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Touchup/cleanup files in program files

What are they? Are they necessary? Will they actually cleanup the game or touch it up? Just wondering what they're for?


  • igazorigazor Posts: 14,104 Member
    Can you be a little more specific as to which files you are asking about? There is no cleanup to be done with respect to TS3 in the Program Files, the moving parts the players should have access to are all in the user game folder in Documents. Just about the only exception, unless we start getting into fancy stuff like HQ mods and reshaders, would be one-time adjustments to force graphic card recognition. But usually players find that doesn't make the game play any differently and not everyone needs to do that.
  • ShanEnriShanEnri Posts: 59 Member
    @igazor I found them looking through the program files. I have windows 10 so...
    ThisPC>Windows C:>ProgramFilesx86>OriginGames>TheSims3>_Installer
    The are in that folder and was just wondering what they are for?! [img][/img]250qi4i.jpg
  • igazorigazor Posts: 14,104 Member
    edited July 2017
    Oh, that! Yes, thanks for the screenshot.

    That's part of the TS3 installation package. When an installer runs, it will along the way all by itself call upon processes like that to "clean up" and "touch up" the installation that is taking place. This is pretty typical of many installation packages. The user is not meant to interact with those even though they look like regular programs when listed out in Windows Explorer that way.
  • ShanEnriShanEnri Posts: 59 Member
    Thank you for clearing that up @igazor !!!!!!!!!!!!
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