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Scrap Metal Salvaging

Now i know the new pack will be about laundry, but in the next pack, (Hopefully it'll be like Ambitions) could we have the ability to salvage for scrap metal in the junkyard? We could use it for inventing like in the sims 3 ambitions and metalworking.


  • IronicBeauty77IronicBeauty77 Posts: 17 Member
    I loved salvaging in The Sims 3 and played as a 'Junker' all the time!
  • KaizenmommyKaizenmommy Posts: 36 Member
    That was one of my favorite aspects of Sims 3 - and made playing apocalyptic, rags to riches, or homeless challenges so much more realistic. It was a ton of fun. I certainly hope they bring that to TS4!!
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  • xHeliodoraxHeliodora Posts: 148 Member
    I liked it in sims 3 as well!
  • FawntasyFawntasy Posts: 12 New Member
    I miss this feature~
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