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I'm back with a new WCIF investigory thread! Requests now open.

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Hi everyone! I'm back on my home computer and ready to search for those hard to find items again!

If you are looking for something general like Toddler hair please check out Lana's CC Finds. They seem to have everything!

Another good archiving site, My Sims 4 Blog appears to be shutting down, you can still use their site for CC items posted prior to April 2017. You can find their category labels here.

If you are looking for something more specific, I would love to help! I really enjoy tracking down items from photographs or finding unordinary items. I will also try my best to hunt down items you may want that seem to no longer exist as several of the older sites seem to be fading away.

Please don't be shy. I always help if I can!

Edited 8/21/17: Please do not ask me to find makeup or skins I have a hard time seeing them correctly to match. I am also limiting eyes to exclude any that are not specialty eyes (I will look for cats eyes, aliens eyes, heart eyes, etc...)
Hairs, clothing, shoes, accessories, and build/buy items are all okay.

Edited 2/19/18 I will no longer be taking requests for poses, religious items, medical items or CC Traits. All of those finds are archived extensively at Lana's CC Finds. Poses can be found on the master tags list while religious and medical items may be found under Themed CC Lists. You may find CC Traits in the Mods section.

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