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Hello, been playing this one and I'm doing the quest The Witch Is Back. I chose to this with the romance/marriage path because "why not". I've reached the point where you're suppose to marry the witch or warlock (depending on what you chose). But every time I try my ruler gets the "no path" speech bubble and the game says the marriage can't occur.

Is this due to the ruler and Significant Other being the same gender, can you only get married in an actual building? I'd do so in a church, but neither one is religious. Or is it some other bug, and I'll just have to restart?


  • Simsister2004Simsister2004 Posts: 3,152 Member
    I am about to try this quest out, so I will be back with an answer. Until then you can try to save the game, go out on main screen and back into the game. It helps sometimes.
  • 1need4kaffee1need4kaffee Posts: 404 Member
    It's not the quest, specifically. It is marriage outside the church that is bugged. It seems the landscape is not flat enough for the priest to descend and marry the couple. Either you can keep clicking places for your Sim to move around and maybe find a flat spot or just go to church if you have one.
  • Faerie197Faerie197 Posts: 864 Member
    ... You mean to tell me inside the castle isn't "Flat enough"?!
  • 1need4kaffee1need4kaffee Posts: 404 Member
    LOL!! Or there are too many people or there is not enough room where you are standing for the priest to descend from the Heavens. It is very buggy. I don't know exactly how many squares he takes up. He's sort of like the pile of presents for TS3 Christmas party. If you don't have enough room the whole party is broken.
  • lauravonawesomelauravonawesome Posts: 2,512 Member
    Hi @Faerie197 not sure if you're still having this issue, but it's a routing problem and has nothing to do with the gender (s) of the Sims getting married.

    Either there are too many people/objects where the officiator is trying to spawn or the ground isn't flat.
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