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Which Sims expansion was your favourite?

Out of all the expansions for ALL of the Sims games which was your favourite?

(bearing in mind I was 11/12 when I got this one) I loved The Sims 2 Nightlife just because of the amount of stuff that one added. Me and my school friend both had it and we would often go round to each others houses just to play Sims. We used to love playing as a vampire and would always try and find one to bite our sims. Cars were also introduced and I loved the dance tiles and sphere thing that would spin when your sim was inside? Ah it was so good.

I also loved The Sims 3 Island Paradise because it was so different and the world was beautiful. I'm also a huge fan of snorkelling in real life and so I thought it was amazing when this was added to the game.


  • alanmichael1alanmichael1 Posts: 2,694 Member
    TS3 Supernatural is my dream pack in all eternity. I never get enough of this.
  • MerwhosMerwhos Posts: 46 Member
    TS3 late night is a favourite of mine, mainly because of the vampires
  • GoddessSimsGoddessSims Posts: 3,981 Member
    In the past it was always Pets and Seasons because my sim self family could do the things my actual family did. My daughter could make the snowmen she would make each year. Pets so I could add the pets that we used to have. If we ever do get pets, I hope we could have all the right traits to make my cat Trouble. Man he was a picky little thing and real handful, but man do I miss that cat!!!

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  • HeyHeyyHeyHeyy Posts: 380 Member
    The Sims Unleashed was the first expansion I ever owned. then Superstar & Vacation, three of my favorites because they bring back so many fun memories of playing.
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  • cleo00cleo00 Posts: 996 Member
    Ts1: hot date
    Ts2: bon voyage or pets
    Ts3: university or showtime
    Ts4: get to far?
    All time fave is probably any university or any EP that they travel as they always are nice short breaks from the rest of the game.
  • IdeasforsimsIdeasforsims Posts: 114 Member
    Sims 3 University was my absolute favourite and I also loved pets, seasons and island paradise. My favourite Sims 4 at the moment is city living
  • QuillWriterQuillWriter Posts: 19 New Member
    The Sims 1, Making Magic. That EP truly was...well, magical. The magic system they threw together im Sims 2 didn't even come close to the sheer variety, complexity, or whimsy of that EP. Adults and kids had separate spellbooks with different spells. You got I'm trouble for casting your spells in front of non-Magical Sims. Some of the ingredients for spells were really hard to obtain, and you had to either trade for them or do quests. And there was a while second money system. Some ingredients could only be bought with special magic coins, not simoleans.

    And then there was the amusement park theme, with some items having more of a circus feel and others having a horror house feel. And there were roller coaster rides you could send your Sims on!

    You also got a new baking ability in this EP, where there hadn't been one previously. There was a special recipe book for baked goods and nectars. And new objects to make some of the necessary ingredients, like churn butter or or press nectar. I think there was even a way to get or make your own honey...

    *sigh* The nostalgia is real. It's been my favorite expansion ever since it came out, and as excites as I was for things like seasons in Sims 2, nothing has ever yet managed to top the sheer wonder ans hours upon hours of fun I had with Makin' Magic.
  • HoverDrumsHoverDrums Posts: 13 New Member
    For TS1 it was Vacations, the closest thing to Seasons. I still love that you could stay on Vacation Island perpetually forever... as long as you could afford it of course. I just loaded the game today on Windows 10 and rediscovered all the Xmas items I downloaded, stuff like animated twinkling lights and an interactable Santa Claus.

    As an aside, speaking to the series as a whole, I love that all the community lots were always populated with lots of Sims.
  • PurpleNightOwlPurpleNightOwl Posts: 196 Member
    For me, The Sims 2: FreeTime was my favourite expansion pack from the entire series. I loved that my Sims had something to do in their spare time that meant something rather than just filling needs and possibly levelling up skills.
    Other EPs that I liked were University, Seasons, Bon Voyage, Apartment Life (Sims 2), Generations, Supernatural, Seasons, Island Paradise, Into the Future (Sims 3), and for The Sims 4, they're all good so far.
  • Jordan061102Jordan061102 Posts: 1,180 Member
    edited December 6
    TS3 Seasons, Generations & Island Paradise!
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