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Grim Reaper

As some forum members may be aware I love showing pictures of things the Grim Reaper gets up to in my world. So here is a pic of GR socialising at the Karaoke Club.

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  • sawdustsawdust Posts: 804 Member
    Does he actually sing? I thought Grim was mute! :o
  • ClairkPClairkP Posts: 133 Member
    @sawdust I don't know as I actually have to sound turned off when I play. (my husband plays on his computer next to me and the noise can get a bit overwhelming) but I do know that Grim is not mute he actually has a very deep voice like he's speaking from the bottom of well, and it's usually only a couple of words when he's checking his tablet for a name.
    Allergic to Trolls
  • sawdustsawdust Posts: 804 Member
    Just as an aside (because I really don't want to start a new thread to ask so I hope you don't mind me asking here but) does anyone know why we have an interaction in the self menu that says "shout forbidden words". Is it so we can pretend our Sim has a disability like Tourette Syndrome or pretend they're 4yo all there life and never grow up!!
  • sawdustsawdust Posts: 804 Member
    Interesting. I wonder if he spoke in past iterations as I'm sure I remember him being mute. Ah well, no biggie. ;)
  • ClairkPClairkP Posts: 133 Member
    @sawdust Usually the "shout forbidden words" comes up when the Sims is stressed. I suppose it's a way of relieving their feelings.
    Allergic to Trolls
  • sawdustsawdust Posts: 804 Member
    It's always there on my Sim. I find it childish and irresponsible of EA to introduce such things. It's as bad as the autonomous troll the forums they always choose for themselves.
  • NZsimm3rNZsimm3r Posts: 9,252 Member
    Shout forbidden words came with now you can make your sims swear...and burp and fart on demand. Those options are always available on sims regardless of traits.
    Re: Grim, he can hold a conversation etc just like any other sim, play chess, swim, cook and so on. The option to 'play chess with' seems to have been disabled but at launch you could play chess with Grim which was very neat for story telling actually. :)
    I'm a girl who likes to play with boys, what can I say... o:)

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  • Simslife6556Simslife6556 Posts: 4 New Member
    :D LOL
  • RPA91RPA91 Posts: 13 New Member
    I think the shout forbidden words is an interesting concept. It makes the game a lot more "realistic" in the sense that most of the world swears. And with parenthood it makes for great storytelling. Though I do hate how my sims sometimes autonomously "swear" even when I have autonomy off.

    And yeah, I have heard grim talk. His voice is very weird, low and deep but it has an odd tone to it also. Grim is fun! I love the idea of a thread with random things Grim gets up to. Keep sharing OP :)
  • ClairkPClairkP Posts: 133 Member
    I think this trainer at the local gym is very courageous. She don't take slacking from nobody!

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