JANUARY 11 - It's Patch Day for The Sims 4 on PC/MAC! Check out what's fixed.

Graphics performance in OS X - we need your info!



  • BluebellFloraBluebellFlora Posts: 6,886 Member
    @southaltan fabulous :)

    @FloppyFish It has a 4Gb dedicated AMD GPU, so yes you should be able to play on high. If you're running Boot Camp anyway just give it a go!
  • FloppyFishFloppyFish Posts: 3,881 Member
    Thanks @BluebellFlora !!! :) That makes me relieved. I was scared it was gonna run the game poorly, haha.
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  • DarayaVahu777DarayaVahu777 Posts: 11 New Member
    > @DarayaVahu777 said:
    > I can't find out if Sims 4 use Metal on macOS?? probably not, that's why it's so bad, and now Metal 2 comes out they should use it.
    > Right now I have 2012 21.5 base 1080p 640m iMac and Sims 4 are playable at 1080p only on low settings ;( it won't even turn on on medium :( I can't visit San Myshuno, game will crash right away, everywhere else it's up to 40fps but goes down to under 10fps if lots of sims around.
    > Ok, so I've spent days trying to configure settings for best-looking and playable fps and withoud crash right away. This is the lowest settings I can look at, anything fewer looks too ugly to play, the most important thing is for sims to be very high (the textures are so bad at high and lower), and lighting needs to be at least on medium so the blurred background works and edge smoothing at least low, I can't even look when it's off, all the edges so bad. At this settings the game crashes from time to time, and can't visit San Myshuno for more than one second.
    > Sierra 10.12.5
    > Display Type - Windowed
    > Resolution - 1920 x 1031
    > Vertical Sync - Yes
    > Graphics Quality - Custom
    > Sims: Very High
    > Objects: Low
    > Lighting: Medium
    > Reflections: Off
    > Visual Effects: Low
    > Edge Smoothing: Low
    > 3D Scene Resolution: High
    > View Distance: High
    > Uncompressed Sim Textures: Yes
    > Post Processing Effects: Yes
    > Laptop Mode: No

    OMG! EA WT*!
    So I wasn't playing since I wrote that in June, after couple months... so much game updates and new clean install macOS High Sierra (with Metal 2 that I had lots of hopes) and upgrade to SSD I was sure it will be more playable... I bought Cats and Dogs, excited to check how much smoother the game will play, and I can't believe, previously I was complaining about having under 40 fps down to 10 fps sometimes, now with the same low settings and no cc I have rarely 15fps at most, most of the time 5fps or 1fps! completely unplayable. Changing settings to completely lowest (that makes the game too ugly to play anyway) helps only with couple fps, still unplayable. So I'm like WT* they have done, this iMac specification is still much better than the minimum system requirements for The Sims 4, nearly like the recommended system requirements. (21.5 iMac i5(quad-core up to 3.2GHz) 8GB 640m SSD) Only one good thing it lets me visit San Myshuno now without crashing immediately, but 3 fps anyway...
  • BluebellFloraBluebellFlora Posts: 6,886 Member
    @DarayaVahu777 what exact Mac do you have? What graphics card does it have? How much free space do you have left on your SSD?
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