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Degree for magical sims?

AikeikoAikeiko Posts: 154 Member
I just started playing sims 3 again after missing having a witch, and I'm wondering what college courses are best for magical sims?


  • igazorigazor Posts: 15,409 Member
    edited July 9
    My sense is that it really doesn't matter if they are a witch or not. There are no uni courses or majors that enhance or depend on witch magic, it becomes more a matter of what other skills the sim wants to develop and what their career plans (if any) might be. Others here might have different opinions on this, though.

    I have a genie sim hybrid who will be going to uni pretty soon. Of course as a genie he can already prepare the highest quality foods possible by clapping his hands or whatever, but I still plan to put him through the Fine Arts major so he can be a gourmet chef and be able to prepare such meals the old fashioned way just for fun. :)
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  • LaBlue0314LaBlue0314 Posts: 14,184 Member
    When I played a witch, I always had them head in the direction of all things nature, meaning gardening, alchemy, and Science. Learning how to clone stuff, and not have to kill the smaller life forms just for her potions. Using this machine....

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