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What image hosting service for Sims 4?

MeteoricDragonMeteoricDragon Posts: 168 Member
I used to use photo bucket, but they stopped allowing free embedding of images so I'm looking for a different image hosting service. What service do you use and why? Anything out there with free bandwidth and storage?


  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 110,954 Member
    Imgur is a great image hosting site to use. It is easy to use, and is free.
    This is a link to a help section about using imgur
  • littlemissgogolittlemissgogo Posts: 351 Member
    I second imgur. Been using it since my TS3 days and it's a solid alternative to photobucket. I actually haven't used photobucket since. . . My freshman year of high school I think! I haven't used anything else but I think another option could be google drive? Imgur is my preference though.
  • MeteoricDragonMeteoricDragon Posts: 168 Member
    What do you do to organize albums for sims pictures? Do you have a naming convention that helps?
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