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SerraNolwen's random legacy chronicles - The Aling legacy

Hello everyone!

I've started a random legacy a little while ago out of boredom, and since it has turned out to make some interesting stories, I thought I'd like to keep track of it all. Here I will list the challenge criteria I've rolled and write what happens in the game. I might sometimes stray from the exact rules in order to do something I really want to do with the current generation. I'm also not stopping if one criteria doesn't work out. I'm not treating this so much as a challenge as a way to spice up my game. I also draw inspiration from RainyDayz' Stages challenge, but am not actually doing it. Still, do check the challenge out if you want even more details and changing goals than a random legacy, it's pretty nice. :)

While I enjoy writing and will try to make something fun out of it (otherwise, why would I share?), I want to keep it easy and unstressful. As such, I'll just be writing here rather than dealing with wordpress. Also, updates will likely be sporadic and unequal, with rather few pictures.

Still, if you decide to follow along, enjoy the read and feel free to comment!

I went through the whole first generation before making that decision, so no pictures of that. Oops! I'll try to give a quick recap of what happened in the next post.
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    Agata Aling was the founder of this family. She rented a nice and large apartment in San Myshuno when she got a business job.

    On her first day off, she went to the library in her hometown of Willowcreek. There, she met a few people and ended up chatting with them in the nearby park. She made a few friends that day, but one of them attracted her slightly more. When she finally got the courage to ask Salim if he'd like to go on a date sometime later, she found out he was actually her neighbor! Agata was slightly embarrassed about not having greeted her new neighbors in the first couple days, but there were no hard feelings. After dating for a while, Agata and Salim got married and moved in together. They also had their first son.

    Salim managed to bring in a nice sum of money with his work as a painter, but some time after they had their second child, Emilie, he had some sort of existential crisis about the value of his art and gave up his job. He somehow got entangled with a small band of criminals, but managed to get out of there after a couple of days. Then, he decided to become an astronaut, which wasn't a great success, but at least he was safe cleaning equipment on the ground rather than heading off into space, and it was better than being a criminal. Meanwhile, Agata was climbing the ranks at work.

    When Agata was nearing her fourties, she grew worried about her appearance. Salim wasn't giving her much attention since he'd got his new job. What if he was as fickle about women as he was about work? Or what if she just wasn't good enough anymore? Had she simply become the mother of his children? One day, she gave up. She encountered a man who was an acquaintance of hers, and after some flirting, brought him back home. When Salim found out she was cheating, he flew into a rage. No amount of excuses would help, and soon Agata was becoming aggravated as well and throwing back insult for insult. Good thing the kids weren't home to see this. The discussion grew so heated that Salim suddenly tensed and dropped to the floor. He had had a heart attack.

    Agata mourned Salim and felt awful about all that had happened, and it was perhaps worse when she found out that one dalliance had brought a surprise with it: she was pregnant again. When she told Joaquin, he was surprisingly calm. He insisted on helping her raise the child, and while she couldn't bring herself to marry him, she did end up letting him move in. He wasn't the greatest prospect, the only work he did was some occasional freelance programming and he couldn't do anything very complex, but he did help a great deal at home and took great care of his son.

    After the untimely and strange deaths of both her new boyfriend and Mattheus, her eldest son ((what can I say, I had to find a way to fulfill the Haunted House goal)), Agata decided what was left of her family needed some time in a peaceful place to mourn and to repair their broken hearts. They rented a lodge in Granite Falls for as long as they could without the kids getting held back a year at school. There, they had a quiet birthday for Emilie, who was now a young adult. At the end of the school year, she would finally get to start looking for a job of her own.
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    Ok, I think that sums up the very eventful first generation. Now for the criteria of second generation, as I've decided Emilie will be the heir: She is to be a single parent of five children (that won't be easy) and work as a food critic. She will be a flea market fanatic and go through a midlife crisis.
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    Emilie applied for a job when they came back from camping. She'd start only as a newspaper delivery person, but she managed to prove her worth, and after the first day, her employers immediately offered her a raise and a day-job with a more regular schedule. For now she's just doing research for other people's articles, but she's sure she'll manage to get her own column someday.

    Someone new also moved in next door! ((I've been randomly generating sims, giving them jobs and a few skill points by playing them in another save before putting them on the gallery and into my legacy save, just so the town gets peopled with more interesting and better-looking sims than the ones the game generates)) When she saw the name Jill Glisar on the mailbox, Emilie thought it was a strange name, and she soon found out why! When she knocked on the door of her noisy neighbor, an undisguised alien showed up! Despite the initial shock, they ended up chatting along with Emilie's guest, Shingo, her friend from high school. In fact, Jill and Emilie got along very well. Jill even flirted a little once they were alone, and Emilie didn't mind at all. She's not sure where she wants this to go, as she does want a big family some day, but for now they're just getting to know each other. Emilie invited her when they went on a family outing to the park. She couldn't help laughing when Jill started making jokes about the play structure that was supposed to look like a space ship. They even took a picture together in front of it.

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    Emilie got another promotion. She is now actually writing articles. Shingo ((her high school friend whose name I got wrong yesterday)) asked her out on a date. It was fun, they talk and joked around a lot and played baby-foot. It didn't turn out so great, however, because after a while, Shingo just wouldn't let go of the baby-foot table, so Emilie had a drink and talked to other people at the bar until she got annoyed enough to leave. The next day, she decided to give him another chance and invited him to her home while everyone else was out to work or school. Again, they had a nice enough time, and they even ended up woo-hooing, but he left almost right after that.

    Later, the whole family went to the park again. Emilie made a chocolate cake to surprise her mom, since it was her birthday. So after some fishing and playing chess together, they ate the cake at a picnic table. Now that she's an elder, Agata decided to retire. It's time for her to make up for the time she didn't spend with her youngest son, Sebastian.


    Not long after, Emilie found out that she was pregnant! She had a hard time imagining Shingo living with her and taking care of children, considering his attitude the last few times they'd been together. She called him and offered they go out to a lounge in the city. That's where she decided to explain the whole thing to him, as he was trying the bubble blower. He looked rather shocked when she announced that she was pregnant, and took it very well when she explained that she would rather raise the child alone, and that she thought it was best they just stay friends. When she came back home, Emilie felt relieved that this meeting went so well and she had plenty of content to write a column about the lounge.

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    Emilie is getting a little worried about her mom. Even after Sebastian became a teenager, she kept watching the children's channel on tv. She really has changed since she took her retirement. She looks like she doesn't know what to do, and instead of picking up a hobby, she's just watching those silly shows. The birth of Emilie's son, Jacob, seems to have helped a little, as taking care of the baby gave her something to do. It's not just that, though. Agata has been talking about the deceased as if they were with her, as if they had just spoken about the most recent news. Emilie has also heard her talking in the middle of the night, sometimes, and it didn't sound like the usual cooing with the baby.

    Meanwhile, Emilie started to specialize at work. She is now a food critic who just also occasionally goes to the flea market and writes about it. Well, for now, in terms of food critique, she has only gone to various bars and judged their drinks, but hey, you've got to start somewhere. She's also meeting a lot of interesting people as she visits places for work, which she enjoys.


    Emilie also finally decided to go out with Jill, her alien neighbor. It seems they spend so much time together, and it just fits, so they are starting to date.

    When Jacob grew a little older and started to walk and talk, Emilie was happy to see him grow up, but she longed for more. She told Jill about it, of course, and they talked about it for a long time. Emilie didn't want to just adopt children. She thinks there's just a special bond between a mother and her biological children. So she ended up meeting again with a friendly man she had met at the flea market and spent quite a lot of time with. They were friends, no more, but she managed to convince him to give her what she wants. They will try to have children, and she will have full custody of them. He seemed fine with that.

    As for Sebastian, well, he keeps mostly to himself, not so interested in what his mother and sister do. He has developed a love of sports and spends most of his time running outside, playing basketball or training at the gym. He's doing just the minimum required for school.
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    Agata passed away recently. Everyone mourned. Jacob was just old enough not to be sad without really understanding what was going on. Not long after, Emilie decided to get all those urns that her mother had kept to the cemetery, along with her mom's. It was getting a little creepy, what with the weird noises disturbing her sleep and the memories of her mother's late ramblings about the after-life.

    Emilie did get pregnant. To show her support about the whole situation, Jill invited her to Chez Llama during her last trimester. That was good both for their relation and Emilie's job. She really enjoyed the food and wrote a great critique which was published as soon as she went back to work after the birth of Niklas.


    Emilie was also asked to go to the spice festival and write a review. That went quite well, but it was a lot of food to try, and some of it was far too spicy for Emilie. When Sebastian suggested they go to the gym the next Saturday morning, Emilie agreed. With the pregnancy and all the food she had to eat for work, she was a little worried about what might happen to her body shape someday. They called a babysitter and went for the day. Since Emilie was tired long before Sebastian had had enough, she spent some time talking to the people who were hanging out there. She enjoyed this day quite a bit. And came back ready for some tasty gourmet food.
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