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Coin laundry machines Please!!!

CheekybitsCheekybits Posts: 437 Member
I don't know how impossible it would be but if we could get machines that need a laundry card or uses sim $ would be great!
Then I can make a laundromat.


  • TurloughdudeTurloughdude Posts: 568 Member
    Ah, laundromats, those who couldn't afford washers and dryers can go there to do their laundry. Yeah, i agree, that would be great. Also, we could use new vending machines and arcade machines to pass the time.
  • ZoaeaZoaea Posts: 75 Member
    Yes just make simoleons get subtracted from sim running laundry and added to owner (npc or player). That would be awesome and I don't think it would require extra animations? x]
  • lasummerblasummerb Posts: 2,436 Member
    edited August 2017
    I agree I made a thread about wanting laundromats in this section. Same as ts3.
  • CheekybitsCheekybits Posts: 437 Member
    lasummerb wrote: »
    I agree I made a thread about wanting laundromats in this section. Same as ts3.

    Oh sorry didn't see it. I think laundry will be a lot better in the sims 4.
  • SnaveXsSnaveXs Posts: 196 Member
    Yes, Hoping coined operated washer and dryers is an option for business owner's.
  • jude72plajude72pla Posts: 752 Member
    Didn't they say that washer and dryers in a stuff pack would only work at your home lot?
  • notmothergothelnotmothergothel Posts: 38 Member
    Even if this is something that would need to be in a bigger pack, it would bring so much more to the SP.
  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 24,770 Member
    edited August 2017
    jude72pla wrote: »
    Didn't they say that washer and dryers in a stuff pack would only work at your home lot?

    Yes - they did. I know I was disappointed as I don't want a washer on my home lots - so no laundromat I am even thinking about not getting the pack at all then. I don't think laundry when I think Eco friendly - even the wash tub is not really eco- friendly to me.
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  • friendlysimmersfriendlysimmers Posts: 5,598 Member
    coin op washers and dryers like these


    and @Writin_Reg no players plays the same some players went a bit of reality in my case the addition of washers and dryers makes my sim homes more complete


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  • HelkkuliHelkkuli Posts: 92 Member
    It would be so nice! With CL we got rental apartments and this would add more realism in to game. My sim lives in a plum apartment and she could go and do her laundy this way so that I could keep realism in my game and still have my sim wear clean clothes.


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  • LoanetLoanet Posts: 1,769 Member
    If we have to pay for it, then just having a skin with a coin slot pattern on the front might work?
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  • SilentKittySilentKitty Posts: 2,161 Member
    Hmm.. How about placing a sim in a residential lot that looks like a laundromat, then going there to visit? Either with a club or solo. You could even set up other clubs to go there as well.

    It has to be in a home but maybe it can be in someone else's home?
  • davina1221davina1221 Posts: 2,798 Member
    I would love it if they made a version that took one sim dollar. Hopefully, they can add it one day since it would be a different version from what they intend to add to this pack.
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