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***The Chikamori Selfacy*** - Sims 3 "Because Life Stinks Without Alien Abductions".

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This is the new Chikamori Legacy Rebooted.

***Warning...if you're a Parker/River shipper...YOU AIN'T GONNA LIKE THIS SELFACY***

This is a Silver Spoon Legacy (Selfacy) where it starts out with the Legacy Founder winning the §50M fortune through SimLottoMax. My Sunset Valley is situated in British Columbia, Canada (hence the reason there are Canadian flags on all the buildings and I've been seriously thinking about replacing those plum palm trees with evergreens and Douglas firs as well as the occasional West Coast tree.

As far as the Canadian flags on WA towns. Just use your imagination and picture the Egyptian, Chinese and French flags flying on those flagpoles rather than the beautiful Canadian flag. Lisen801 would have had to write a whole plum-ton of extra code if he wanted to replace all the WA countries with their own proper country flags and I don't think it's necessary, especially when we can imagine otherwise.


Author Note: I'm putting this in spoilers because of how "picture intensive" this thread is. The story is contained in the spoilers. Otherwise it would take countless hours for all the screencaps to load.
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    Mayumi, the evil matriarch of the Chikamori family, ruling with an iron fist, gets her poiont across by physical and mental coercion which kept her son Haruo and her husband, Yasunobu cowed. When her only son married the daughter of Fiona McIrish; River became the opposing force against her new mother-in-law. Will the Chikamoris be able to protect their fortune and keep their legacy going. And will River stay the innocent when the reins of matriarch of the Chikamori family are placed in her hands?

    This is yet another Silver Spoon Legacy with River marrying into an established user-created family. Unfortunately for her, the man that she met has an abusive mother and a father who is cowed by his wife. It is up to River to keep her family together - is she strong enough to ward off the abuses that her mother-in-law heaps upon her just for marrying her son?

    River & Haruo - Life With The Chikamoris
    In the Chikamori family, Mayumi was the "evil" matriach who delighted in tormenting her son and seeing him react. Her husband, Yasunobu, was emasculated and rarely ever objected to anything Mayumi ever did. But Haruo on the other hand was less like his father and more temperamental, objecting to Mayumi's torment. He gave back as good as he got from his mother.

    Screenshot-2.jpgScreenshot-4.jpgScreenshot-6.jpgScreenshot-7.jpgScreenshot-8.jpgScreenshot-10.jpgHaruo aged up to young adult on the same day as River McIrish. River lived across the street from the Chikamoris and they spent a lot of time together during their childhood. River opted to move in with the Chikamoris after Haruo expressed his fondness for her and asking her to go steady with him. Haruo had always had a crush on his "across-the-street" neighbour and it wasn't long before he made it known to her that he did like her... a lot. This did not improve Mayumi's attitude towards him and that was transferred to River and it even became worse after Mayumi found out that Haruo had asked River to be his girlfriend and finding River in Haruo's bed was definitely the spark that lighted the whole explosion over it. But that just provided the catalyst for Haruo to propose to River which she enthusiastically accepted. Needless to say Mayumi was not pleased in the slightest.
    Screenshot-11.jpgScreenshot-14.jpgScreenshot-16.jpgScreenshot-17.jpgScreenshot-19.jpgScreenshot-20.jpgAging up involved a graduation ceremony and River and Haruo both were expected to be at the graduation at City Hall. However it appeared that they were too busy "accosting" each other at the park to be too concerned about that, but they got their graduation diplomas even though they were otherwise occupied and were late to their own graduation party. Haruo was selected Most Likely to write a best seller (hasn't written anything yet) and River was selected "Most Artistic".
    Screenshot-23.jpgScreenshot-24.jpgScreenshot-25.jpgScreenshot-26.jpgIt was soon after that Yasunobu decided that the house they had purchased was much to small, and decided to make the move to 15 Summer Hill Court. There, they decided that they would build a house suitable for the family to live in and create a legacy that would span many generations.

    River made it absolutely clear to her fiancé's mother that she was not going to tolerate her meddling in their affairs. And not soon after that, found out that Haruo had bought a winning Lotto Max ticket that essentially made them utterly wealthy to the tune of §50M Simoleons which in essence made Mayumi unfortunately the beneficiary of River's magnanimousness. In otherwords, she was living in the home now at River's, Haruo's and her own husband's sufferance.
    Screenshot-27.jpg So life settled down in the Chikamori family, with Mayumi not liking the turned tables situation any better than she did when she found out that horrors of horrors, that frumpy, eccentric little wanna-be artist River McIrish was going to be her son's fiancée. It made her absolutely livid, but there wasn't anything that could be done about it. What made her even more livid was the fact that Fiona McIrish, Molly French and her daughter Sandi French were sitting at their front doorstep at 15 Summer Hill Court when she got back from work. That made her want to explode, throw a major tantrum and throw them out, however that wasn't her choice anymore. She wasn't the one with the money anymore. She had to put up with the interlopers or River would revoke her right to stay here. On top of that she had to put up with her husband pursuing his love of gardening, her son becoming an angler and River painting instead of getting real jobs. If it wasn't for Molly French, Fiona McIrish and herself (a high-school teacher), they'd probably starve.
    Screenshot-38.jpgScreenshot-39.jpgScreenshot-40.jpgScreenshot-41.jpgScreenshot-42.jpgScreenshot-43.jpg So all Mayumi could do was fume in frustration and try to avoid every single person in the house. So...she did exactly that. Cook, clean, go to work and periodically get in arguments with family members who didn't do what she wanted them to do.
    Screenshot-44.jpgScreenshot-45.jpgScreenshot-46.jpgScreenshot-47.jpgScreenshot-48.jpgScreenshot-2.jpgScreenshot.jpgIt was a week and a half later after moving in that River decided to throw her bachelorette party after being reminded by Claire Ursine. The party was a hit starting from 10AM Sunday until four o'clock Monday morning. That pretty much zonked out most of the guests as well as the family members. Haruo stayed away for most of the day because he wasn't much of a party-goer and just loved his private time with River. Needless to say, the length of the party sparked Mayumi off (she had to have something to complain about) and she complained vociferously to Fiona who let her have it. "This is my child's special day and you won't spoil it for her! The next one will be her wedding to YOUR SON!"
    Screenshot-5.jpgScreenshot-6.jpgScreenshot-7.jpgScreenshot-8.jpgScreenshot-9.jpgScreenshot-10.jpgScreenshot-11.jpgScreenshot-12.jpgScreenshot-13.jpgWell, it can be said that this family is going to have its ups and downs. And Mayumi learned that You don't tick off an Irish mom or the blow back will be severe.
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    Happily Ever After - The Wedding
    Well, the bachelorette party went off without a hitch and River and Haruo were free to get hitched at any time. This proved to be the longest week of their lives, all things considered as they couldn't keep their hands off each other. However they tried... Haruo went fishing...a lot... and River painted... and Haruo's father gardened, making sure that neither of the two were sneaking off to have their way with each other. Did it really matter in this day and age? But Yasunobu and Fiona were both old-fashioned in that they believed in "hands off before the marriage bed."
    Screenshot.jpgScreenshot-2.jpgScreenshot-3.jpgSo Haruo fished; River painted...and Dad gardened... every single day that week... and Fiona kept her eye on Haruo to make sure that he wasn't doing anything he wasn't supposed to be doing...
    Screenshot-8.jpgScreenshot-11.jpgScreenshot-9.jpgScreenshot-12.jpgScreenshot-14.jpgScreenshot-6.jpg...and Dad kept his eye on Haruo as well while he was practicing his piano... while Haruo was diligently reading up his cooking skills book. There was nothing better to do at least anyway...
    Screenshot-7.jpgWedding preparations were made and decorations were bought. And a festive air fell across the Chikamori property.
    Screenshot-15.jpgScreenshot-16.jpgScreenshot-17.jpg The day of the Wedding was a Friday scheduled for after work when everyone could attend. After all, River was pretty popular in high-school and many of her friend chose to attend the wedding held at 15 Summer Hill Court. In fact there were quite a few attendees...and some who actually crashed the wedding, but were able to be present to see the vows take place.
    Screenshot-21.jpgScreenshot-22.jpgScreenshot-24.jpgScreenshot-25.jpgScreenshot-27.jpgScreenshot-28.jpgScreenshot-29.jpgScreenshot-30.jpgTheir honeymoon was in France in Champs Les Sims. And they spent a wonderful three days there sightseeing, fishing and exploring. Visiting the nectary was a highlight of their trip and they camped out at the lake where they had the opportunity to fish and spend some quiet time together.
    Screenshot-31.jpgScreenshot-32.jpgScreenshot-37.jpgScreenshot-38.jpgScreenshot-54.jpgScreenshot-55.jpgScreenshot-56.jpgBut all too soon it was time to come back to the "rat-race".
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    Travelling the World...and a Surprise from China.
    As dusk settled on the Chikamori household...they realized just how much would have to happen to allow Yasunobu's life-time wish to take place. And they hadn't even taken into account that they hadn't seen the rest of the world yet. Since Haruo and River had money, they decided that they would see the world first...and then settle down and raise a family. Since they had seen France (Champ Les Sims) for their honeymoon, they opted for Egypt next. And frankly Mayumi's nitpicking on everyone was starting to get on Haruo's and River's nerves. And frankly it seemed as though Mayumi was goading them into throwing her out of the house. In fact Mayumi was treading on thin ice.
    Screenshot-2.jpgScreenshot-3.jpgScreenshot-7.jpgScreenshot.jpgIn fact, Egypt was the best choice as they could get away from it all, buy some things that artist River could use (namely two Hikon cameras as well as two point n'shoots. They also did some exploring and brought home several relics for Sandi to use as "teacher appeasements" which seemed to be constant every few weeks. Well, it was either Egypt or China and they were in Egypt, so what better than to turn around and peruse the relic shop. River was gratified that Haruo was so amenable to letting her room-mates, Molly and Sandi live at their home.
    Screenshot-11.jpgScreenshot-12.jpgScreenshot-13.jpgScreenshot-14.jpgOf course, back home, Mayumi made life a pain for those who were stuck at home with her. And frankly, she was doing a good job in making herself hated by everyone there.
    Screenshot-26.jpgScreenshot-30.jpgScreenshot-33.jpgScreenshot-36.jpgScreenshot-39.jpgHaruo and River were so perturbed by her behavior that they threatened her with excommunication from the family home if she didn't mend her ways. And that was the interlude between trips, not a peaceable time to relax and unwind between Egypt (Al Simhara) and China (Shang Simla).
    Screenshot-2.jpgScreenshot-3.jpgScreenshot.jpgIn fact, that interlude was so much of a headache to River and Haruo that they were absolutely glad for the three day vacation in Shang Sim La. And they opted to make the best of the reprieve from the insanity back home, making sure to stop by the merchant who sold Sim Fu equipment and bought books from the book merchant to bring back from China. In fact, China was such a relief that they took the advantage to have some intimate time together (which under Mayumi's nose was very unlikely to happen very much if at all) away from the hassle and stress that Haruo's mother inflicted; actually able to spend some quiet time together so much so that China was where Aidann, their first-born was conceived.
    In fact, River realized upon their return from Shang Simla that their intimacy had resulted in some rather nasty complications...of the sort that had her running to the washroom to reaquaint herself with the contents of her stomach.
    Screenshot-81.jpgScreenshot-82.jpgScreenshot-83.jpgSpending the morning perched in obeisance to the porcelain god wasn't River Chikamori's idea of a fun morning. poor girl.
    Screenshot-84.jpgScreenshot-85.jpgScreenshot-87.jpgScreenshot-88.jpgEven Haruo's enthusiastic response to the news that River was pregnant probably was small recompense for the agony of her stomach in turmoil in the mornings during her pregnancy. The pregnancy went smoothly even though when River went into labor, Haruo freaked out...predictably.
    Screenshot-89.jpgScreenshot-90.jpgScreenshot-91.jpg...and they ended up with a little baby boy. Of course...little Aidann Chikamori
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    Screaming Burritos; Screaming Toddlers and Annoying Children.
    Babies are so dull...they just sit their crib, or you hold them, or they cry and go in their diaper or wail about existing. In fact two days is about all of babies that the Creator can take, luckily it wasn't that way in RL...but RL made me despise that part of childhood even more so that in the Sims, I fast forward through it as quickly as possible. In fact keeping those screaming little burritos sedated, quiet and asleep is pretty much the happiest part of "Sim babyhood" as far as this Creator is concerned. Enough of an aside...

    River's little bundle of joy aged up quickly and became a toddler. In fact he was so smart that he got through potty-training, walking and talking in three days flat leaving the other six days to thorooughly annoy the Creator so much that he put the little varmint to sleep...until he aged up to CHILD. Yes...This Creator has an evil streak that Mephistopheles would be proud of.
    Screenshot-63.jpgScreenshot-64.jpgScreenshot-86.jpgScreenshot-7.jpgMaybe it's time to rethink having kids? Uh...TOO LATE.
    Screenshot-8.jpgScreenshot-9.jpgAidann's aging up to toddler was uneventful other than when Mayumi tried to steal his lollipop and make him cry, but the Creator nixed that plan in the bud and told her to go swimming and if she wasn't careful, I was going to make her swim until exhaustion. Evidently she got the message loud and clear.
    Screenshot-10.jpgScreenshot-11.jpgGrandma Fiona, on the other hand, just loves her grandson to pieces. She dotes on him every chance she gets. The little twerp eats it up
    Screenshot-12.jpgScreenshot-15.jpgScreenshot-21.jpgScreenshot-22.jpgAidann was a quick learner and managed to learn everything he needed to know to be a productive little child inside of three days. River on the other hand learned just how disgusting of a smell the rear-end of a child produces especially when they've had something the consistency of pureed vegetables and fruit being sent through the digestive system. It was only 9 days in Sim time, but it seemed like a lifetime. Time to kick the kid out the door and send his little behind packing to school. And wonder to each other whether or not they wanted to do this all over again...
    Screenshot-17.jpgScreenshot-20.jpgMeanwhile, Mayumi was causing havoc amongst the townspeople in her own delightful way.
    Screenshot-25.jpgAnd Parker Langerak was getting a little too disturbingly interested with the back-end of a terracotta horse.
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    Jamming and Other Pursuits
    Mayumi pushed her luck to the breaking point. River, Haruo and Yasunobu finally got fed up with Mayumi's picking on everyone that they exiled her to a building in the corner of the lot where she could do whatever the plum she chose to do with her day just so long as she didn't annoy any of the other family members. People would probably call it abuse; to the family it was "keeping their sanity".
    Screenshot-47.jpgHaruo and River found their musical muses and loved to strengthen their ties by having jam sessions.
    Screenshot-26.jpgScreenshot-27.jpgScreenshot-28.jpgScreenshot-30.jpgScreenshot-31.jpgScreenshot-33.jpgHaving the Sim Fu training dummies and board breakers allowed Haruo to have ladies oohing and aahing over his ability to smash his fist through boards. But the best part of all that attention was the attention that he received from his one special lady.
    Screenshot-36.jpgScreenshot-41.jpgScreenshot-43.jpgScreenshot-44.jpgThey both put their efforts into learning Sim Fu and River was doing pretty good breaking boards as well.
    Screenshot-4.jpgScreenshot-6.jpgYasunobu was putting his efforts into his pride and joy; his garden. striving to get some "perfect" vegetables and fruits. But it was a slow process. The ones that didn't meet his expectations of quality quickly got sold to EverFresh Delights Supermarket where they gladly took Yasunobu's cast-offs. Only the best of each generation of plants went into the soil to recoup a bountiful harvest.
    Screenshot-8.jpgBut all wasn't back-breaking work, but there were some fun times, including the time that Yasunobu, Haruo and River went down to Central Park and jammed for the citizens of Sunset Valley.
    Screenshot-10.jpgSandi still hasn't grown out of her "Royal Court" phase and it was rapidly growing annoying. River found the best way to tolerate the annoying screeching was to tune it out and ignore it. Aidann had no time for such foolishness; when he wasn't writing books (which were getting published as a child-author) he was playing in his fort.
    Screenshot-16.jpgScreenshot-18.jpgScreenshot-19.jpgScreenshot-21.jpgLife, of course, was mundane. River practiced piano and read books. Haruo did the same and paid the bills. But they still found time for each other.
    Screenshot-23.jpgScreenshot-28.jpgScreenshot-30.jpgScreenshot-27.jpg...and that's the most important thing...isn't it...
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    New Beginnings
    It was very evident that the house was getting crowded. Molly knew that both she and Sandi had been given a leg up in being offered a place to stay rent-free until she'd reached the highest position in her culinary career. but it was time to fly on her own. She was making good money as a five-star chef and she was ready to move out on her own and raise Sandi to the best of her ability. So she talked to Fiona and told her just how grateful she was to Fiona and to the Chikamori family for giving her and her daughter a place to stay and grow and time enough for Molly to reach the pinnacle of her career, but for the Chikamori family to grow, it would mean that Sandi and Molly needed to find their own place in the world. So...she found a new position as a five-star chef out-of-town and she and Sandi moved out.
    Screenshot-359.jpgMeanwhile Bert the fish...was inevitably swimming around in circles in his fishbowl. If Bert could communicate he'd be telling everyone what a miserable life he had. Sure the bowl had an 360 degree all glass view, but it still plum for space. If only they could afford to give him a fishtank.
    Screenshot-31.jpgIt must have appeared as though the deity had heard because it was that exact day that a large fishtank appeared...and Yasunobu picked him up, while Bert was gasping for dihydrogen monoxide laced oxygen and was promptly plunked into the fish tank. Bert's response once he had caught his breath was. "OMG SPACE!!!"
    Screenshot-2.jpgScreenshot.jpgYasunobu was cultivating some wonderful plants, garlic for one and they were gradually increasing in quality.
    Screenshot-2.jpgMeanwhile, now that there was room for the Chikamori family to grow and to give Yasunobu his life-time wasn't long before poor River (nee McIrish)Chikamori was making her morning run to heave up her guts yet again. It wasn't pretty.
    Screenshot-3.jpgScreenshot-5.jpgAnd once again Haruo was slack-jawed amazed at the prospect of becoming a father for the second time. It was definite that he was happy about it.
    Screenshot-7.jpgScreenshot-8.jpgYasunobu gardened, River played the piano and Haruo worked out to increase his chance of completing his lifetime wish and all were happy with the exception of Mayumi who contemplated revenge...and thinking of getting a hold of the crucial Inventing 2 book whcih was all that was keeping her from her from administering a comeuppance to those who would seek to thrwo her out of her own home.
    Screenshot-14.jpgScreenshot-15.jpgScreenshot-16.jpgScreenshot-17.jpgScreenshot-19.jpgScreenshot-21.jpgScreenshot-23.jpgScreenshot-24.jpgScreenshot-11.jpgPregnancy came to an ubrupt halt with River's water breaking and a frantic run to the hospital ensued. But at the very end of it was a blessing in the shape of a little girl named Alanna.
    Screenshot-25.jpgScreenshot-26.jpgScreenshot-27.jpgScreenshot-28.jpgScreenshot-29.jpgIt was a culmination of new beginnings...
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    An Inadvertent Yet Justifiable Death
    Mayumi sat and pondered her revenge against the other Chikamoris. Then she figured out that her best opportunity for revenge would be to get the second book of the inventing skill. That would allow her to detonate things causing catastrophic damage to the house that she was no longer a part of. Did she even feel the slightest inkling of regret for the actions in which she was about to take? Not in the slightest.
    Screenshot-3.jpgScreenshot-9.jpgScreenshot-12.jpgScreenshot-14.jpgIn any case when she went down to Divisadero Books to get the book that would initiate her plan, she ran into that slob Beau Andrews. And promptly made him regret ever having existed by beating the living tar out of him. (those mean-spirited and evil traits give an edge in fighting). So she sat and read and stewed and made her plans to exact the most horrific of revenge that she possibly could.
    Screenshot-2.jpgScreenshot.jpgMeanwhile, life went on for the rest of the Chikamoris who were blissfully unaware that Mayumi had sordid plans to make their lives a living nightmare.
    Screenshot-4.jpgScreenshot-5.jpgScreenshot-6.jpgTime went by and Alanna aged up to toddler and yet Mayumi held her peace...but she was just biding her time waiting for the right opportunity to strike.
    Screenshot-16.jpgScreenshot-19.jpgScreenshot-22.jpgScreenshot-23.jpgScreenshot-24.jpgScreenshot-29.jpgScreenshot-32.jpgThe Chikamoris were too busy with teaching little Alanna to walk, toilet-training and other things that would help her develop her skills so that she would go into child-hood and school with an advantage. Haruo played the piano. River took up her brush again and everything seemed peaceful.
    Screenshot-34.jpgScreenshot-40.jpgScreenshot-41.jpgIn fact...everything was the point where they'd even forgot about the woman in the backyard who only had an exit out to the outside world with the opening gate in the fence that she couldn't get into the main yard. In would later prove to be too peaceful, because Mayumi had a plan...and when the Chikamoris guard was down, she struck...
    Screenshot-43.jpgScreenshot-44.jpgScreenshot-45.jpgScreenshot-46.jpgIt was early morning Saturday when the walls were rattled with a detonation of the BBQ and a fire started in the basement through a hole ripped in the masonry of the hosue. It rapidly got out of control and turned into a blaze. River was lucky to get away from the flames because it started right at the spiral staircase which would have trapped them in an inferno. Yasunobu and Haruo fought the fire bravely for the lives of their loved ones, while Fiona and River tried to pitch in to help extinguish the flames. It wasn't hard to put two and two together to figure out who the culprit was. Even worse, Aidann caught on fire and it was only due to the quick-thinking of River to get him into the shower downstairs and extinguish the flames that kept him from perishing. Mayumi had struck at River's heart and soul. Putting her beloved son in mortal danger was something that River was not going to stomach. And it got her lethally mad enough to teach Mayumi a lesson.
    Screenshot-50.jpgScreenshot-52.jpgIt didn't take long enough for the argument to escalate into fisticuffs and Mayumi's mean-ness and evil streak was no match for River's righteous anger.
    Screenshot-55.jpgScreenshot-58.jpgScreenshot-61.jpgAnd River won administering a beating on Mayumi that would have her thinking twice about detonating another object on their property. But would that lesson be taken to heart? didn't. Mayumi struck again the next day; teleporting into the garage and detonating Fiona's minivan and setting off an inferno that nearly claimed the life of River's husband...and ironically Mayumi's own son. With the evident lack of remorse displayed by Mayumi, River lost it and another fight ensued. However it must have been too much for Mayumi's old heart because it gave out...during the course of the fight and the Reaper came to collect her soul. It was poetic justice.
    Screenshot-67.jpgRiver felt that Mayumi had gotten what she deserved in the end and there were no tears for the evil woman who had very nearly claimed both River's husband and son. But the Reaper looked on that as just yet another tick-mark checked on his to do list and the first grave was installed in the Chikamori cemetery.
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    Life Goes On
    It was a peaceful time for the Chikamoris upon Mayumi's demise. River was not vicious, but she had no sadness over Mayumi's death and her inadvertent role in it - in fact, she was just glad that Mayumi could no longer harm her family from beyond the grave. Mayumi had made an unforgiveable attack on her family. However the house ceased to be comfortable to live in and Mayumi's death in the house (albeit in the garage) played a big role in that. So Haruo talked with Yasunobu and River talked with her mother and they decided to temporarily move out while the house was razed to the ground and a new one was built from the ground up. The new house was just big enough to fit Fiona, Yasunobu, River, Haruo, Aidann and Alanna with a few extra rooms so that they could expand their family if fate so intervened to grant them another family member. But with six people in the house, it was pretty frantic even at its best.
    Screenshot-2.jpgScreenshot-7.jpgScreenshot-11.jpgHowever with three chemically induced explosions on the site, a lot of site cleanup had to be done so that there were no toxic chemicals left in the ground before the site was cleared by City Hall for razing and rebuild. So while all the permits and stuff were being applied for and approved (sorry to get so detailed...must be my ex-realtor streak coming out), River and Haruo and Yasunobu did their own thing..
    Screenshot-15.jpgScreenshot-16.jpgScreenshot-17.jpgThe new house was built and though it was much smaller than the previous house, it was just the right size for River and her family. Five bedrooms upstairs, two on the main floor and a basement for all their stuff that they intended to store. A large gazebo was constructed with the future in mind for all the family's weddings to come.
    Screenshot-18.jpgScreenshot-24.jpgScreenshot-23.jpgAnd during all that hoopla of construction Alanna had her aging up party to child and the resultant school-age reponsibilities of making sure that she went to school every day and that she had her homework done every single night so that she could get onto honor roll.
    Screenshot-20.jpgScreenshot-21.jpgAnd things went back to normal or as normal as they could be...
    Screenshot-25.jpgScreenshot-27.jpgAnd Abacadabra the Bear amused himself by staring at plants.
    Screenshot-26.jpg...and life goes on...
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    Strengthening Family Bonds
    Dustin Langerak had the temerity to call River for a date and Haruo took nasty exception to that. Even though it was at 11 at night, that violation deserved a visit. And Haruo angrily went over to the Langeraks and told Dustin exactly what he thought of him and his pursuit of River outside the holy bonds of matrimony. Basically he called him a llama and several other unseemingly names and told him that if Dustin ever crossed paths with him again that Dustin would get a thrashing. Just because Parker hadn't had the cojones to ask River out and give her a life within easy reach of Dustin, didn't mean that Dustin could come in and try to break up River and Haruo's marriage. Even though Sim Fu preached non-violence, even a Sim Fu master such as Haruo would take violent exception to having his spouse harassed.
    DL_daterequest.jpgScreenshot-3.jpgScreenshot-6.jpgScreenshot-10.jpgScreenshot-14.jpgScreenshot-15.jpgScreenshot-16.jpgRiver was faithful to Haruo and vice versa. And that little call from Parker's father had nettled RIver too. And she wanted to assure Haruo that Parker (an old crush) was no where in her mind. She was completely in love with Haruo and committed to raising both their children with him. The next day was a trip to Central Park ostensibly to make certain that Alanna and Aidann had some time together with the family, but it was also to strengthen Haruo's and River's marriage and cement that bond even stronger.
    Screenshot-20.jpgScreenshot-22.jpgScreenshot-24.jpgScreenshot-17.jpgScreenshot-18.jpgIt was a bout 7PM when Fiona took the two children home when she realized that Haruo and River wanted to go on a date. So when Aidann and Alana got home, Aidann went upstairs to paint in his room and Alanna fed the fish and of course...Abacadabra...I have no idea what the plum he was doing on the dryer. WTH?!!!
    Screenshot-26.jpgScreenshot-27.jpgScreenshot-28.jpgScreenshot-30.jpgOne of the joys of having moneyh was to be able to take a trip whenever they felt like it and River suggested a family trip. Fiona had a request from a French merchant to bring over a book from Canada (one that she'd written) and it would be a great way to strengthen their family bond. So she suggested it to Haruo who enthusiastically agreed. So they went to France, visiting the park...and the Nectary. Where Haruo had gotten his hands again on some delicious nectar and they spent some time fishing at a park in Champs Les Sims. They got back to the base-camp after dark. The three days went by quickly and they came home tired but happy. And life settled back down to the usual routine for the Chikamoris.
    Screenshot-38.jpgScreenshot-39.jpgScreenshot-41.jpgScreenshot-43.jpgScreenshot-45.jpgScreenshot-47.jpgScreenshot-48.jpgRiver played piano (in the kitchen - huh?), Alanna had to drop off permission slips at the City Hall and biked back after morning was back to school on the school bus again and River and Yasunobu jammed together.
    Screenshot-50.jpgScreenshot-52.jpgScreenshot-54.jpgScreenshot-55.jpgAnd of course, that trip to the City of Love...had made Haruo as randy as a goat. Ah c'est l'amour.
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    A Visit From Beyond And Take Our Name At Your Own Risk
    Life had settled back to normal. Haruo and Yasunobu had planted roses around the wedding gazebo so that it would have that romantic vibe.
    Screenshot.jpgWhen Bert went to meet his demise, Alanna brought home a frog which was promptly named Croak.
    Screenshot-2.jpgScreenshot-3.jpgSince River mastered the piano (I've actually played one of the Sims 3 Level 10 piano pieces (I can't remember the actual composer) before...and I can attest to the fact that I drove my piano teacher out of his mind. "I'm sorry, Edward J. Parker." - now I wish I kept it up), one of her favorite pieces was Franz Schubert's Impromptu Op. 90 #4, And she really would get into the emotion of the piece.
    Screenshot-5.jpgHowever peace and quiet was disrupted by an unwelcome presence. And of course, that presence targeted River and of course River wasn't having any of that at all. As in life. neither of the two got along with the other and River still happily pointed out Mayumi-spirit's flaws which she still had even in death.
    Screenshot-6.jpgScreenshot-7.jpgScreenshot-8.jpgScreenshot-10.jpgScreenshot-11.jpgAfter the visit from Mayumi things seemed to settle back down, with Haruo going to play for tips in Central Park to increase his piano-skill and of course River went fishing; Gobias found himself a love-interest...evidently and Haruo decided to ride his Kenspa (Vespa?) back home from tickling the ivories. Evidently River wanted something tickled...or was that more of an itch to scratch?
    Screenshot-14.jpgScreenshot-16.jpgScreenshot-18.jpgScreenshot-20.jpgScreenshot-22.jpgScreenshot-25.jpgScreenshot-26.jpgHelloooooo Shower...
    Screenshot-30.jpgAnd Abacadabra couldn't make heads or tails of how to figure out just what it took to turn the stereo on. Or maybe he did figure it out but just didn't turn the stereo on because he didn't want his posterior end drop-kicked all the way to Pinochle Pond and trust me, that's quite far from 15 Summerhill Court.
    However it was found that there were two Sims masquerading as Chikamoris; one claiming to be Yasunobu and the other claiming to be Mayumi who had installed themselves along with Jamie Jolina over at Ye Olde Tudor where the actual Chikamoris used to live across from the Mcirish family. And even worse they had committed fraudulent dealings with the Good Citizen's Warehouse. That made Yasunobu lethally mad. After getting them to the point where they were trusting enough to let Fiona in on their ruse...the two somehow managed to con their way into the family. But inevitably the minute that they set foot on the property they were found out. One of the real-Mayumi's potions took care of matters very quickly and Fiona was able to dig up so much dirt on the couple that there would be no questions asked if the Good Citizen's Warehouse was wondering where their two fraudsters went to. Of course, the Good Citizen's warehouse wanted none of their nefarious dealings to come to light.
    Screenshot-32.jpgScreenshot-33.jpgScreenshot-34.jpgIt was also a message to Nick and Vita Alto: Keep your Nick had been sniffing around much too closely in the Chikamori family's affairs. Losing their two henchmen was a dire warning indeed.
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    Fake Yasunobu and His Most Discombobulating, Confused Day
    Well, we pick up on the Chikamoris with a rather interesting visitor from the beyond. Yes, Fake Yasunobu came back from the dead in spirit form (not a playable character - he's just an apparition floating around for giggles). Evidently after being killed off, eternal rest disagreed with him so he decided to come back to Sunset Valley and hang around.
    Screenshot-5.jpgLet me ask you something. How can a ghost be hungry?
    Screenshot-14.jpgScreenshot-16.jpgScreenshot-17.jpgFirst he spent some time mourning over Fake-Mayumi, then he proceeded to go startle the living daylights out of the REAL Yasunobu (the one still living)
    Screenshot-18.jpgFor some reason he decided to watch the sharks in the fishtank: Larry, Curly, Moe and Frank....
    .Screenshot-19.jpgEvidently poor Fake-Yasunobu was lonely because he looked over longingly at Yasunobu tending his garden. I guess since he has the same traits, he probably wanted to garden too, but kind of hard when you're incorporeal.
    Screenshot-20.jpgThen he walked up and down some steps...and (unpictured) haunted the dryer...which freaked the living tarnation out of Fiona but all in all, the Sims seem to take poltergeists in stride... "Eek...a ghost...whatever..."
    Screenshot-21.jpgThen he promptly got stuck in the bathroom - You're a ghost...don't you realize you can float through walls?
    Screenshot-22.jpgScreenshot-23.jpg...and then back out to the backyard (looking over at the pool) to take a nap on one of the benches...
    Screenshot-27.jpgI'm sure ghost Fake Yasunobu was trying to tell me something - that he's sick of perpetual summer (alright, alright...I'll get Seasons....Geez...)...because he went and haunted the Minus One Kelvin fridge...which promptly stopped working out of fright so I had to delete it... and make replicants off the sole working copy...left over. or shall we say in this case...the afterlife in the Sims...Happy Simming everybody.
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    Mundane Meanderings Through The Chikamori Life.
    Outside of all the ectoplasmic activity happening in the house, nothing much else was really happening. Every day was the same old-same old litany of boredom, get up, eat, go out and do chores, fish...etc etc...shower, sleep - rinse repeat... Haruo went out and worked on his piano skills (he's trying to make Level 10 while Yasunobu beat the ever-lovin' tar out of the Sim Fu dummy. River did laundry - yep...she was preggers again - she looks so cute waddling like that (My wife threatened to beat me to within an inch of my life if I called her cute...while she was pregnant (probably was the hormones)) and played the piano - River mastered it. Fiona tempted fate by fixing a television - I hate those things...they tend to go on the fritz all the time (much like the computers) and if you're not careful, you can end up getting singed. And of course...Haruo worked out...
    Screenshot-3.jpgScreenshot-8.jpgScreenshot-9.jpgScreenshot-11.jpgScreenshot-34.jpgScreenshot-36.jpgScreenshot-38.jpgScreenshot-39.jpgScreenshot-46.jpg...but they always took time to appreciate each other...(their affection meter is full)
    Screenshot-47.jpgOf course, knowing how short Sims pregnancies are, labour came soon enough for River along with a mad rush to the hospital to deliver...and a few hours later, a bouncing baby boy named Brayden - yeah...I'm very uncreative when it comes to names.
    Screenshot-40.jpgScreenshot-41.jpgScreenshot-43.jpgBrayden grew up into a toddler...and went through the whole rigmarole of being taught how to walk, talk and defecate; the latter of which was an extremely horrific nasal experience. And River and Haruo were exhausted...but grateful that Brayden started sleeping through the night. Yes...babies leave you sleep-deprived and functioning on autopilot (I have had plenty of experience with that in real-life...thank you very much)
    Screenshot-51.jpgScreenshot-52.jpgScreenshot-53.jpgScreenshot-54.jpgScreenshot-58.jpgIt also helped that Yasunobu and Fiona took care of their grandchildren as well, while River and Haruo were being run through the wringer. Yasunobu loved his grand-daughter and read bedtime stories to her, giving her a kiss on the forehead and tucking her into her bed before making his way to his own room to turn in for the night.
    Screenshot-5.jpgScreenshot-6.jpgThe rebuilt house just didn't feel right so it got torn down and rebuilt again...
    Screenshot-27.jpgScreenshot-30.jpgHaruo went all-out on the new house and it proved to be a nice one...It even had a pier to fish off of in their own private lake. And the kitchen was much more open than in the last one, even though their bedroom was much smaller.
    Nighttime%2BHouse4%2B%25281%2529.jpgNighttime%2BHouse4%2B%25284%2529.jpgNighttime%2BHouse4%2B%25285%2529.jpgNighttime%2BHouse4%2B%25286%2529.jpgScreenshot-5.jpgThe creator discovered sprinklers which now helps with the "wilting" situation. No more wilting...plants...(yeah...there's a R-rated joke in there somewhere... ~zips mouth~) The aquarium denizens got fed, and the Haruo placated his inner megalomaniac... "MAKE ME RICH, CARTERS XL TABLE MAKE ME OBSCENELY WEALTHY...BWA HA HA HA HA" Meanwhile Yasunobu harvested trees. ~this is sooo fulfilling~ Now I wish my kid would hurry up and fulfill my lifetime wish...(surrounded by family - one more kid to go...including Haruo...(evidently he's included as one he was a teen when the story started)
    Screenshot-5.jpgScreenshot-7.jpgScreenshot-8.jpgScreenshot-9.jpgScreenshot-10.jpgSorry about the deadly boring update, but that's pretty much what a lot of this Sims game is...doing mundane day to day stuff...that isn't really all that interesting. Hopefully a spark of inspiration will come on the next update...and the ghosts haven't been cooperative either.
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    Mundane Meanderings Pt. II
    Things were quiet in the Chikamori home for quite some time. The usual routine of get up, do chores or go to work pervaded over much of the days that went by. Unfortunately, the kids were not able to make it in the door of the school, even with the building of the second school and their marks were in danger of a precipitous fall off the cliff so off to boarding school they went. The first week Alanna called back grumbling that her arms were going to fall off. Well, let's just say that the parents didn't acquiesce to her demands. "Stay there and learn some discipline and get something out of this experience." How sympathetic, huh?
    Screenshot-10.jpgScreenshot-11.jpgHaruo fished, River did drafting. Haruo also worked out, while Yasunobu worked in the garden.
    Screenshot-9.jpgScreenshot-13.jpgScreenshot-15.jpgScreenshot-20.jpgScreenshot-21.jpgYasunobu's beloved garden could be seen from the living room.
    Screenshot-24.jpgThe kitchen was an open plan too and allowed for easy access between points within the kitchen and the dining room.
    Screenshot-27.jpgThere was an offset atrium that masked the staircase to the basement area with a view of the digital fishtank - which was the only thing that really survived. The actual fishtank was what one would rightly call a deathtrap for any piscine - poor things (much like my RL mother and plants).
    Screenshot-28.jpgThe back porch had a grill with easy access to the kitchen and the fridge to avoid having a situation where food sat out and went bad.
    Screenshot-29.jpgAnd the view from the bridge into the pool.
    Screenshot-30.jpgRiver happily played was one of her joys to be able to extract beautiful music from the 88 key keyboard.
    Screenshot-32.jpgAll was dead at the graveyard...obviously. (boo-hiss - yeah, yeah, I know...bad joke)
    Screenshot-47.jpgWith the exception of a few nights later when Yumi popped up out of the ground and proceeded to use the Chikamori's jacuzzi. Would you believe that they're distantly related. (in this story). A long time a land far away... Oh heck with it... She comes from Nara Prefecture, close to Osaka...and the Chikamori's and the Sekemotos are related (5th Cousins to be exact). There. They are actually named Sekimoto, but unfortunately some plum border guard misspelled Yumi's name when she emigrated from Japan to take care of Sam for Leighton...and they figured why bother correcting it - 出る杭は打たれる. 仕方が無い. deru kui was utareru; shikata ga nai. The upright stake will get hammered down, nothing can be done about it. It is the way of things. (So there's my take on the whole thing. There are no Japanese in real life named Sekemoto - Sekimoto or Sakamoto...yes, Sekemoto, no.)
    Screenshot-48.jpgScreenshot-51.jpgIn other news, because Gus refused to do anything about his weight he had a heart-attack and dropped dead.
    Screenshot-54.jpgHaruo went to the park to try to see if he could get his piano skill up.
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    The Road to True Love is Rocky

    Author's Note: This romantic schlock shoulda been up for Valentine's Day back in February. Sorry...(I'm sorry, I'm a guy...we see romance, we run the other way).
    Life at the Chikamori house continued as usual...(this is starting to become a common preface). River and Haruo sparred for the first time in a long time since River had to take a break from martial arts after being pregnant for such a long time.
    Screenshot-60.jpgScreenshot-64.jpgScreenshot-67.jpgScreenshot-71.jpgYasunobu was the first to find romance with a beautiful young lady by the name of Alesha Nowak. Despite his reservations with dating again after Mayumi's death, he wined and dined her and tried to spend as much time as he could with her to get to know her better.
    Screenshot-78.jpgScreenshot-80.jpgMeanwhile (Chris Tucker would define this with a certain amount of profanity) Stiles McGraw didn't get the message from River that she felt he was harrassing her (she's married...and is a mother and not available...but he didn't get the message) she sent Haruo to send Stiles a message that he wouldn't soon forget. Yo...Stiles...YOU GOT KNOCKED THE PLUM OUT!!! DAWG.
    Screenshot-82.jpgAnd...Fiona met Simis...and Simis got moved in...lock stock and included. Michael and Bella were in danger of failing and removed by the social worker (Bella had an F in school.) "Hey, Chaa Sum Bong it says here you got an F in school..." (man, I love Russell Peters and his hilarious take on immigrant families) ~takes kung fu stance~ kid cowers... No.but really. "You know...Bella, honey, you need to do much better in school...So I think the best way to do that is to send you to boarding school..." Oh...THANKS...Uncle Haruo...
    Screenshot-84.jpgScreenshot-85.jpgAnd Aidann got aged up to teen...Handsome bugger; takes after his mother. And his hairstyle is perfect...for Fort Starch where he's going NEXT.
    Screenshot-87.jpgAnd Dad Yasunobu showed his son that he was still able to kick his kid's rear-end in sparring. See kids...that's why you don't back-talk your dad...
    :D Screenshot-91.jpgScreenshot-96.jpgScreenshot-100.jpgScreenshot-111.jpgScreenshot-146.jpgScreenshot-157.jpgScreenshot-164.jpgScreenshot-178.jpgScreenshot-191.jpgScreenshot-208.jpgScreenshot-214.jpgIn ectoplasmic happenings...ghost fake-Haruo (yeah, we found his grave) showed up, took a shower and haunted the can... That is sooo...plumming weird...and disgusting too.
    Screenshot-215.jpgScreenshot-216.jpgScreenshot-218.jpgSimis now knowing that his kids would be taken care of out of the deep pockets of the Chikamoris and not at risk of getting taken by the social worker, got down on one knee and proposed to Fiona. who accepted. They had their own little private ceremony to save money for an eventual move out into the house that Nick Alto (may he rest in peace... - yeah...Yasunobu ended him...after some stuff happened. The cops found traces of Nick's dealings...and that got traced all the way back to Good Citizens. Yasunobu tracked Nick down and eliminated him with due prejudice and Vita tried to assassinate River so Haruo took her out.) I really think that there should be one of their descendents that joins the ghost-busting career.
    Screenshot-220.jpgScreenshot-221.jpgScreenshot-230.jpgScreenshot-233.jpgScreenshot-234.jpgScreenshot-236.jpgScreenshot-237.jpgThis were not so easy for Yasunobu...all Alesha was doing was hanging off his coattails looking for money...and when he wanted to go farther with getting into a real honest-relationship (think rings...and eventual marriage...she got cold feet and started ducking his finally he ended up breaking up with her.
    Screenshot-240.jpgBut then he met Hiroko...(more on her later)... :D
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    More Mundane Stuff and a Shang Sim La Interlude
    Bella's birthday party was a simple affair. with a cake celebrated before they all had to go back to "military school" .It appears as though Aidann is falling for Bella. Besides, then Mortimer can go ahead and enjoy his fascination with the occult on his own instead of dragging Bella into it. In other news, Haruo knocked out Efrain Little-Fleming because he started harassing River practically every day for a date and it got to the point where she couldn't pick up her phone. So Haruo made a point of telling him not to do it again.
    Screenshot-3.jpgScreenshot-5.jpgScreenshot-6.jpgScreenshot-8.jpg Yasunobu tended his garden, however the next morning, ghost fake Haruo paid a visit and ever since then six of the plants have been wilting every day despite constant watering with the sprinkler. It's more of an annoyance than an actual problem, but it restricts Yasunobu from going away from the house for too long as money trees, if not taken care of will explode into bills.
    Screenshot-9.jpgScreenshot-11.jpg A brief visit to Shang Sim La allowed them to recharge and they did some shopping as well as got some workouts in at the Phoenix Martial Arts Academy. Yasunobu managed to win a ranked match versus a less experienced ranked opponent. Seems like a bit of a no-win situation for the green-belt to me.
    Screenshot-13.jpgScreenshot-14.jpgScreenshot-16.jpg After that little holiday, River came home and told Fiona about all her adventures. And Haruo spent more time fishing to earn money.
    And detonated that infernal dishwasher that kept breaking down every two days.
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    Bella's Birthday Party
    Bella's birthday party was a simple affair. with a cake celebrated before they all had to go back to "military school" .It appears as though Aidann is falling for Bella. Besides, then Mortimer can go ahead and enjoy his fascination with the occult on his own instead of dragging Bella into it. In other news, Haruo knocked out Efrain Little-Fleming because he started harassing River practically every day for a date and it got to the point where she couldn't pick up her phone. So Haruo made a point of telling him not to do it again.
    Screenshot-3.jpgScreenshot-5.jpgScreenshot-6.jpgScreenshot-8.jpg Yasunobu tended his garden, however the next morning, ghost fake Haruo paid a visit and ever since then six of the plants have been wilting every day despite constant watering with the sprinkler. It's more of an annoyance than an actual problem, but it restricts Yasunobu from going away from the house for too long as money trees, if not taken care of will explode into bills.
    Screenshot-9.jpgScreenshot-11.jpg A brief visit to Shang Sim La allowed them to recharge and they did some shopping as well as got some workouts in at the Phoenix Martial Arts Academy. Yasunobu managed to win a ranked match versus a less experienced ranked opponent. Seems like a bit of a no-win situation for the green-belt to me.
    Screenshot-13.jpgScreenshot-14.jpgScreenshot-16.jpg After that little holiday, River came home and told Fiona about all her adventures. And Haruo spent more time fishing to earn money.
    And detonated that infernal dishwasher that kept breaking down every two days.
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    The March of Age (Life Goes On)
    Well, life goes on...and the residents of Sunset Valley are aging. Looking over at Villa Alto saw Simis and Fiona age into their elder years. And Haruo and River have entered the latter half of their "young-adulthood" and approaching middle age and full-adulthood.
    Screenshot-24.jpgScreenshot-25.jpgAs busy as River was, she still took time to touch base with her mother and spend the morning with her at Hogan's Diner catching up on gossip.
    Screenshot-27.jpgScreenshot-28.jpgScreenshot-30.jpgScreenshot-31.jpgScreenshot-32.jpgScreenshot-33.jpgIn other news, Alanna aged up to teen at military school and stayed enrolled - it may appear as though she may choose a career in the military or in the police force when she gets out of Fort Starch. Aidann on the other hand is not enjoying morning drill around the parade square. He's calling home and proclaiming that Fort Starch is a prison for kids. Well...look who's gonna be lapping the drill square at zero dark thirty. SGTMAJ O'Halloran caught wind of his phone call...and what he said. "Chikamori, you miserable little maggot, did you call our esteemed boarding school a prison? How would you like to do laps around the parade square in full combat gear? Meet me at my office in full gear at 2300hrs and we'll see what remedial correction your attitude requires. ATTEN-HUT!!!!"
    ...and Bella is enjoying Fort Starch as well...with the lackadaisical discipline that she was receiving from Jocasta (may she rest in peace) and Simis, it appeared that she had no direction in life. Well...that changed...and she's appearing to enjoy military school too. Hopefully that will translate into her life as she transitions into young adulthood.
    Boyd Wainright, Hiroko's boss tried to blackmail her by hacking into the Chikamori's bank account and insinuating that Hiroko had something sinister to hide. Haruo reciprocated the favor by blowing up Susan and Boyd's cars. Police just looked the other way. Oh dear...I think people are starting to miss the Altos. After all Sunset Valley was so much quieter back then...before the Chikamoris took over the town. Yes...they own practically everything.
    Screenshot-39.jpgRiver took matters into her own hands when Connor Frio started calling her for dates. She wasn't interested in his little amateurish attempts at trying to gain her attention. And she delivered a message personally that left no uncertainty as to how she felt about his attempts at courting her when she was happily married. Poor Connor; clueless as usual.
    Screenshot-35.jpgScreenshot-36.jpgAhhhh, happy days for the Sunset Valley residents...and perhaps for Hiroko and Yasunobu as well...
    Screenshot-38.jpg Addendum: Looks like Connor Frio went into self-imposed exile nursing his emotional wounds...or writing a least that's his excuse...
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    Some People Don't Learn
    Evidently Connor Frio's memory wasn't too good, or maybe it was that River hit him too darned hard, but not two days later, he called up again trying his luck. You don't tick off a McIrish. Or especially when they're happily married especially when her last name has gone from McIrish to Chikamori; considering that Haruo is a Master Black Belt in Sim Fu and the person whose marriage you're trying to break up is a brownbelt. If the lady is happily married, she'll take great offense to your trying to break up her happy family. And the husband will probably try to feed you your gonads though your nose.
    In other news, the Creator had to quarantine the board breakers in a room with no door. Enough rocks...thank you very much. It's going to take months just sorting through the mess of them.
    Screenshot-11.jpg ...and then on top of 11:30 at night, someone woke River out of her sleep and then hung up just as she was about to answer the phone...after having been rousted out of bed due to the incessant ringing. If she ever finds out who that miscreant was....she's going to make him/her sorry he/she ever existed. If you're going to call after 1030PM, it'd better plumming well be life or death important...
    Meanwhile, the Chikamoris are still wondering with a celebrity gate, how Iqbal Alvi managed to get into their yard and fish in THEIR pond. Yasunobu told him to "GET OFF OUR PROPERTY" and for punctuation Haruo went and blew up Iqbal's dishwasher. With a celebrity gate, there was no way that Iqbal could have gotten onto the Chikamori Estate without hacking his way in. If he was planning on repairing that dishwasher...too bad, so sad.
    Screenshot-6.jpg The next morning Connor Frio called again...and this time he called Hiroko and asked her for a date. Little did he know that Hiroko had just married Yasunobu and was now a Chikamori and the Chikamoris didn't like it when their women were trifled with. Of course Haruo and Yasunobu were grinning widely when River charged out the door shouting for Hiroko... "Teleport in when I find his mangy hide!!!"
    ConnorBugsHiroko.pngScreenshot-2.jpgScreenshot-3.jpgScreenshot-4.jpgScreenshot-5.jpg "Hi...ladies...didn't expect both of you to show up..." Connor smiled but his smile dropped off his face when he saw the two stormy expressions on the women's faces as they stalked towards him, fists raised.
    Screenshot-16.jpg Then the skies opened up and plum rained down brimstone and first one fist then the other connected.
    Screenshot-19.jpgScreenshot-20.jpg "From now on, Connor, our number is a 'no-call' unless you want to speak personally with my husband..." River said darkly "...and believe me, he's not as patient with people as I am..."
    Screenshot-18.jpg "And neither is my husband..." Hiroko stated. "So unless you want your body to end up molded in the general shape of a'd best pretend that we don't exist."
    Screenshot-17.jpg "Consider that a warning..." River finished off with a dark look then turned to Hiroko. "I'm getting hungry, what about you?"
    "I could use a burger...Hogan's?" quipped Hiroko as she looked over at Connor who was trying to figure out the best way to extricate himself out of the mess that he now found himself in.
    "Sounds good to me..." was River's answer and they both turned their backs on Connor, got into Hiroko's car and drove off (still gets me how Sims can shove large cars in their pockets).
    Screenshot-9.jpgScreenshot-10.jpgIn other news, Aidann came back from military school after Hiroko took pity on him and brought him home. But his marks are still on notice. He's got an A so far, but he needs to keep it that way or else back to military school he goes. Bella and Alanna are enjoying Fort Starch way too much to come home. And well, Brayden is on the fence about the whole thing.
    And Connor assuaged his bruised ego by going into hiding...ostensibly to finish off a book, but getting his tail-end kicked by a pair of girls probably had to hurt too.

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    The Inexorable March of Age (and Thornton Learns to Not Call Women Garden Tools)
    Well after delivering Connor's comeuppance...Hiroko and River went to Hogans and had lunch. Perhaps they should turn their cell-phones off from now on. After lunch, River went home and Hiroko went to the bookstore to get books to improve her handiness and inventing skills both which would stand her in good stead in the science career. She also picked up gardening books which are useful when one gets into the higher echelons of the science field with growing plants and other items. River worked on her ice sculpture.
    Screenshot.jpgScreenshot-2.jpgScreenshot-3.jpg Haruo kept up the task of keeping the family fed with victuals, cooking up a mean Eggs Machiavellan. Cooking is such a breeze with the Minus One Kelvin fridge and the top of the line stove; a perfect meal every time. Aidann got ready for high-school and having packed on some serious muscle during his time at the military academy, he was ready to meet and greet his friends back at the Community School for the Gifted in Sunset Valley.
    Screenshot-4.jpgScreenshot-6.jpgScreenshot-8.jpg Aidann managed to get out the door in time and rode on the familiar yellow school-bus to the school where he did manage to get in the door on time and was able to get in a full day of school.
    Screenshot-10.jpg Yasunobu took his son aside and spoke to him regarding the garden, "Son...I'm getting on in years and someone needs to be able to maintain this garden...and keep growing perfect vegetables and fruits. You are the one to carry on this legacy...for me, until one of your children decides that they can carry on the legacy of having the perfect garden." Certainly that was a tall order for Haruo as he was already in the fishing career but he promised his father that he would do everything that he could to take up the mantle. The Chikamoris were always at one with nature. (okay...when they weren't knocking people's lights out...or blowing other peoples stuff up...okay...okay...@mikezumi :D :mrgreen: )
    Screenshot-11.jpgScreenshot-15.jpgScreenshot-16.jpgScreenshot-17.jpgScreenshot-18.jpgScreenshot-19.jpg Aidann had increased his martial arts skills while he was away at Fort Starch...and came home a green-belt. After getting some work-experience at Doo-Peas Business Tower - (that name has to change), Aidann came home and pummelled the practice dummy. If it wasn't for Yasunobu and Haruo being a little space-rock breaking crazy, he'd practice on breaking boards. Maybe I should put one in Aidann's room. And maybe, I'll set up a room for the women to practice board breaking without Haruo and Yasunobu breaking more space rocks that the Creator has to sort out. Evidently they have rocks (on the) for brains.
    Screenshot-20.jpgScreenshot-22.jpgScreenshot-23.jpgScreenshot-25.jpg As usual the next day, Haruo did cooking, while River got some food from the fridge. Hauo was just restocking the fridge with food and Aidann was becoming best friends...with his homework.
    Screenshot-31.jpgScreenshot-32.jpgScreenshot-33.jpg Hiroko was at green-belt same as Aidann and River had her brown-belt and was working towards black.
    Screenshot-34.jpgScreenshot-35.jpgLooking over at the park the next day saw poor Connor sitting on the park chess tables looking glum. The Chikamoris bought Central Park as an investment and well, the Creator took it upon himself to give poor bereft Connor a makeover to get rid of that scratchy scribe's beard that he had going...and gave him a change of clothes. All Hail NRAAS Master Controller...the Creator...
    Screenshot-38.jpgScreenshot-39.jpg And Aidann, having one of his rebellious moments, egged the Langerak's house and had a few words with Thornton Wolff "I don't like your face...Wolffie boy..." "How dare you talk to your elders that way...Didn't your mother ever teach you anything?" "Sure didn't stop you from calling her a garden implement...and just for's a message from my dad... Don't ever call her a garden implement again!"

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    Life at Home
    Well, Aidann doesn't like homework very much, but like the good dedicated kid that he is, he does it...even though it frustrates him to no end.
    Screenshot.jpgLately, things have been very quiet at the graveyard. No ectoplasmic activity at all. Frankly. put, no pun's been dead.
    Screenshot-2.jpgScreenshot-3.jpgAidann gets himself off to school in the mornings which is a boon as things are hectic in the mornings in the Chikamori household.
    Screenshot-4.jpgOf course, Haruo has to go detonate Grady's. After all, what would life be without a little bit of C4.
    Screenshot-5.jpgScreenshot-6.jpgMeanwhile at home, Hiroko is working on her martial arts skills. Yes, the Chikamori women are combined beautiful and lethal.
    Screenshot-7.jpgAfter Haruo blew up Grady's Junkyard, he came home and watered the plants. :D Then of course, he, River and Yasunobu jammed on the keyboards.
    Screenshot-10.jpgAidann got in some time with the martial arts dummy. He's working towards his blue belt.
    Screenshot-11.jpgScreenshot-12.jpgMeanwhile Yasunobu watered the plants (not tended the garden - garden tending is something Yasunobu is leaving for Haruo to take care of - after all, Haruo needs to take over the mantle of Super Green Thumb and be able to have the opportunity to get the opportunity to plant steaks and hamburger patties (hey, I'm not questioning the plantables in this game - plant a steak to get a steak tree...yep...par for the course...don't question it...))
    Screenshot-13.jpgScreenshot-14.jpgI think Haruo wishes for a vacation...hmmm, I wonder if we shoudl send them back to Champs Les Sims...because that's a wish that River's been having recently. But right now, River just wants to swim in the pool. Ah. even after all these years, River and Haruo are still so much in love. They still flirt and woohoo in the shower every chance they get.
    Screenshot-20.jpgScreenshot-21.jpgMornings are still hectic and Haruo quickly made some breakfast while River was so hungry that she went ahead and got some leftovers. It seems to be that way all the time. The rest of the Sims get food from the fridge while Haruo just cooks to restock the leftover portions.
    Screenshot-23.jpgScreenshot-25.jpgOnce Haruo was finished the culinary duties in the kitchen he headed off to tend the garden and fish...(he joined the angler self-employment career a long time ago and he's working towards the top level of his career now. But I can see why he had a wish-bubble for a vacation. He's going stir-crazy with the mundane home tasks "shower, shave, do chores, eat, sleep, rinse repeat..."
    Screenshot-26.jpgScreenshot-27.jpgScreenshot-28.jpgAnd of course a gorgeous moon rising slowly into the night sky. (Can't wait to upgrade my computer's graphics card along with a new power supply and enhanced cooling. This is just on medium graphics...for the laptop)
    Screenshot-44.jpg...and why is it that people keep getting into the Chikamori's yard? Hmmmm... Haruo confronted Dustin Langerak who somehow managed to hack his way past the Celebrity Gate. This is getting ridiculous. "Listen Dustin, how is it that I come out here to get the mail and find you IN my yard!" "Dude, your gate was wide open, man..." "Don't try and give me that was closed, I saw the postie put the mail in the box and the gate was closed...and locked. You hacked it, man..." "No I didn't..." "Well...Let's see who the cops believe, huh? Because you're in my yard...and I sure as heck didn't invite you." "Sure, call the cops, dude...I'm an upstanding citizen...of Sunset Valley..." *Pow* "Well, you ain't now...standing upright...that is..."
    Screenshot-47.jpgScreenshot-48.jpgScreenshot-49.jpgScreenshot-50.jpgAnd in other news, Aidann had a second prom after his return from Fort Starch...and came home with a second Prom King crown.
    Screenshot-52.jpgScreenshot-53.jpgAnd of course, being the good grandson he is, went and made time to spend with Grandma Fiona. Awwwww, hugs... :D
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    Kids Come Home (for a while) and True Love

    Sorry, but this isn't much of an update: And you Bella/Mortimer fans are going to hate me too. :mrgreen:
    When Simis and Fiona moved back in because it was either that or the retirement home living (which isn't possible in the Sims), the kids came home from school for a break to see Grandma Fiona and Step-Grandpa Simis. Both Alanna and Brayden aged up to teen while at military school and came home looking like completely different Sims. Brayden, welll, he turned into a handsome hunk...and Alanna looked like a clone of her mother.
    Screenshot-9.jpgScreenshot-11.jpgBella McIrish-Bachelor while at military school honed up on HER martial arts and came home a green belt, spending some time working out on the martial arts dummy.
    Screenshot-13.jpgScreenshot-15.jpgScreenshot-16.jpgBella and Aidann got really close...while the both of them were at military school and despite the ever-present eyes of their drill instructors, they did manage to keep up a covert relationship, but now that they were all home for the short term, it was enough for Bella to be near Aidann..
    Screenshot-26.jpgSimis didn't even react to the overt kisses of his daughter and Haruo's son directly in front of him.
    Screenshot-32.jpgScreenshot-34.jpgScreenshot-36.jpgAidann had told his father when Bella came home that he was going to go back with Bella to military school. He wanted to be close to her. And when he told Bella the next day before they had to leave for Fort Starch, her reaction was better than he could have expected.
    Screenshot-40.jpgScreenshot-41.jpgScreenshot-42.jpgScreenshot-43.jpgAnd she certainly wasn't ready for what happened next...
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    Grim Comes For A Soul
    Yasunobu stared out the window feeling his age creeping up on him. He had 31 days before he turned elder. Having switched his LTW mid-life, he had managed to complete his "physical perfection". And he had dropped his gardening career to become a Chef who had worked his way up to five-star Chef earning a Minus One Kelvin fridge career reward. Finally fatigue overtook him and he went upstairs to bed.
    The lights didn't remain dark for long as River woke up and headed over to the easels to work on some more paintings. With the influx of Simis' and Fiona's fortune the family fortune sat at near §99M. After discussing it with Simis and Fiona, Haruo invested in amenities around the town and started to improve the community lots. Geoffrey Landgraab had been calling up River to ask her for a date and frankly Haruo was quite satisfied to put one over on Geoffrey by executing a hostile takeover of Landgraab Research Science Facility. Evidently the one thing that Geoffrey Landgraab had not learned in business school was "don't anger someone with deeper pockets than you." So Geoffrey found himself with the uneviable position of working as an employee at the company which out of spite, Haruo kept its name as "Landgraab Research Science Facility". Evidently Geoffrey got the lesson in humiliation. "Don't hassle my wife again...or touch my father's wife."
    Screenshot-10.jpg Simis and Fiona, having found each other later in life had settled into a nice comfortable relationship, just enjoying each other's company and making the most of each day as it came. After all, when one reached elder-status every day was a gift...if one woke up in the morning.
    Haruo, on the agreement of Simis and Fiona invested their combined savings to real estate ventures. Of course in the course of looking through the portfolio, he found that he had a partnership in Good Citizen's Warehouse Corporation. He smiled evilly as he looked over at Simis. "Thank you, Simis." he said to River's step-father. "I now have a way of taking them down from the inside." Simis having heard of the doppelganger ploys that the Emperor of Evil had used on the Chikamoris nodded in response, "Don't mention it..." Simis replied, maintaining eye contact with Haruo. Family was family and protecting each other was paramount. And considering the situation. If Yasunobu hadn't killed the doppelgangers, who knew what the doppelgangers would have done.
    Screenshot-11.jpgScreenshot-12.jpgScreenshot-14.jpgScreenshot-15.jpg Of course...Haruo upon his return from buying up the community lots and putting in his bid for ownership at City Hall which as an upstanding citizen of Susnset Valley, the city council easily voted his way, he came home and paid his bills which including property taxes and income taxes was in the neighbourhood of §43,000+ . Well, it was what was defined as chump change for the Chikamoris.
    Screenshot-23.jpgScreenshot-25.jpgScreenshot-26.jpgScreenshot-27.jpg Simis had not been feeling well...this afternoon...but he ignored the discomfort and the numbness down his left side. He'd been feeling chest pains for a few days now and this was nothing new for him. He took several deep breaths and decided to go swimming. Maybe the exercise would help relieve the pain in his chest. As he dove off the diving board he felt an intense pain shooting up and down his left side and all of a sudden he couldn't breathe because it felt as though knives were punching into him, and with alarm, he realized that he was in the worst possible position of his life. He'd ignored the signs of a myocardial infarction (bluntly put, a heart attack) and there was no way to get out of the pool. Clutching his chest, he gasped, inhaling a great deal of pool-water which compounded the pain in his chest as he couldn't breathe again and the water and chlorine didn't do any favours for his body. He writhed and tried to breach the surface of the pool but couldn't and the waters stilled. And it was not long before Grim appeared.
    Screenshot-29.jpgScreenshot-32.jpg The tragic circumstances of Simis's passing was a shock to Fiona. They weren't married for very long and it was hard to believe that Sims was gone. Sunset Valley was starting to hold too many unpleasant memories for Fiona. Perhaps it was time for her to make a move wtih the rest of the family. There was a choice to make...their only choices were Bridgeport and she already knew that her son-in-law would veto that. since he did not like cities. And he wouldn't like Twinbrook either. She shuddered to herself. Perhaps she could convince Haruo and River to move to Riverview. It was more of a country vibe and there were nice lots. It had been a long time since she had been back home to Riverview which was where Fiona was born. Perhaps Michael and his girlfriend would like to come along too - they could always find a home the prices were much more reasonable than Sunset Valley. But then again, Sunset Valley was all that Michael and River knew...but she knew that River would move in an instant, as long as Haruo and his family would come too.
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    The Return of Uncle Satoshi
    With Fiona getting up there in age - she is finding that her energy level isn't the same as it was before. She sleeps a full night, yet wakes up with only half the energy level that she usually had. Her days are lonely without Simis there and she is longing for the day that she can rejoin her husband; though they had only met late in life. Simis was her one true love and losing him broke Fiona's heart. The only thing that is currently keeping her going is River and her grandchildren, but they are off at boarding school and it's not the same as having them home. She knows that River has her children and her husband and she knows that she can finally rest. One of her deepest fears was River not marrying a husband that would remain faithful to her, but Haruo had proven himself, that he was the type to stick around, no matter what.
    Screenshot-2.jpgScreenshot.jpgScreenshot-3.jpgScreenshot-4.jpg The move to Riverview was hectic and it was hard on Fiona, but it helped to be back in her old hometown. She didn't know where River's father had run off to, but it was so long ago, she couldn't trust her own memory as to the circumstances of their marriage falling apart...and frankly with the family that River had married into, his absence mattered not a whit.
    Screenshot-5.jpgThe kids came home temporarily from boarding school to know where they were living now. And Bella and Aidann made a graveside visit to Simis's new resting spot after bringing Mayumi and Simis with them (though they no longer show up in the family ghosts or anything - THANKS EA! :P ) Bella was heartbroken, but at least she still had Michael around and her surrogate family: the Chikamoris. The LIttle-Flemings had also moved to Riverview to allow Michael and NIcolle to carry on their romance.
    Screenshot-6.jpgScreenshot-7.jpgScreenshot-8.jpgScreenshot-9.jpgHiroko kept up her martial arts training as well as her friendship with River and Fiona... After all, they were all family; and family stuck together, no matter how tough the road of life got. And it was going to get harder as the generations would go.
    Screenshot-10.jpgScreenshot-12.jpgScreenshot-14.jpgScreenshot-15.jpgScreenshot-16.jpg The new house didn't have enough space to put all the portraits together, so the big wedding picture of Haruo and River took center stage in the Living Room, while a room on the second floor of the basement ended up becoming a makeshift portrait mausoleum.
    Screenshot-18.jpgScreenshot-21.jpgScreenshot-25.jpg Of course, River and Haruo kept their marriage strong with intimate moments including spending time watching the stars.
    Screenshot-33.jpgScreenshot-32.jpg Fiona because of her declining health, spent a lot of time reading, but occasionally managed to get enough energy to ride her bike. But she knew these moments of strength would be fewer as her time grew short.
    Screenshot-35.jpgScreenshot-36.jpgScreenshot-37.jpgScreenshot-38.jpgScreenshot-39.jpgOne morning, a long-haired Asian Sim opened the gate of the new home in Riverview and walked through. He stood a long moment at the fountain, with an air of "I have returned...finally..." Sporting a "circle beard" he grinned widely as he saw the person he'd wanted to see, Yasunobu, giving him a big brotherly hug. Yasunobu was happy to see his younger brother who had returned home from spending his life travelling the world. "Satoshi..." Yasunobu exclaimed slapping his brother on the back. "We hadn't heard from you for years..." "It's a long story, brother." Satoshi replied as he looked over at River playing the electric piano in the entranceway, intrigued at the beauty of the woman. Satoshi had always been a bit of a party animal and playboy. It wasn't long before he was engulfed in yet another hug, this time from his nephew, Haruo. "Uncle...welcome home..." Haruo had been a little toddler when Satoshi had left for his adventures. And Satoshi was shocked to see a full-grown young adult nearly mature adulthood. He gazed over his nephew's shoulder, while being hugged, to see the wedding portrait of his nephew with the familiar beauty beside him - the same one that was playing the piano in the entranceway. No...he would not tread on a sanctified relationship. "I have been gone too long..." Satoshi whispered just loud enough for his nephew to hear. "I missed your wedding, Haruo-chan, to this beautiful lady of yours. Forgive me, nephew". "Uncle, you've been forgiven long ago." Haruo replied. "Let's just the two of us go out and have some lunch and perhaps we may run into other members of our family, that you haven't met."
    Screenshot-40.jpgBefore they ate, Satoshi had to stop in at the bookstore to gather a book to start working on his LTW which was to have golden voice, golden fingers. He had to master charisma and the guitar skill.
    Screenshot-41.jpgThey ate at the Little Corsican Bistro and met up with Michael McIrish-Bachelor who was happy to meet yet another family member. They talked for several hours. Satoshi, tired from his travels, begged off and headed home while Haruo and Michael had a conversation in front of the bistro.
    Screenshot-42.jpgScreenshot-43.jpgScreenshot-44.jpgRiver worked out at the training dummy and finally mastered her Sim Fu; a joyous occasion for her.Screenshot-46.jpgScreenshot-47.jpg
    The same afternoon that River mastered her martial arts, Satoshi decided to take a drive along the riverfront, with Haruo's Vaguester - after asking to borrow it, mind you. He parked it and went fishing.
    Screenshot-48.jpgSatoshi did find that he would definitely need to find himself a car.
    Screenshot-54.jpgScreenshot-55.jpgFiona was still hearbroken about Simis - the love of her life - their time together so short.
    Screenshot-58.jpgScreenshot-60.jpgScreenshot-61.jpg"Sors immanis et inanis, rota tu volubilis, status malus, vana salus semper dissolubilis,"
    Fate – monstrous and empty,
    you whirling wheel,
    you are malevolent,
    well-being is vain and always fades to nothing,

    The lyrics of Carmina Burana spoke volumes as to how Fiona was feeling about the endless rotation of life. Fate ever present in the back of her mind...that her life was at its final chapter and soon...would fade to blackness...nothing.
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    The Transfiguration of Fiona McIrish-Bachelor
    Fiona knew that her time was short. Every day she existed, it seemed as though it took more and more energy to get through the day. It seemed to her that even though she slept a full eight hours, she woke up with only a third of the energy that she usually would get out of a full night's sleep. And it seemed as though every day she felt weaker and weaker. Eventually she realized that even with an elevator, going upstairs to sleep was a chore that she was unable to complete.
    Screenshot-11.jpgScreenshot-12.jpgScreenshot-13.jpgScreenshot-15.jpgIt was at that moment that River and Haruo realized that Fiona was on her way out. They moved the bed downstairs to the living room and tried to make her comfortable as best as they could. There was nothing that could be done other than to give her palliative care as time would give them.
    Screenshot-24.jpgScreenshot-25.jpg Thus began an around the clock vigil which other members spelled off as they could, given their employment situation. But it was mostly up to River and Haruo to make certain of her needs and to spend time with her as Fiona drifted in and out of consciousness.
    Screenshot-16.jpgScreenshot-17.jpgScreenshot-26.jpgThere were some lucid moments where Fiona was able to make conversation and was able to look over at River who was sitting beside her.
    Screenshot-22.jpgScreenshot-23.jpgBut most of the time Fiona spent sleeping, her breathing barely noticeable. In fact, it got so that Haruo and River took to sleeping in the living room with Fiona to make certain that she was still there with them.
    Screenshot-29.jpgScreenshot-27.jpgScreenshot-28.jpgIt was one late afternoon several days later that Fiona had a relapse of consciousness and a resurgence in strength that allowed her to get back out of bed, but like many just before death, had a brief moment of lucidity. "Simis...?" she whispered. "Am I..." as a transfiguration came over her. She smiled, despite the dark visage of Grim and extended her hand to shake his. She was having her reunion with her beloved Simis.
    Screenshot-30.jpgScreenshot-31.jpgScreenshot-32.jpgScreenshot-33.jpgRiver was heartbroken; the one person in her life who had been there for her during her childhood...was gone. Now her husband and his family were her only foundation; she was now expected to walk life by herself with only her husband. And for River that was a hard pill to swallow. Her mother had been her guiding light for so long and now the only thing that she had to remind her of her mother was this tombstone.
    Screenshot-34.jpgScreenshot-35.jpgScreenshot-36.jpgScreenshot-37.jpgScreenshot-38.jpgThere was no substitute that could ever replace Fiona's role in her life. And for River, Fiona's death was a hard awakening. Her mother was gone; she was alone and sometime that realization was too hard to bear.
    Screenshot-42.jpgScreenshot-43.jpgScreenshot-44.jpgScreenshot-45.jpgTo some it could seem as though her grief was excessive, but when your life has been such that you haven't known life without your mother, the thought of her not being there for you; is frightening beyond belief. River knew that her mother was in a better place, reunited with Simis but it didn't matter, she still wanted her mother. And the next evening she went over to the gravesite to visit her mother accompanied by her husband. to pour out her grief.
    Screenshot-47.jpgScreenshot-50.jpgScreenshot-52.jpgTo be unable to share the lighter moments of her children's growing up, to not have her there to seek her counsel, to know that her presence on this plane of existence had been extinguished; those were the things that River realized upon the death of her mother and it had brought on a cascade of emotions - and a vast sense of the alone-ness of the rest of her own life...and the fact that the only person that she could turn to was her husband.
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    Life Doesn't End
    It was hard for River to reconcile her mother's passing, but eventually the cascade of emotion started to diminish. At least her mother had passed away peacefully and was reunited with the love of her life. She could only hope that it would be the same for her and Haruo.
    Screenshot-3.jpgScreenshot-4.jpgHaruo did his best to comfort her the best way he knew how...with lots of love and understanding, just letting her know that if she wanted to vent, or to talk to get things off her chest, that he would be there to listen. And he knew very well that the healing of her heart would take time.
    Screenshot-7.jpgScreenshot-8.jpgFiona had been an important part of their lives and they each grieved in their own way.
    Screenshot-14.jpgRiver; by grieving at Fiona's grave marker...
    Screenshot-17.jpgScreenshot-18.jpgAnd going over to Grady's and blowing the place sky-high. Fiona would be shaking her head at her son-in-law's fascination with high explosives.
    Screenshot-19.jpg"Honey...why do you smell like...Trinitrotoluene?
    Storyline still in progress
    Screenshot-23.jpgIn certain Asian cultures; memorial pictures of the dead are lined with black indicating that the person is deceased.
    Screenshot-29.jpgScreenshot-30.jpgScreenshot-31.jpgMayumi was not happy about HER deceased state and cried about it. Surely after several Sim years...she would have gotten used to it by now. Evidently she was so bored that she went and haunted Grim's statue and then Fiona's headstone marker. She was probably jealous that Fiona got the big marker. "Quit least you had enough lifetime reward points to get the middle quality least you weren't stuck with Simis' poor headstone."
    Screenshot-38.jpgIt wasn't much of an argument, but the Creator managed to convince her to "go away" and quit haunting Fiona's headstone.
    Screenshot-40.jpgSatoshi found himself the "woman of his dreams" and proceeded to woo her. Evidently Kurt Shallow had something to say about that too...but Satoshi wasn't the slightest bit interested in his opinion.
    Screenshot-2.jpgScreenshot-3.jpgScreenshot-4.jpgWith River's grief still intense over the loss of her mother, Haruo played the understanding husband and let her cry on his shoulder. After any age, losing a parent is not something that one could just "get over..." It would take a long time for River to heal.
    Screenshot-6.jpgScreenshot-7.jpg...and Haruo went off to detonate Grady's again.
    Screenshot-8.jpgScreenshot-10.jpgRiver still mourned her mother...paying her mother a graveside visit.
    Screenshot-18.jpgHiroko managed to be promoted to brown belt in Sim Fu and practiced with the training dummy.
    Screenshot-19.jpgAnd considering that Kurt Shallow's wife had disappeared under suspicious circumstances; Haruo sent a clear message to Kurt just exactly what would happen if he planned on a repeat of his wife's demise...with Constance as the target. The message was clear: Stay Away or ELSE! Besides that pink Kompensator was an abomination anyways.
    Screenshot-19.jpg" smell like TNT again...what did you do now?" "No-thing..." "You were playing with high explosives again, weren't you..." "Uh...maybe..." "Haruo!" "Sorry..."
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