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Hot Tub Deams Event

Are you liking our first event in The Sims Mobile?


  • stilljustme2stilljustme2 Posts: 20,127 Member
    It's okay but I'm stuck on part 3 because I can't access the fashion designer career yet.
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  • ZeoXZeoX Posts: 41 Member
    has male speedo. but cant wear it due to footware being only shoes.. looks so weird
  • 3KNPen3KNPen Posts: 2,427 Member
    It's okay but I'm stuck on part 3 because I can't access the fashion designer career yet.

    Do you have a sim in the Culinary career/have access to unlocking the restaurant? Because they have an event at the restaurant where you can earn ducks as well. You won't be able to complete the quest without having access to the fashion studio (and a heads up you don't need to actually have a sim in the fashion career just need to unlock the studio) but you'll still be able to earn ducks to have a chance to complete the items collection.
  • Cleio42Cleio42 Posts: 5 New Member
    I just opened five goodie bags and two of them are duplicates. I am now the proud owner of two swimming trunks and two one piece swimming suits. It's hard to get ducky bucks! It shouldn't be this hard! It really knocked the wind out of my sails to even try getting more. I like the event but I think the chance of getting duplicates that you can't even use is ridiculous!
  • CoreyblakeCoreyblake Posts: 98 Member
    Yeah it's basically 40-80 ducky bucks a day max without rushing. And there is only 6 days on this event. I got the hot tub because I spent 1,200 before I even knew Items could be earned. But you're only going to get like one or two ducky bucky bags a day.
  • Cleio42Cleio42 Posts: 5 New Member
    I got that but I don't think there should be duplicate items that you can't use. Duplicate chairs? Neat. Duplicate window? Bring it on! Duplicate swimming trunks? Lame.
  • CoreyblakeCoreyblake Posts: 98 Member
    I saw what you were saying. Not sure if it's duplicating or not. Everyone keep an eye on your track before making your purchase. If we are getting duplicate trunks, that would definitely be a bug. I'll keep a close eye on the rest of my purchases.
  • Cleio42Cleio42 Posts: 5 New Member
    I have opened three goodie bags and this is what I have. Not sure how else I can prove it :sweat:
  • louise1ch669louise1ch669 Posts: 1 New Member
    I have had three one hit wonder swimsuits! Gutted. What a waste of time.
  • Cleio42Cleio42 Posts: 5 New Member
    Apparently I can't share pictures yet, lol
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 128,200 Member
    Cleio42 wrote: »
    Apparently I can't share pictures yet, lol

    Hello @Cleio42
    Welcome to the forums! :) You need to have 25points and 15 posts before you can become a full member and can then have an Avi picture, post pictures, have a signature, start new threads, edit posts , post links that show up correctly and have quotes appear in grey boxes . This thread explains about it.

    You receive a point each time another simmer presses like or awesome or insightful on a post that you have posted. Keep posting on the different threads and sections of the forums and you will soon get the points/posts. The off topic section is a good place to post.
  • ForumExplorerForumExplorer Posts: 14 New Member
    4 trees so far. The last color option is brilliant. Thank you. Please no duplicate swimwear. Check above comments ^
  • ekatowitzekatowitz Posts: 3 New Member
    The duplicates are absolutely terrible for me.

    I've opened 6 Ducky bags and here are the contents I've gotten:

    - Jet-Setting Swimsuit
    - Independent Merwoman Bikini Bottom
    - Independent Merwoman Bikini Top
    - Independent Merwoman Bikini Bottom
    - Independent Merwoman Bikini Bottom
    - Independent Merwoman Bikini Top

    The game is nice enough to convert those duplicates into credits..... sadly that credit is 2 ducks. So that is 1/25 of what it cost to open the bag. Geez, thanks a lot. :(

    Not happy at all with this event.
  • SimKenzieSimKenzie Posts: 30 Member
    Hi, I like the hot tub event. It's challenging to earn enough DuckyBucks to get the goodie bags.

    Today, I got a duplicate of some item. I forget which, but the game basically notified me that I already had that item, and it exchanged the item for some SimCash and more DuckyBucks.
  • Wccs2001Wccs2001 Posts: 1 New Member
    I don’t have the option to do the restaurant duck one. I have a sim in the culinary field and the restaurant is open but there’s no duck anywhere.

    The first day it was there and I started it. Then came back later to check progress. It was gone and hadn’t come back. Please help.
  • CoreyblakeCoreyblake Posts: 98 Member
    @Wccs2001 Try force closing the app and then clearing the cache. If that doesn't work I would contact support.
  • the_greenplumbobthe_greenplumbob Posts: 1,537 Member
    Has anyone won the Hot Tub fairly (i.e. only buying goodie bags with ducky bucks, not rushing any activities etc.)
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  • SimfullysimminSimfullysimmin Posts: 11 New Member
    Well, I love the idea of a hot tub, I don't like the chances. Honestly, the wait between trying to get more ducks is just nuts. There's no reason for that.. send them to get 18 ducks for 4 hours and then wait almost 6 hours to go again.. very unbalanced and needs fi be fixed. There should be no wait time.. I understand sending only two sims on the task. I'm ok with that. But once I'm done I should be able to resend them and not have to wait. 18 ducks? It's not even worth it especially when you get re-peats of the same plum and when you have an item limit.. this event is just pure frustrating in my eyes. I'm not going to give them a hard time because this is the first event since the world wide release and maybe with the next one they will change things around and make more fun and a bit less irritating and frustrating.
  • HardernaterHardernater Posts: 53 Member
    I prefer the holiday events they do last year, it has a lot more stuff in the bag.


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  • CoreyblakeCoreyblake Posts: 98 Member
    I agree that it is a bit asinine with how they did the timer. How much were they expecting you to get through ducky bucks?
  • CoreyblakeCoreyblake Posts: 98 Member
    7 day = 196 hours
    18x2 ducky bucks per 10 hrs without rush

    Not including quest ducks or to do list ducks
  • CoreyblakeCoreyblake Posts: 98 Member
    edited March 17
    And there is 40+ things to get, excluding duds.
  • MeyonemilyMeyonemily Posts: 11 New Member
    Anyone knows how to finish part 9 quest?
  • 3KNPen3KNPen Posts: 2,427 Member
    edited March 17
    Meyonemily wrote: »
    Anyone knows how to finish part 9 quest?

    Find a sim in the neighborhood/public lot and click on them. The option to talk about further party plans (or however it’s worded) should be at the top of the list friendly list in blue (you may need to greet them first if you don’t already know them) Rinse and repeat the three required times to complete part 9.
  • ekatowitzekatowitz Posts: 3 New Member
    > @Coreyblake said:
    > I agree that it is a bit asinine with how they did the timer. How much were they expecting you to get through ducky bucks?

    They expect us to do it one of two ways:

    1. Grind it out, over multiple repeats of the event (I can't imagine this being a one-time only event)

    2. Give them money
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