. A master chef, maybe a botanist, and who knows what else she'll get up to.

    June is one of the premade sims that come with the game.

    Jan. 3:
    Even though she's got lots to worry about (like finding somewhere warm to sleep) she's still gotta do her homework.
    And hang out with Steve Fogel... "Isn't he so cute? There's just something about him..."

    Jan. 4:
    Leaving your coat at school is the worst. "Ugh, keep it together, June!"
    She was able to sleep on the couch at the hot springs without being told off by anyone, which she'll try to keep up until she can find herself a tent.
    She did unfortunately scare everyone out of the hot springs when she told herself one of her crazy stories...oops.
    But she did manage to make a friend while grilling fruit at the park. "Okay, keep it together, June, don't say anything weird."

    You can search Belalucina on the gallery to find her, though she does have some CC. Just her skirt and eyelashes.
    Skirt is here:
    Here it is! :)
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    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 3,523 Member
    Nice daily pic, I like the angle! You always inspire me to try to take more creative screenshots haha. Also Flora has only been to the lounge once and I didn't see any toddlers, though I have a few mods that do make toddlers spawn at certain community lots. That tot is very cute, who is she?

    June's backstory is perfect, I like how it incorporates her traits! I also love that you have Steve in your game as well <3 Two of my favorite pre-mades are Dela Ostrow and Mia Hayes, but I didn't think to age them down and play one of them for this challenge. June is off to a nice start, looking forward to seeing your story! That erratic trait is a lot of fun haha
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 3,444 Member
    edited January 5
    Tasks completed:

    The Curator: Level 1: Out and About

    - Collect 10 Collectibles

    Neighborhood Confidante: Level 1: Neighborly Advisor

    - Become Good Friends with 5 sims

    Freelance Botanist: Level 1: Naturewalker

    - Weed or Water Plants 10 Times

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    January 5 - Week 1 - Thursday - Around The Neighborhood

    A regular day of high school and Drama Club for Elfie. Afterwards, still in his drama outfit, Elfie strolled around the neighborhood and thought about what Kiyoshi had told him at school. A group of friends were planning a Summit Climb to Mt. Komorebi in a few weeks. Elfie really wanted to go, and Kiyoshi had given him a list of items that he needed to purchase for the trip. One item alone cost $450 simoleons! Kiyoshi said that he would go to the small rock climbing wall with Elfie this weekend and do some practice climbs. Elfie was for that!

    In the meantime, Elfie had to figure out a way to pay for these items on the list. He still had the 3 autographs that Judith Ward had given him, but he wanted to save those. And so, he decided that maybe if he collected some items and sold them, he would have enough simoleons to afford all of this equipment.

    And that's what Elfie decided to do. Go around and see what he could find and then have a yard sale. It sounded like a good plan.


    His first stop was at the waterfall, to a spot that he always seemed to dig up upgrade parts. He looked around nervously in case any bats were about.

    Heading towards the Hazakura Lounge, Elfie saw Yamachan and was able to get another capsule from him! Yes! It was a Pit Beast simmie. Pretty scary looking.


    He then harvested some parsley. Elfie had also seen a tomato plant and potato plant, but they weren't in season.


    On his walk, he met some of his neighbors. Flora Evander @permanentrose was the first. She was really nice and went to his high school. He found out that she liked the violin. She seemed a bit uneasy and didn't talk too much about herself, and then she suddenly had to go. Elfie waved goodbye and figured that she was just shy.


    While he was chatting with Flora, another sim came up to them. Her name was Savannah Price and she was the most beautiful sim he had ever seen!


    In fact, you might even say that Elfie had a little crush on her.

    Savannah went to his high school and they had Math class together. She was really popular and was on the High School Computer Team. Maybe she wanted to recruit Elfie for the team. But no...she actually wanted to invite him to...oh my the prom as friends! Yes! Yes! Yes! Elfie would most definitely like to go with her. They took a photo together.


    After Elfie agreed, he remembered that he had told Kaori that he would go to prom with her. Well, they would all just go together as a group of friends. Yep! That worked.

    Elfie was so nervous around Savannah and when he shook her hand, some sparks seemed to fly between them. Darn static electricity.


    Savannah didn't seem to be fazed by the incident and had a good laugh. Savannah thought that Elfie was so much fun and asked Elfie if he would like to be her best bud. What? Oh wow! Yes, of course. This just made Elfie's day. :heart:



    After bidding Savannah farewell, he continued looking for collectibles. He then met another teen neighbor, Amelia Whitmore, @lilypadmeulin who also went to his high school. She told Elfie that she was on her way to exact some vengeance on a certain vending machine, but Elfie wasn't sure what she was talking about. They took a photo together and then Amelia went on her way.


    While Elfie was talking to Amelia, another teen stopped in the middle of the pathway and took a selfie. Maybe the teen was a celebrity and Elfie could get another autograph.


    The teen's name was Dante Morningstar, @LegacySims2017 and he also went to Elfie's high school. But, sadly, he wasn't a celebrity. They took a photo together and Dante commented that Elfie's girlfriend was "super hot". Elfie gave him a puzzled look.


    Dante: "That girl you were with. I heard you call her Amelia. She's your girlfriend, right?"

    Elfie told Dante that Amelia was a teen he had just met who lived in the neighborhood.

    Dante: "So, she's single? Good to know..." he said and waved farewell to Elfie.

    Not far from where he left Dante, he met another neighbor, Babs L'Amour @Ellupelluellu . Another high school student, Babs had just come from fishing in the Senbamachi neighborhood and couldn't wait to share some juicy gossip with Elfie. They took a photo together and then Babs headed off.



    And just as Elfie was going to head home, another teen rounded the corner. Her name was June Kay @Belalucina . She told Elfie that she liked wood. Elfie said that he did, too, and missed his workbench where he made toys. June couldn't believe that she had found another sim who loved wood as much as she did. They took a photo together and then Elfie made her laugh by making a funny face.


    June did a funny face back, and Elfie thought it was way better than his. Maybe she was a secret elf. They certainly got on well together.



    They bid each other farewell and since it was quite late, Elfie decided to head home himself. It had become a bit colder, so he changed into some warmer clothes. Then he went out and planted the parsley he had harvested and watered his garden. It was looking so good. Tomorrow was exam day and he decided to call it a night and head to bed. Nitey Nite!


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Elfie can get 1 capsule per day from Yamachan. The childish trait is the way to go for getting those capsules! lol Better than getting beat up by a vending machine and it costs 0 simoleons. Elfie will sell some of these later, once he gets a selling table, except Father Winter, since he has a special affinity to that one.

    I tried to incorporate some of the challenge sims' storylines in their meeting with Elfie. :wink:

    PS: I had already written this chapter, but because @Belalucina has now joined us, I added "teen" June Kay to the game and Elfie met her on his rounds. It's funny, but I had added the original June Kay and Steve Fogel, along with all those other Sims 4 originals to live in a house in Willow Creek. I have now aged Steve Fogel down to teen as well.

    @Carebear92 - Is Riley up on the gallery as yet? It would be fun to have him in my game, too. :)
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,226 Member
    January 4th Comments:

    Aww, did Babs draw a heart in the snow?

    Elfie looked like he had more fun sledding than Kiyoshi did. :lol: Love the facial expression of Elfie and Kiyoshi in the selfie. Aww, poor Elfie is experiencing puberty.

    The forest spirits enjoyed Flora's company it looked like. Oh, makes me wonder if she's a spellcaster now. Hmm!

    The snowstorm was meant to happen on the hill. He ended up meeting someone in the park because of it. Wondering if it will turn into something more than just friendship. :blush:

    Here I was hoping she had broken the curse. Poor Amelia. At least she has really nice neighbors.

    Enjoyed reading the backstory. Makes me wonder if June built the female snowpal and Steve built the male one. Both are cute. The folks in the Onsen should have listened to June's whole story. I bet they would have enjoyed the craziness. I blame them, not her. :grin:
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  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,226 Member
    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge
    (100 Bae Challenge)

    Dante Morningstar
    Age: 16
    Season: Fall
    January 5: A Veggie Slider and a Bar

    Dante tries cafeteria food for the first time now that he has a small amount of simoleons to his name.

    Bonus Images
    Dad finds out about the boyfriend!


    Date with Jeb Harris






    • Live Fast (troublemaker) – Pull a Prank 3 Times (2/3)

    • Archaeology (1/10)
    • Mischief (1/10)
    • Piano (3/10)
    • Selvadorian Culture (1/10)
    • Writing (1/10)

    • Striped Tree Frog
    • MySims Trophy – Gonk
    • MySims Trophy – Morcubus
    (Twitter Me: LSims2017)
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 3,523 Member
    edited January 5
    January 5

    Flora, your garden is thriving! Don't look so glum...

    She's been pretty miserable due to having a "fear of unfulfilled dreams." This must be a newer game feature, as I've never encountered it before and honestly I've been playing so little lately and am very behind on patch update info. Apparently the best way to get rid of it is to talk it through with someone, so let's make this fit our story lol.

    Flora was feeling increasingly anxious about the fact that her memories had yet to return. Though she had gotten into a good groove in Mt. Komorebi and was enjoying her time here, it didn't change the fact that she still could recall nothing about her past. What hope did she have for her future if she could never remember where she had come from?

    Kiyoshi noticed her increasingly agitated mood. The burden of keeping her fears to herself had become too much, so she confessed to Kiyoshi about her memory loss and her unexplained arrival here.

    Kiyoshi was sympathetic and intrigued, but still polite and did not push her to talk more than she wanted to. "And," he told her, leaning in to give her a reassuring hug. "Even if you never do get your memories back, it's kind of cool to be able to start off with a blank slate. You can be anyone you want to be."

    They headed over to meet Kaori at the Festival of Snow shortly after, but Flora found herself distracted from their conversation as a girl with flaming red hair nearby caught her. Her breath caught in her chest, and she felt her heart flutter involuntarily. "Who's that?" she whispered to Kiyoshi.

    "That's Morgan Fyres."

    Indeed, Flora was instantly taken with Morgan. In my mind, Morgan gives off very bisexual vibes so I feel like I can work with this. I had a lot of screenshots from the Festival of Snow, so I figured I'd break it into two updates :)

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  • BelalucinaBelalucina Posts: 396 Member
    I love Elfie! I love that he met all the other challenge sims. Him and June would get along great! I added everyone to my game that's available, but I haven't encountered anyone yet.

    Yes, June did build the female snowpal and Steve built the male one. I thought they were going to build one together, but...okay! lol
    Dante seems to be getting on well. Mmm...cafeteria food. :D

    Flora's garden looks great! I love her backstory about not having her memories. I'll be curious to see what she finds out as her story goes on.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 3,444 Member
    edited January 5
    @Ellupelluellu - Jan 5
    Obviously the music that Babs was playing lured the toddler to the lounge. Babs is like the Pied Piper. lol Thankfully the tot's mom came and got her. No, that has never happened in my game, so it must be Babs' music that is doing it! lol

    @Belalucina - Jan 3 & 4 -
    Love that you are using one of the pre-mades. Elfie has already met her in my story and they get along so well. They became Good Friends almost the moment he introduced himself. Childish and Erratic must make a great pair. Plus, they both like wood, so similar interests! lol And she is living on the huge lot in Mt. Komorebi and going to cut down trees to make her house. I like that. And her crush on Steve Fogel is cute, too. As already mentioned in my up-date, I aged Steve down to teen.

    Jan 3 - Yep, no place to live, no simoleons to her name, but June still has homework to do! lol Love the snowpals that June and Steve built. A man and a woman snowpal. How cool is that!

    Jan. 4 - Oh gosh, June forgot her coat at school. I used a skirt from the high school pack for her as I don't use cc. Ha! Ha! Telling stories in the Onsen and scared everyone away. That's a good idea to have some private time! Too bad Steve wasn't there to snuggle up with her in the water! And how nice, Kaori is her first friend. June, you will make it girl!

    I actually moved in all the challenge sims into the empty house in Mt. Komorebi in the Wakaba neighborhood, so that is why Elfie saw so many in the neighborhood. Next month, I will move them to Windenburg as well to a house there.

    @LegacySims2017 - Jan 5
    Oh gosh, Dante is taking his life in his hands trying some cafeteria food. Ooh...Jeb asked Dante for a date and it went really well. And they are now BFF's. Cool. Oh, and word travels fast as Dante's Dad finds out he has a boyfriend. lol Geography...where do you want to go Dante? Everywhere!

    Last year with Dylan, I did restrict his dates with baes to the worlds he was in and had been to, but I like that you are going to accept all dates anywhere! This will be fun!

    @permanentrose - Jan 5
    I love that cover shot...Flora...another dog lover! hehehe Oh look at Flora's garden! Fear of Unfulfilled dreams...makes so much sense for Flora, as she has no idea who she is. And so she tells Kiyoshi about her memory loss. I think that was a good thing to do, Flora. He has been a friend and he is someone you can trust. Well, we all think that Morgan is a hottie, no doubt there. Great update!
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,952 Member
    Whoa! Wow, I have some catching up to do eh? I apologize for not being here the last couple days. It's been busy around here and I've been playing a lot of Sims. I got some RAM for Christmas that doubled what I had so I'm enjoying how that has affected my game too. Anyway, looks like y'all been having fun playing the challenge and I see we have a new challenger in the mix. Can't wait to read all your stories! Give me a bit to catch up with comments/replies and updating the main post. :)
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,226 Member
    I had to end up bending some rules for both Challenges. I wanted to keep the accepting the date from a bae no matter what the location is and whatever time of day it is as well. That will be fun as time goes on. :lol:
    (Twitter Me: LSims2017)
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 5,359 Member
    @LegacySims2017 ,
    yes, she draw it on her own, it was cute :p Oh please Jeb , take off the bag even for a kiss..
    @Belalucina ,
    great start with June! I dont have parenthood, so i dont have her hair.. can I pic any hair even close oe do you want her to have certain hair?
    @permanentrose ,
    thank you about the pictures :) that tot is someone what came with a family i downloaded to fill the world. nice garden! Oh, Morgan, huh? well if Flora likes good for her :)
    @SoulGal7 ,
    haha , yes , must be Babs playing :P oo hi babs ! Elfie is on the roll :P he looks so different with that outdit :P
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
  • BelalucinaBelalucina Posts: 396 Member
    @Ellupelluellu Pick any hair you want!
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,952 Member
    I'm very surprised Babs could fish at all. Usually in my game, if it's snowing, they can't fish! o.O I hope she was able to fish up some valuable fish and treasures.

    Oh good, thank you for showing offspring at some point. Yep, those free chips are literally a lifesaver for R2R Sims eh? :)

    Oh dear Babs doesn't look too happy in your daily post pic. Aww, she drew a heart in the snow, that's so cute! I keep forgetting that's an option for our Sims who have MWS. Bummer she can't fish anymore, hope she got a lot of tips though after school. Guessing she went there to play piano. :) Oh wait, yep, I see her in the window at the piano. :)

    Very interesting development with the toddler fan. I have never seen anyone under teen in the lounge. I think they are coded for older Sims, not kids/toddlers. It must be a glitch or a mod, yeah. Very cute toddler though and pretty Mom. Nice that she came to pick up her toddler. She must've been worried sick about the little girl. Glad she found her.

    That's the smallest smile I've ever seen on Elfie's face so far in your daily post pic. I guess he's starting to feel the effects of being homeless now. Poor little elf. He certainly looks happy playing in the puddle though. hehe Aww, he made his first teen friend! Uh, yeah Elfie, she's magical alright. ;) Gah! Elfie needs to get more sleep, he keeps passing out. Aww, love that Kaori invited him to Prom. Very cool he had so many helpers with his project, he sure needed them. Thank goodness for the Onsen eh? I'm sure he'll have plenty of simoleans soon to rent a little house after he sells those autographs.

    Gah! Bats! I found out they hang out around there when Cale was talking to the elder. Glad he had some fun on the mountain with Kyoshi. Yep Elfie, I'm guessing Kyoshi is a goofball, just like you! ;) BFFs! Saw that coming a mile away, so happy for Elfie. Wow, nice chunk of change he got for the autographs.

    Very nice home Elfie is 'renting.' Great job building that! Too bad it took almost all his simoleans though. I'm sure he'll be making more in no time though. Nice of Kaori to come for a visit and not say a word about his acne. She's a sweetheart. Perhaps a future romance in the making? We shall see... :)

    Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear your Father is quite ill. Just concentrate on taking care of your Dad, spending time with him, etc. The challenge isn't going anywhere and like I always say, real life comes first. Love and light to you and your Dad, I'll be praying for you both. <3

    Very cool about childish Sims being able to get Simmis every day from Yamachan. Good to know! Wow, he certainly met a lot of challenge Sims, fantastic! Love how you incorporated their stories into Elfie's encounters with them. Uh oh, I hope Kaori isn't too upset Elfie agreed to go with Savannah too. Or maybe more than two Sims can go as dates to the Prom? I have no idea since I don't own HSY, yet. Aww, BFFs too? Go Elfie, he's on fire! Looks like to me though the one he vibes with the most though is June Kay! Things could get very dramatic soon for Elfie. Let's hope in a good way! ;)

    Very nice of Mom and Dad to give him LUX to help him be more comfortable in the Simsworld. Did he like the fruitcake? hehe He looks good playing the piano. Hope he got a lot of tips! :)

    Dang, bummer his time at school wasn't very enjoyable once he found out it would take so long to do. Interesting how he took his revenge for that. hehe Hope he doesn't get caught doing stuff like that. Oh, well, well, we have our first bae in Jeb! Dante must love mysterious Sims. Not sure I could romance someone if I couldn't see their face, but Sims don't care. hehe

    Of course at least Dad would know Dante has a new boyfriend. I would imagine he's watching him all the time or has some minions to do it for him. ;)

    Wow! Uh Dante, I think Jeb is a keeper! Very cool their date took place at the bar in Selvadorada! BFFs! And a first kiss! Granted it was through a bag, but hey, it counts! hehe What a great date for these two. :)

    Love the daily post pic! Fun how you caught them off their feet with the hip bump. :)

    Hmm, maybe she lived in the country or something in her previous life. That would explain how she just knows how to garden, fish, etc. Gah! Bummer she caught on fire trying to roast a fish.

    Oh Gawd, I'm glad she took Kyoshi up on his offer, but so SO sad about Mr. Ito burning to death. I'm guessing Flora tried to plead for him but it didn't work. :(

    I bet your suspicions are right about NS being on at first. Those pregnancies must've happened before you turned it off. I can't think of any other explanation. Unless you have autonomy set for woohoo with pregnancy a possibility or something.

    Flora looks so scared hanging off the mountain in your daily post pic. Don't worry Flora, you'll get better soon. :) Sweet of Kaori to invite her over to check out some clothes she might like and then hang out for awhile. Love the screenshot of her peeking over the top of the cliff. She looks relieved she didn't fall again.

    Oh no, she got zapped! Bummer, but smart she took some time to do some stargazing and recover from it. Whoa! I love how those spirits showed up while she was laying there in the snow. Was she able to interact with them before they disappeared?

    Ah, she's dreaming of the Magic Realm, interesting. I wonder if it has anything to do with her scar. I bet it does. We shall see! :) Great looking wardrobe you've designed for her. She's such a pretty Sim!

    Aww, look at the puppy! So cute! I don't know if anyone has told you this yet, but that's part of the Wants and Fears. You can turn them off, kind of. There's a glitch that if they travel after you turn them off, they'll turn themselves back on. Devs know about it and a fix should come in a near future patch. Hopefully... Anyway, I'm glad she confided in Kyoshi about her memory loss. Always nice to have a friend to share such things, she needs that right now.

    Well, this is interesting, Morgan eh? She sure gets featured a lot. I understand though, she's one of the most gorgeous premade Sims in TS4 in my opinion. She's right up there with Bella to me. Excited to find out if they become and item or not. :)

    You're right, you will need to turn autonomy off or she'll always get out of the Onsen. I'd wait until she's in the red for sleep too, that'll help. Yep, I'm sure you've learned by now not to let her use the machine while she's still got the squished buff. Once that runs out, you're golden to try again, of course. :)

    Yay! I'm so glad the Simmis paid off for her and she has a little house now. You should be proud, she's doing well. Sweet dreams Amelia, you've earned a nice long sleep. :)

    Very sweet her landlords changed their tune after they found out she's a Legacy Sim. Glad she has that option for somewhere to get out of the weather and a bed instead of a bench to sleep. She looks a bit cranky in the daily post pic though. hehe Okay, I see why now, the Simmi machine got her again. But at least she has a bathroom now! Excellent! I hope you and your partner both feel better soon! *Hugs*

    Hi @Skeilah! So nice to see you here and read you've been reading challengers stories. Thank you! Understandable about not having time to join in, but hopefully you will in the future. Bryon's story was so well written and fun to read. I plan to do the challenge again myself for 2024.

    Hi there and Welcome! I'm humbled you made an account here just so you could check out the challenge. So sweet of you to do! :) I apologize for not being here when you joined, but I see other challengers stepped up to help you out. Thanks guys!

    Very cool you're also playing with a premade sim, June Kay, just like Ellu is playing Babs. I love that! She's very cute. Fantastic backstory for her, I'm excited to follow along in her journey to discover herself. I love that she wants to build her new home by hand and sell her woodcrafts to help fund it. Great way for R2R Sims to make some simoleans. :)

    Yep, unless your Watcher decided not to send you to school, gotta hit the books girl! ;) Sweet seeing her hanging out with her crush. I wonder if he's crushing on her too, kind of looks like maybe that's the case.

    Uh yeah June, what were you thinking? Good thing the Onsen is available eh? I think at some point all our challenge Sims take advantage of that place, I know mine did. Bummer she scared away some potential friends, but I'm glad she ended up making one anyway in, Kaori? I'm guessing that's her just from the hairstyle. :)

    I'll update the main post for a link to your first post after posting these comments. Unfortunately if you uploaded her with CC, there isn't a way to get her link using the online Gallery version, which as far as I know is the only way to get a link. Can't get a link in-game. I can get her next time I go in game though by checking the 'include CC' box. However, did you change anything physically when you downloaded her and aged her down to a teen? If you didn't I could just include a link to her Maxis file and a link to the CC you used on the main page. Or, you could upload her without the CC if you'd rather. Let me know! :) You've off to a great start!

    Aww man, the supply machine got him eh? Well dang, that's not good. Glad he had some fun on the mountain though. Very cool some townies were giving away some household items though and helped him increase his concrete slab. Very generous and thoughtful townies eh? I'm happy for him he has a little home now. Congrats to Riley for finishing the first tier of the aspiration! Go Riley! :)

    Bummer about the weather foiling his plans, but looks like it worked out to his advantage after meeting Luna. Perhaps a romance in the making? :)

    What a cute little starter home for Riley, I love it! <3
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 5,359 Member
    only one pic, but going strong with the aspiration.
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 3,523 Member
    I had never seen the pitbeast simmi until Flora opened it up from her first simmi capsule this challenge. Even though it was worth a lot, I had her keep it as a souvenir. Fun to see so many challenge sims in your update today too! Flora had a few likes/dislikes from when she was a different sim in my game last year and I didn't bother to reset them, which is probably why she likes the violin, but now I want to use that for my story perhaps. Definitely a cool instrument and maybe playing it could unlock something about her past.

    I looked up Savannah Price since I don't have that pack and she's such a cute sim and it looks like the game made her to be asexual too, which I feel like might be perfect for Elfie since he's just so innocent and childish, a "relationship" that's more friendship and cute romance might be perfect for me. That's just me speculating though, I know whatever plans you have for him will be great.

    Morgan really is one of the cutest premade sims haha. As a redhead myself, I do find myself partial to her. I know she was heavily featured in your challenge last year and I was hesitant to let Flora go for such a popular premade, but I'm gonna just see where things go at this point. I may toss a few teen sims I've made in the past into game just to give Flora some options though, because I want to play Flora as gay but there's not a lot of pre-made female teen sims I'd consider gay or bisexual

    Omg that kiss with the bag over Jeb's head is killing me :D Cool that he got to take a little trip to the jungle too. I'd consider letting Flora go on dates in worlds that I won't be using for the challenge if she got invited.

    Enjoying seeing Bab's progress! For now, Flora is interested in Morgan, but I'm undecided if Morgan will be "the one" for her, only time will tell. I honestly don't have enough teens in this save that I feel like are romance material for Flora since you know me, I'm totally gonna play her with a girl lol, so I may have to toss a few more in there and see if she seems attracted to anyone else haha

    I wanted to have Flora plead for Mr. Ito, but I couldn't get her to interact with the Reaper in time unfortunately. I left his urn on their back patio though so maybe one day when she's a spellcaster she'll come revive him haha.
    Unless you have autonomy set for woohoo with pregnancy a possibility or something.
    Honestly I do have some mods that allow for risky woohoo but I am unsure of what the autonomy setting for those are. I've never had an issue with it in the past but would definitely be worth looking into if I keep seeing pregnancies crop up because it shouldn't be happening anymore.

    The puppy is Rosie Hecking and it made me realize how much I miss playing with pets. You know me though, probably won't be long until I cave and add a pet to Flora's household haha.

    Also thanks for the tips for turning off wants and fears, I guess it replaced the whim system? Definitely turning that off, it was super annoying lol.

    I was trying to go a more organic route with Flora this year with romances instead of using one of my own sims and planning things out, and in CAS I did make Flora interested in women because just like you know I'll cave and add a pet to my game soon, me playing a female sim interested in women is just as predictable LOL. Since she found Morgan attractive immediately, it seemed like it might be fun storyline to follow. I do love redheads, I am one myself LOL, but we'll see where it goes. I'm sure I'll make Morgan my own despite her popularity if she does end up being a bigger part of my challenge. I also may just add more female teen sims to my game as well for a little bit of variety, there aren't a ton of premade female teens I'd necessarily play as being into girls so I need more options haha. Flora is a loyal sim though, so I'm definitely not trying to complete the serial romance aspiration this year.

  • GhostDragon1351GhostDragon1351 Posts: 20 Member
    @Belalucina She is so cute!! :smiley: I love the backstory too can't wait to see more of it
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,226 Member
    Hopefully...hopefully in regards to Jeb. Depending how Dante's relationship is maintained with him, we will see. I want to do an unveiling of the paper bag.

    No, Dante found the fruitcake gross. :joy: But he forced ate it to keep his hunger in check. Since you have them in teenage years for 3 months for the Challenge, I am making him do Jan as a sophomore, Feb as a junior, and Mar as a senior. Good point with dad and mom watching him from above below and so they know about his boyfriend. Wonder what they'll think about his future ones coming soon. :lol:

    Too bad Dante didn't wear lipstick and leave a mark on Jeb's paper bag. :joy: Part of the 100 Bae Challenge is to always accept a date from a bae. So, I had to bend the rule of only being able to visit Worlds that the Challenge Sim has previously been to.
    (Twitter Me: LSims2017)
  • BelalucinaBelalucina Posts: 396 Member
    Jan. 5


    Even though June is exhausted from napping on couches, she is still managing to work on her snowboarding skills. She tried skiing, but discovered that it's not for her. I mean, really, how are you supposed to control both feet at the same time?
    June had quite the day. Most of it was just exhausting, and everyone she met thought she was crazy...sleep deprivation will do that to you.


    She met a lot of new friends today. Elfie didn't mind her weird stories (or that she was so tired that she passed out in the hot spring after their discussion). Flora was nice, but seemed a little sad. June wondered what was the matter. Her sleep deprived babbling didn't seem to help her though. She met a resourceful girl named Amelia who she had seen out doing her homework on the picnic benches. She realized that her own homework was being neglected. She met Dante, who was dressed up like he was going on a date. He was gushing about someone named Jeb and showing her his phone.


    After getting in a fight with the vending machine she managed to get a hot drink before hiking out to the scenic loops to dig for treasure.


    She encountered some creepy blue things, but accidentally scared them away with the huge yawn that preceded not long after.


    She found a strange rock and called the geo council to see what it was. "Hello? Is this thing worth any money?" (It wasn't worth anything much)

    I did manage to finally be able to get her a tent...but then the repo man came and took it since she didn't pay her bills. This didn't seem to satisfy him though, because he then started taking trees. June tried scaring him away, but it didn't work. He just kept taking trees and then the game finally just crashed...and I hadn't saved, so I lost a bit of progress. I'll have to save up and get her another tent...after she pays her bills this time.


    Taking her trees...the AUDACITY!

    Hopefully tomorrow will go better. :)
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
  • BelalucinaBelalucina Posts: 396 Member
    @Karababy52 Thanks for the welcome, and thanks for the challenge! :) I've never played Rags to Riches style, and it's definitely challenging only sticking to one world. I will upload June with no CC tomorrow, since I did make some slight changes to her.
    Just in case no one has told you today, you are loved. <3
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,952 Member
    Babs looks a bit scared or perhaps aprehensive about whatever she's preparing to do. Guessing snowboarding. Great shot! Go Babs with the aspirations! :)

    Aww, okay. Hopefully she can revive him later *crossing fingers* Hope you get the mystery pregnancies figured out soon. Rosie! Okay, should've recognized her. Oh yeah, won't be long and Flora will have a pet...or three, yep! ;) Yes, Wants and Fears replaced the Whims system. Keep your eye on the toggle, caught myself a few times forgetting to turn them off. So annoying! Oh yeah, I figured Flora wasn't a player, she'll find 'the one' I'm sure at some point. :)

    Ah, yeah I've done that before for my poorer Sims that couldn't afford to be choosy with food. hehe Good plan for Dante's time in HS. hehe It'll be interesting for sure to see what they think about his next 99 baes. :D

    Great daily post pic! Your graphics are so crisp and clear, beautiful! Absolutely love the cross challenger gameplay some challengers are doing. So fun! Aww, man, too bad she scared the 'creepy blue things' away. hehe o.O Whoa! He actually repo'ed her trees? I had no idea they would do that. Learn something new about this game every day I swear. Incredible...

    No problem, I'm just happy to have you join in the fun. Happy to hear you're experiencing new gameplay as a result too. I love playing R2R style, it's fun and so satisfying once they begin to progress in life.

    Ah, okay, sounds good. I'll update the main post with links for her afterward. :)
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,226 Member
    January 5th Comments:

    Aww, lil kiddo wanted to hear Babs play.

    Ooo, Elfie has a crush! It was electrifying! :joy: Ha, ha! Dante in your multiverse is working on his 100 baes. I think he's counting himself as one with that selfie he's doing with just himself. Was fun to see a lot of the Challenge Sims. Looking forward to February when I add the Challenge Sims into my multiverse and Dante runs into them. There might even be some baes that come out of it.

    I don't like that Unfulfilled Dreams too. Luckily Dante doesn't have that right now. Am happy to see Kiyoshi offering his friendship to Flora. Oh, Flora has butterflies seeing Morgan. Cute. Maybe Morgan can also help Flora come out of her shell a bit more.

    Very cool to see some of the Challenge Sims in your multiverse. Of course, Elfie wouldn't mind June's crazy stories. He's a child at heart and like a little bit of craziness. Ha, ha. Loved that Dante was gushing about Jeb. Jeb will always be his first bae. Possibly 99 more baes are ahead. Was fun to see him showing his first crush off to June. Hopefully the two meet up in school in when February comes around. I'll be adding all the Challenge Sims that month. Aww, man. I hope June was able to pay her respects to the spirits before being scared away. Maybe she'll meet more later on. OMG, I couldn't stop laughing that the repo guy was taking the trees! :joy: Maybe he thought June was going to cut them down to build a home. So, he was like... "Nope. Gotta prevent her from building anything since I took her tent!"
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  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 3,523 Member
    edited January 6
    January 6

    "Hey Morgan!" Kiyoshi called, waving Morgan over to their table.
    "Wait!" Flora pleaded. "You don't have to do that..."
    "She's super cool," Kiyoshi assured her. "Her family owns one of the rental properties here on the mountain, so they spend some time here throughout the year."
    Kiyoshi introduced the two, before heading off to hit the slopes with Kaori.

    "Cool scar," Morgan said, acknowledging the mark on Flora's cheek that most people had the tact to ignore. "I'd love to know the story behind how you got that."
    "So would I," Flora added with a dark chuckle, earning a quizzical look from Morgan, but she brushed it off and asked Flora if she'd go sledding with her.

    Girl, get off your phone and notice the way that cute girl is looking at you!

    "Ready? It's gonna be a wild ride..."

    Indeed it was :D

    Morgan was easy to talk to. She was honest and a bit blunt, but in the best way. In fact, she was so easy to talk to that Flora found herself opening up about her amnesia and uncertainties. It felt good to be honest, and she felt a tension she hadn't realized she'd been carrying slowly begin to ease up. She had been throttled into this new life with so much fear and panic, but humanity had proven to be so much kinder and patient with her than she had expected.

    "Fireflies!" Flora suddenly explained. "I remember catching fireflies as child!" A memory flashed through her mind more quickly than she could grasp it, but she could distinctly remember being a child and watching as the firefly light danced between her fingers.

    "I can't remember anything specific, but at least I remembered something."

    Not again…

    Morgan's face :D

    As they returned to town, they exchanged numbers, hoping to spend more time together before Morgan's vacation ended.

    That night, Flora dreamed of the strange and beautiful greenhouse again, but this time, she saw a child as well, but no matter how hard she tried, she could not see their face. She woke up feeling puzzled, trying so hard to grasp onto the memories hiding just out of reach.

    Comments and replies coming tomorrow since I stayed up way too late playing around in my game, figured I'd post because it's after midnight though and I plan on sleeping in for a while tomorrow since I have the day off :)
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,226 Member
    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge
    (100 Bae Challenge)

    Dante Morningstar
    Age: 16
    Season: Fall
    January 6: Detention and a Night Out

    Dante gets caught skipping class by Principal Mei Prescott. She admits she gets bad vibes from him even from the first day of school when they met and orders him to go to detention after school. Dante is not impressed he now has to spend even extra time at school.

    With all his high school woes Dante is going through, he decides to find more romantic interests to distract himself.

    Bonus Images
    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!

    Dante’s mom asks if he would want a sibling.

    Date with Morgan Fyres






    • Live Fast (Trouble Maker) – Pull a Prank 3 Times (3/3)
    • Live Fast (Trouble Maker) – Get in Trouble (1/1)
    • Live Fast (Trouble Maker) – Sneak Out to a Party (1/1)
    • Live Fast (Risky Business) – Ask a Sim Out on a Date 5 Times (1/5)

    • Charisma (3/10)
    • Cooking (1/10)
    • Dancing (1/10)
    • Piano (5/10)

    • Shinolite Crystal

    Rewards Store:
    • Always Welcome

    100 Bae Challenge
    1. Jeb Harris
    2. Morgan Fyres

    1. Because Dante is not living with his parents or has anyone else in the household, I had to cheat his Aspiration goal to Sneak Out to a Party.
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