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  • Beirecool
    Hi, I got 2 exceptions yesterday about ghosts not being culled properly. I later checked my family tree and the oldest (dead) uncle of my sim had disappeared. His daughter isn't on the tree any more but when I check her in the relationship panel she still appears as a cousin. I hope this issue can be fixed, because it's annoying, especially since i'm playing a legacy challenge.
    December 10
  • Jman123
    Hi I been having bug issues with the shove interaction is there a way to fix this annoying thing is there a patch coming out?
    December 6
  • Stormsview
    phoebebebe13 wrote: »Guru Nichademus helps in tech but if your having bug issues SimGuruNick is the one to speak and report to.
    Thread on the sims forums EXTREME MEMORY LEAK IN SAN MYSHUNO? The OP of the Thread increased his power supply and fixed his issue. So while I was there I ask the Techs their to look into a Problem that a different Simmer was having. rosemow and I were trying to help, The following is what I found when I went to investigate what goes on in San Myshuno.

    I tested San Myshuno because of a different problem from another simmer. So I believe San Myshuno have a reason for being extra buggy, you Techs may want to have a closer look. in some areas of the city. I watched the whole day because this Simmer said his problem was food left about and full of trash in his area about 9 pm every day and it did not get better, it stayed.
    Now I could not recreate exactly his problem but I did see where the problem could be coming from.

    The area had two food stalls, some picnic tables, and a public bathroom. a busy area, so of course they will generate Sims.
    I used my camera to stay in areas that I wanted to watch. One thing it was so many people eating, to the point it was funny. But you would think they were getting that food from the food court right,...Wrong The food that the people had walking and standing about was not the food stalls food, So I looked around to find the source of the food, it was none. We know sims are generated from point( A) to point (B) and vice-versa.
    So I watch as they generated until they disappeared.
    Its an overabundance of people generating in the area, and whats worst they all had food. even the ones that did not have food, it generated in their hands in seconds. One man just stood there in the generating area, he ate one plate of food after another, nonstop for hours, his thought bubble would think of something new to eat. in a second he had it in his hand and was eating it. and with his empty plate he would place it with a slight bend and drop it on the ground, it would make the drop sound and then poof and not be visible on my screen. everyone that had food when they would reach the area of generating or degenerating would stop and drop the food in the same manner, before leaving. and if you wait long enough they will return with more food or drink. and this was many many townies. over and over.

    The Simmer that had the problem with all the food in the area littering his apartment area saw the food on his computer. On my screen it poofed.
    Also, normal townies that got food form the food stalls would sit at the tables, even if they leave food and go, you can direct your sim to pick up the food. but the other food you can not pick it up so it just stays there. This could be causing extra lag in San Myshuno.
    I did suggest to him to leave the area, travel out and return to clean this area, But if its a Bug the problem remains.
    November 22
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    November 15
  • brinadanielle
    Hello not sure where to report bugs...but my party events aren't picking up dancing sims...and other task. thank you for all you do! I love the sims!
    November 13
  • Caraferri
    Hey there! Is anything being done to fix the error code 102?
    November 13
  • Oceanbabe1990
    Hi I need someone help with alot of tops and alot of shoes i cant get is there any sites I miss that I can get all this stuff
    1. sweater dress dark blue with blue glitter on the shoulders crew neck
    2. low tops red glitter chuck taylors
    3. high tops red glitter chuck taylors
    4. high tops purple glitter chuck taylors
    5. black leather jacket with red glitter hearts and with white glitter birds wings open, with roses with pink them on front of the jacket like 5, and roses on the back of the jacket red glitter heart in the middle with gold glitter crown on the top and white glitter birds kissing the heart and like 8 roses on the sides of the coat pink,red and on the vines light green, and some on leafs one rose of back coat in down the back of the coat
    6. crop top long sleeves crew neck grey and black stripes cotton
    7. animal print glasses wide,
    8. white shirt or short sleeve with hands on the collars with red nail nail polish and face on the front outline in black
    9. bright orange fringes ear rings
    10. baby pink silk dress ties in the front long sleeves
    11. long sleeve black top with slits on the sims long infront short in the back sheer before the chest around cotton v neck no straps sew in the top
    12. Red glitter tuks Double sole ties
    13. high top knot twisted around no bangs No lose hairs around the face no Mesh
    14. open blazer no buttons white 3 qaurter sleeves
    15. high bun twisted no bangs No lose hairs around the face no Mesh N
    16. black deep v neck long dress shirt short sleeves
    17. big black beads and little ones up the back
    18. white diamond studs ear rings
    19. Wedges closed in toes blue seuede dark blue
    20. cork heel wedges bright pink
    22. High curly ponytail long no bangs no lose hairs around the face no Mesh
    23. short sleeve dress shirt white with tiny black polkadots button down collar with front button pockets.
    24, Long straight Ponytail right down the back No bangs no lose hairs around the face no Mesh
    25. High stacked bun top of head no bangs lose hairs around the around the face no mesh
    26. Long deep v neck Boyfriend cardgain Bright Pick No Pockets button down
    27. Tuks hello kitty creepers ties hello kitty on the sides and red bows and the sides and hello kitty helly faces on both creepers with red bows
    28. Tuks hello kitty creepers holographic dripping paint silver and bright pink bows on the sides
    29. bae ballet platforms sandals peeptoe baby pink ties with baby pink slik ties
    30. Mary Jane Patent black pumps ankle straps close in toes
    31. High bun NO Bangs twisted no lose hairs around the face no Mesh
    32. Bright pink leather sandals peep toe with studs skipes ends
    33. bun twisted around top of head No Lose hairs around the face no Mesh No Bangs
    34, Luclie t shirt grey short sleeve crew neck with bright red letters
    35, plain Black leather jacket open no buttons with a zipper
    36. tuks double sole bright pink black seuede ties
    37. black thin mini skirt cotton pink thin mini skirt cotton
    39. deep Keyhole sweater turletneck black cotton not knit
    40. sheer black dress shirt long sleeves with button collar
    41. crop cotton pants black not sure has pockets or not or ties
    42. knee high white black stripes cable knit socks
    43, dress shirt with keyhole black with white birds button collar
    44. grey knee high socks with polka dots
    45. coral heels leather wedge thick heel peeptoe sandals
    46. Red glitter Puma shoes ties
    47. bright yellow sweater not knit with gold glitter sew on
    48, long wavy hair right down her back no Mesh no lose hairs around the face no bangs
    49 black booties lace up back open closed in toes
    50 bunny tails heels lace up pom poms on the sides close in toes like medium pink
    51 dark red velvet seude heels close in toes with big fuff pom poms end of the heels pumps
    52. black booties open back close in toes corset back ties in front both zippers on the sides of heels
    53. Steve madden dark red pumps leather close in toes
    54 black knee socks white and dark red polka dots
    55 black socks with white skulls on them knee high socks
    56 bright pink seude heels close in toes with big pom poms on front of the heels ties
    57 Tuks wedges thick heel tuxedos ties white and black
    58 Thin light pink deep crew neck shirt long sleeve short
    59 thin Deep v neck black shirt short sleeves
    60 sliver glitter heels open toes thick heel swarovski patent leather shiny
    61 top bun on top of the head No lose hair around the face no Bangs no mesh
    62 Oxford saddle peeptop heels white and black ties and thick beige heel
    63 doll kills clear heart platform creepers red and dark pink, pink ties
    64 Steve Madden red glitter heels pumps close in heels shiny swarovski patent leater
    65 long dress silt down the front with shorts under black with white stars,
    66 heels with clear tops with diamonds on the front down the heel sandals ankle strap
    67 short sleeve dress shirt light purple thin with white polkadots
    68 long sleeve dress shirt white with with black polka dots with front button pockets
    69 Knit sweater soft not cable knit black with cuffs
    70 knit sweater deep v Neck with black on it around the neck and on the cuffs white sweater
    71 light pink faux fur coat crop long sleeves
    72 dark blue faux fur coat crop long sleeves
    73 dark blue jeans roll up cuffs
    74 dark brown dress pants thin
    75 black cotton pants with front pockets and ties
    76 thin shorts not what graphic on the shorts with ties and side pockets
    77 black plain tank top lace traps v neck
    78 long sleeve cotton dark purple top crew neck
    79 white thin david bowie graphic
    80 dark red leather pumps thick heel with folds on toes of heels close in toes
    81 dress almost to the knees black lace dress tight at the waist lace the top of the dress corset under the dress sew in
    82 Black wedges suede close in toes
    83 Turtle neck sweater knit cable long sleeves
    84 lime green deep crew neck t shirt
    85 button blazer white and black stripes 3 qaurter sleeves
    86 long black dress shirt with studs on the shoulders button collar
    87 long black plain dress shirt button with button collar
    88 open dark blue snake skin open blazer or button up or cocodlie skin
    89 red glitter/ dark purple holographic open blazer or button up
    90 long sleeve neck crew shirt black and grey stripes
    91 Leather lined leggings black
    92 Long boyfriend caragdian white and black stripes button down not sure about front pockets or not
    93 Long sleeve cotton black top v neck
    94 baby pink loafers wedges heels thick heel
    99 white sweater with glitter hearts with holographic hearts crew neck not cable knit
    100 kitten knit sweater black with red hearts crew neck not cable knit
    101 white sweater knit black crosses not cable knit
    102 Donut sweater different colors with sprinkles and different colors icing white sweater crew neck
    103 Patent leather skirt teal mint color
    104 Mary janes ankle strap heels red glitter close in toes thick fronts
    105 short sleeve dress shirt white with front pockets button with black polka dots tied up at the bottom
    106 animal print blazer or top not sure its open or button 3 quarter sleeves rufff up at the shoulders
    107 white thin t shirt i think on the shirt is elephant with shooting stars sliver
    108 dark green army dress shirt tight at the waist not sure if plain or not rolled up sleeves
    109 Bright yellow arm dress short sleeves front pockets button
    1010 short sleeve cuts out at the shorts turlet neck black tight thin
    1011 3 qaurter shirt black with white stripes crew neck short at the bottom
    1013 white blazer or dress shirt with tiny black hearts all over it front pocket
    1014 Long straight hair right down the back no Bangs no Mesh no lose hairs around the face
    1015 50 rento hair long ponytail tease at the front ruff up no lose hairs around the face no mesh
    1016 High bun tease at the front ruff up NO lose hairs around the face no mesh
    1017 patent red glitter heels shiny Thick at the toes close in at the toes
    1018 fushia Peeptoe heels suede thick at the toes
    1019 bow headbrands sheer thin Light purple
    1020 bow headbrands teal sheer
    1021 short sleeve turletneck velvet baby pink knit not cable knit crew neck
    1020 holographic adias shoes dark blue or light blue white shoes
    The sim im trying to make is Elvis tribute artist his name is dwight icenhower im trying to make his wife Vicky icenhower if i missing any clothes or shoes that she has you can make them too it has to be all this she wont wear anything else but this,
    1021 white platform sandals peeptoe with studs
    November 13
  • Shadow0534
    I was wondering if you guys are going to add in more pets. Instead of just Cats and Dogs. Like for example Horses , Ducks , Rabbits , Hamster's , different kinds of Birds , Monkeys , Zebras , Lions , Tigers , Jaguars , etc. A lot of different animals that you would find in a Zoo. They should also make it so you can tame the animals. If you manage to tame wild animals. They should make it so you would be able to adopt these's wild animals. o:) o:) o:) o:) o:) o:) o:) Lets pray EA-Games hears the people. Lets hope they add those other animals into the game. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    November 12
  • purplecookie1401
    hey, i know this has been briefly discussed on various forums but do you think the first sims would ever be put available as a complete collection like sims 2? or even a remaster of it? i know a few simmers here would love to be able to play the older games, up till recently i had every single sims game on disk until i had to sell them to unforseen circumstances :(
    November 12
  • druholt
    Hi SimGuruNick!
    I've completely updated my game and have installed Cats & Dogs and I've noticed that now the modifyrelationship cheat is not working anymore. It only works for romance_main but not friendship_main. I've restarted my game and have done repairs. I've noticed many people saying the same thing. Is there a way this can be fixed, pretty please?!
    Thank you so much! :)
    November 12
  • Scobre
    I'm having some pretty funny routing issues with the lighthouse lot area with regards to fishing. My Sim can fish backwards, such skill and finesse.
    November 12
    • Scobre
      Second picture won't let the Sim fish there.
  • TP1
    I can't play Cats and Dogs. The new update is telling me I have 391 families I'm in control of-I don't. I even deleted all of my previous existing families or moved them to other households and it still says I have 350. There are none there! I can't play in the new world at all. What do I need to do. There is nothing more to delete.
    November 12
  • Varlettemorts_
    Hi, I don't wanna bother, but I'm having a problem with the new update and I'm going crazy.
    So, I just installed the new update and I started the game just fine. Was looking at new stuff and wanted to change a family in cas, but the strange thing is, only a sim is in cas; i mean, there's no box with its name and stuff, there's no family members (not even the sim cas is showing me) in the little boxes down the screen and when I click the sim, I can't edit it either or change its clothes and face, nothing.
    I've tried going out to the main screen, but it doesn't let me either, like, I have to force the game to shut to go out. But everything outside cas is fine, I don't understand what's causing this, it was fine before the update, and I've tried this a couple of times now with the same result :( If you could help, I'd be so glad ;-; I wanna play so bad.
    November 12
  • NatsuPear
    Hi SimGuruNick. !
    Yesterday I just bought the new pack cats and dogs and it took so long to download map or play a househood.
    I have been wait for it more than hours and nothing happen.
    Right now I still can't play it. I really want to know how to fix it. Pls help ; 0;
    November 11
  • AlyssaBrace
    Hello, my name is Alyssa. I just bought the new Cats and Dogs expansion packs, and I havent been able to play. I beleive ever since the patch on November 7, my game has been bugged. Whenever I try and make a new world, make a new household, or even try and edit pre-existing households, my game goes into the CAS but I am unable to do anything. The only thing that shows up is the sim, and the buttons on the top right corner (I also cannot click those buttons). The only way I am able to exit the game is by restarint or shuting down my comupter. I've been SO excited to play with cats and dogs on the sims 4, but now am unable to create new households. PLEASE HELP!!!
    November 11
  • damask88
    I was very pleased with the repairs and new items in the 11/07/17 update for the Sims 4. However, as I was started playing the game after the update I noticed all of my Sims had lost their relationships. All relationships in my game went to ZERO! My sims don't know their family members or any household members, all are strangers. Has anyone else had this issue in the game?
    November 8
  • Scobre
    This is the dishwasher clipping issue. It's been an issue since they were patched in. Hopefully washers and dryers don't have the same thing happening. There was a mod to fix it in the meantime, but would be great if you guys could fix it too.
    October 26
    • Scobre
      I have a couple of other visual issues too like the necklaces that float on the neck and the decorations gold item remaining in the clutter sections since I started getting packs. I click every item and buy mode and it still doesn't go away.
    • SimGuruNick
      Could you also share a screenshot of the gold icon that remains? Thanks so much!!
    • Scobre
      Here are the two pictures with the visual issues. Hopefully this link works and lets you see them easier:
    • Scobre
      Eek, the gold icon is gone now after the patch. It oddly was Letters by the pile from City Living causing it. Thank you and your QA team so much for the patch.
    • Scobre
      Oh man, I can build roofs on half walls too. <3
  • Ambusher
    Hey there! Since I can't properly mention you on the EN forums (I'm from the RUS segment and have restrictions) it would be kind of you to help me with this htt p:// (I can't send the link correctly due to forum restrictions), at least I hope so, thanks in advance. <3
    October 28
  • Scobre
    Hi SimGuruNick, been a little while. Seems like I have also been experiencing this bug recently that has already been mentioned in the bug reports on EA by another Simmer. Happens on apartment lots for some reason there is no evidence for the detective career:
    October 10
    • SimGuruNick
      We've seen and reproduced this as well, thanks much for the report!
    • Scobre
      Awesome, thank you.

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