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This is what I get for trying to play TS1

lizeid87lizeid87 Posts: 446 Member
Sooo, I reinstalled TS1 deluxe edition and makin magic but since it didn't work because I have win7 and apparently an update that doesn't allow for TS1 to play, I had to google a way to make it work which was to delete a certain update which I did and it worked. But now that I want to play TS3 my Sims are, well in a way not there. I can click on a household to play but when it loads my sims are not, let's say clickable. They are there in the house but you know where their faces are on the left hand side panel? They don't show at all. Therefore I can't play with them. I restarted my computer since I know that certain update to play TS1 would reinstall again. I then repaired TS3 in Origin, loaded the game and still the same thing happened, my sims are not 'there.' I don't know what to do. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?? Please help!
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