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The Sims Mobile - Bug Reporting for New Members

EA_MageEA_Mage Posts: 512 EA Community Manager
Hello all,

If you are a new member and cannot open a new discussion to post your Bug, please reply here and include the following information:

Issue description: Example: My sims cannot finish an event! The bar is full and all 5 stars earned, but I don't get the complete event icon!
Player ID: How to find your player ID? Check out this post!

If you have a general question or just need advice, please post in this thread from rosemow.

PS! If you are not a New Member, please post your bug in a new discussion.

Thank you all.


  • CarinaMarquesCarinaMarques Posts: 22 Member
    I updated Sims Mobile and now there is a new event that lasts 6 days and it's about friendship. The problem is that one of the tasks is about taking a selfie and for that I need to use the mirror. I already done that but the task appears still as I haven't even done it yet! Now I tried many times again and even bought new mirrors but I can't click on them...nothing shows up...no selfie...nothing...I won't be able to complete the task because of this bug.
    Will this be fixed? I believe there are other simmers with this problem. :-(
  • Ellie_Dear_1Ellie_Dear_1 Posts: 27 Member
    Having the same problem as @CarinaMarques
  • SirentsunamiSirentsunami Posts: 1 New Member
    I cant complete actions. Just dl the sims mobile I was able to compete actions and 1 event. Then when I went to find and complete a job I stopped being able to. I exited, started over. Even deleted and reinstalled. Now im back at the beginning and cant complete any actions.
  • SherrySherry Posts: 5 New Member
    I am new to this forum, for Sims mobile. This is the website in the game to come to for help and I don't see many questions and answers for the sims mobile, unless I am just not looking in the right place. Quite a few people are playing the game now, so I am surprised there isn't more chat here. Sorry if this is the wrong thread, but how do I get party energy to earn my daily $3 check list money, which is a small ridiculous amount, considering how expensive everything is. Since this is still in Beta, I thought I'd add that my personal thoughts. Sims mobile will lose customers if they dont find a way to sell simeloens cheaper and also find a way to help us earn the green Sims cash. Since one cupcake is $15 sims cash and one party cake energy is $10 Sims cash, we should definitely get more than $3 Sims cash a day. My question is how do I get party energy without spending money? Thank you bunches! :) Also, the death idea was bad. I almost didn't download the game because of that. I have played Sims freeplay for 4 years and that death stuff was the worst part of the game by far.
  • MadEnigmaMadEnigma Posts: 6 New Member
    Issue description: each time I try to add the 3rd personality trait to one of my sims, the game crashes and I lose progression. This only happens to this Sim, tried the others and everything goes right.

    Player ID: BrutalFamily
  • RubyStone_RubyStone_ Posts: 1 New Member
    Hello everyone! :)

    Since the new update, my sim is no longer able to work in the culinary career. The star is there but it only allows me to make food, as if I was already in an event, however I do not have any progress meter or manage to actually gain stars. I even tried to just do the actions anyway but I still do not achieve anything and I am not able to further my career! I have also swapped careers and back again to see if that would work but it hasn't. It only appears to be this career also! Anyone else had this problem or know how to work around it? Any help would be very much appreciated!

    Much love ×× <3
  • Tiffany562411Tiffany562411 Posts: 144 Member
    CarinaMarques I have the same issue with the let's be friends quest when i took a selfie in the mirror. It doesn't recognize I completed it. It's a technical issue or it's something EA forgot to do to make it work. It doesn't work for nobody & all my friends have the same issue. EA owe us on that one
  • CarinaMarquesCarinaMarques Posts: 22 Member
    Tiffany562411, I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem. If this is a technical issue, I'm sure they will solve soon...meanwhile we have to be very pacient because the time will run out and we won't complete the task. :-(
  • SimsQAMaaikeSimsQAMaaike Posts: 48 SimQA
    Hi all and thanks for the reports!

    @CarinaMarques, @Ellie_Dear_1 and @Tiffany562411, I’m sorry you’re all experiencing the issue with the take a selfie interaction. Can you please contact our support for help with this: https://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/?product=the-sims-mobile.

    When you contact them they will need your Player ID which this thread tells you how you can find it: http://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/924608/how-to-find-your-player-id-in-the-sims-mobile#latest

    @Sirentsunami Weird that you cannot perform any actions. Do you get any messages when you try to perform an action? Also, what is your player ID and on which device do you play?

    @MadEnigma Sorry to hear your game crashes! The Player ID I need to investigate this is a 13 digit number you can find in ‘About’. It is not the name you set in the game yourself.

    @RubyStone_ Strange that you cannot start a new career event. Can you tell me what your Player ID is so I can investigate this further?
  • CarinaMarquesCarinaMarques Posts: 22 Member
    @SimsQAMaaike , thank you! Done that! Hope EA fixes this annoying bug... I really wish to get the bonus of completing the quest.
  • MadEnigmaMadEnigma Posts: 6 New Member
    @SimsQAMaaike gotcha! My Player ID is 1003078160615. Tried to add the personality trait but still fails. Hope you can fix it, thanks beforehand!! ^^
  • Ellie_Dear_1Ellie_Dear_1 Posts: 27 Member
    > @SimsQAMaaike said:
    > Thanks for letting me know, we're looking into both issues! @Ellie_Dear_1 can you tell me what your Player ID is?

    My player ID: 1002808034300
  • SimsQAMaaikeSimsQAMaaike Posts: 48 SimQA
    edited September 2017
    Thank you both for your player IDs! :)

    @RubyStone_ can you close your game and make sure it is closed in the background, then start it up again and check if your Sim can join the cooking career?
  • CarinaMarquesCarinaMarques Posts: 22 Member
    I have another problem...I married 2 sims but the marriage quest is appearing as incomplete (only the last task - "marriage using the wedding arch"). I even divorce them and married them again because I though I did the task with the husband but picked up the wife to marry, and so I divorced them and picked up the husband this time and married them but it still shows up as incomplete... It's not affecting gameplay at all but it's annoying...
  • SimsQAMaaikeSimsQAMaaike Posts: 48 SimQA
    That is weird @CarinaMarques. Can you tell me what your Player ID is?
  • CarinaMarquesCarinaMarques Posts: 22 Member
    Sure @SimsQAMaaike my player id is 1002807095686
    It's really weird but i'm really sure I married that couple...:-(
    Thanks in advance for the help :smile:
  • Tiffany562411Tiffany562411 Posts: 144 Member
    Energy recharge objects stopped working. What to do about that? Help!
  • Tiffany562411Tiffany562411 Posts: 144 Member
    How am I suppose to upload a image. Image URL what? Please make it the convienent way. My game is unplayable due to sim can not get energy to function. I'm mad
  • SimsQAMaaikeSimsQAMaaike Posts: 48 SimQA
    @Tiffany562411 What do you mean with the energy charge object stopped working? How much energy does your Sim have currently?
    And what is your Player ID?
  • SimfullysimminSimfullysimmin Posts: 7 New Member
    I wonder if she means there's an energy cap on things now... You can't use an object if you have full energy. Which btw is stupid.
  • Katie_LinKatie_Lin Posts: 12 New Member
    Yea, I really don't like the energy cap now, it's going to make completing events outside the house a pain with going back and forth. If they are keeping this change, can we at least get our potions back that allowed for increases in the energy bar?
  • SimfullysimminSimfullysimmin Posts: 7 New Member
    > @Katie_Lin said:
    > Yea, I really don't like the energy cap now, it's going to make completing events outside the house a pain with going back and forth. If they are keeping this change, can we at least get our potions back that allowed for increases in the energy bar?

    I really don't like it either... I don't think it's gonna stay that way though. I wonder if they are close to releasing it.
  • Tiffany562411Tiffany562411 Posts: 144 Member
    My player ID is 1002950522951. My sim also can not complete the to do list cause i can't do special event cause the event start button stays grey & it won't let me do it when I go there either. None of my sims can get energy at all & even one of my sims that only has 15 energy can't either. It happend after I purchased items from the home store that increases the objects to give more energy & THIS IS WHAT I GET & PLUS I BEEN SPENDING REAL MONEY ON SIM-CASH. EA IS NOT GETTING NO MORE MONEY FROM ME IF THEY DON'T FIX THIS

    My game on 7.0 Nougat android has several bugs. Every update EA does there's a new bug I noticed. It freezes about every 20 minutes in game play & when my daily login rewards come & the to do list comes available the screen goes black & then i have to clear cache & force close it to fix it & when I come here to forums...when i go back to my game it also freezes.
    EA broke it so I can't play it on my tablet no more which is lollipop 5.0.2 android. The screen is nothing but black on my tablet now!
  • Tiffany562411Tiffany562411 Posts: 144 Member
    Theres also a bug with the bar not filling up. So I fix it by clearing cache & force stopping the game as I do for freezes
  • SimsQAMaaikeSimsQAMaaike Posts: 48 SimQA
    That doesn't sound good @Tiffany562411, can you please contact our customer support team about this: https://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/
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