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Is the next game pack about restaurants? New tweet suggests so!


  • dspvitordspvitor Posts: 45 Member
    > @auricio288 said:
    > Shame on Sims 4 :(

    oh, yeah! disregard for the simmers
  • dspvitordspvitor Posts: 45 Member
    One advantage of not pirating The Sims 4 is to have news constantly and receive them firsthand. Now they are taking so long to launch something new that who paid fortunes for these game is starting to rebel.
  • XopaxPaxXopaxPax Posts: 1,767 Member
    edited March 2016
    No announcement this week or today?
    Someone explain plz. :|
  • PolyrhythmPolyrhythm Posts: 2,774 Member
    XopaxPax wrote: »
    No announcement this week or today?
    Someone explain plz. :|
    It appears to be for the week. Things aren't usually announced on Mondays anyways (well, except the announcement of no announcement)
  • dspvitordspvitor Posts: 45 Member
    @SimGuruDrake you have fans and investors protesting this game. if please manifest.
  • dspvitordspvitor Posts: 45 Member
    people, everybody here believe that you spent good money on The Sims. we have the right answers and our complaints should be heard. Make some noise this topic
  • BrokenChaos69BrokenChaos69 Posts: 795 Member
    Well, I'm officially tired of the way things are being handled with this game. Having to wait each week hoping for something, ANYTHING to be said but being constantly let down is getting really old. I miss the days when the lines of communication were more open and we would have some idea of what was going to be happening with the game in the future. I'm tired of playing the waiting game.
  • PHOEBESMOM601PHOEBESMOM601 Posts: 14,130 Member
    @SimGuruDrake can you tell us if a patch is planned for this month?
  • XopaxPaxXopaxPax Posts: 1,767 Member
    Every single month is just a enourmours wait for everything, just plum make the announcement already.

    They should announce next month's content right after they released the current month's content, it makes no sense for us to wait so long, they can't even announce meaningless stuff packs in advance.
  • mrnhmathmrnhmath Posts: 741 Member
    :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Body is 5 characters too short.
  • AquaSimmer1212AquaSimmer1212 Posts: 3,083 Member
    Sigzy05 wrote: »
    *drops gif*

    *walks away slowly*

    Are you serious!???????

    Exactly what I said. Smh, unbelievable.
  • Aussie_SimmerAussie_Simmer Posts: 2,620 Member
    Some players are getting way too over excited! Obviously they have a schedule for these things. What will be... will be.
  • BOYBOY Posts: 407 Member
    i get the annoyance, and it'd be fantastic if they were more open and willing to share information.. but we're only 1 week into march. assuming nothing is happening this month or "giving up" on the pack is a tad dramatic. i'm looking forward to new content as much as anyone, trust me, but this would be a lot easier on you all if you stopped getting yourselves so hyped up every week. :/
  • HappySimmer3HappySimmer3 Posts: 6,663 Member
    I play Farmville 2 Country Escape, and it works the same way. They never announce in advance what's coming up, other than to maybe send you an email or in-game announcement that the next 'event' will be starting 'soon'. They also have a forum, but I've never seen the developers interact with anyone there. They do have a few moderators who will 'thank you for your feedback' occasionally, but that's about it.

    Looks like now that Maxis is under Mobile, they're running things the same way. Of course the content is about as deep as mobile, too, which is why mobile games are constantly putting on one 'event' after another. So TS4 is like some kind of hybrid game, some things being run like it's a mobile game and some things like it's a normal game for the PC. Very strange, really.
  • RoboSpongieRoboSpongie Posts: 803 Member
    I miss the time where the TS3 crew kept everyone updated with announcements and hints a lot
  • EthanSimsEthanSims Posts: 27 New Member
  • LoveMcQueen5683LoveMcQueen5683 Posts: 3,199 Member
    So the bundle was fake? Because you can't release the bundle before the pack...

    I guess we are getting a stuff pack or nothing this month.
  • MelissaStarbeesMelissaStarbees Posts: 1,056 Member
    okay there is a patch one thing crossed off peoples list
  • SimplyToriSimplyTori Posts: 1,777 Member
    edited March 2016
    @SimGuruDrake can you tell us if a patch is planned for this month?


    Thanks you :) at least we have something to look forward to ;)
  • EthanSimsEthanSims Posts: 27 New Member
    Okay, So Something Is happening this month, maybe a pack related patch?
  • EvalenEvalen Posts: 9,151 Member
    Why does everyone believe the funny no gif and yet they do not believe the funny season gif, Just wondering.
  • Simfan923Simfan923 Posts: 4,908 Member
    @SimGuruDrake can you tell us if a patch is planned for this month?


  • dspvitordspvitor Posts: 45 Member
    She says that there will be PATCH
    I want to know about PACK

    @SimGuruDrake we have a Pack this month?
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