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A bugs upon bugs

What can I say my game has been buggie as of late , my sims are acting like they hate everything they eat , they are falling into the floor like its a swimming pool & swimming about for a few seconds also the save portrate is pixalated keeps crashing after I exit the game too
Is anyone else expireancing this ? I have no cc or mods ,


  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 115,317 Member
    With the issue with them acting like they don’t like their food, have your sim bake a fruit cake using the gourmet skill ( not the Baking skill ) Then have them eat a slice of the fruit cake. They may not like it, but from then on they shouldn’t have the animation that they don’t like food.
    With the falling through water, this can occur when a basketball hoop is on the lot. Try removing the basketball hoop and see if that helps.
    Other simmers are also having the issue with crashing when exiting . The game will save okay, but then when exiting the game the error message will appear/game crashing . The Simgurus are aware of the issue. It seems to be connected with Windows 10.
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