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Why I will never buy The Sims 4

ChrisDadoskyChrisDadosky Posts: 39 Member
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I've played The Sims 3 for a while, I've always thought it was a good game but it alone is the reason I will never buy another Sims game again.

There's one very simple reason- bugs. I hate to say this, but bugs that have not been fixed have repeatedly ruined my save files too many times, and it's made me lose a lot of faith in future Sims games. 2/3 times I play a game, a game-breaking bug that hasn't been patched occurs and destroys everything. That's a big loss and it has drained my faith in the Sims dev team for the last time.

I play a Sim who has children, raises them to adulthood, they get jobs and get promoted before moving out. Later on, those Sims (my Sim's children) become corrupted and permanently invisible due to a career outfit glitch.

I play a Sim who tries to live in the future, build his Science skill and gains cool new objects. Glitch that hasn't been patched causes those objects (that I can only receive one time or are rare and/or expensive) to disappear if I try to place them outside of inventory, and copying the family and deleting the original doesn't help.

I would be okay with small bugs going unfixed, but the fact that game-breaking bugs have been left unfixed has made me lose a lot of confidence in EA's dev team. It is unacceptable to ignore problems that destroy a save file, especially in a game that's based on making progress.

I really do hate to say this but those are the reasons I have grown to be dissatisfied with The Sims 3 and will never buy another Sims game again. The game started out beautifully, but so much content was added without being properly fixed in due time that it's become nearly impossible to play the game without encountering some horribly damaging glitch. This was never a problem in past Sims games and it shouldn't be a problem in present or future Sims games.

Honestly I think The Sims 3 is a good game but some of the problems that have been left unfixed are too ridiculous to ignore, and they compel me to not buy future Sims games. If The Sims 3 has unresolved glitches that are destroying save files and families that I worked hard on, how am I supposed to believe that it won't happen in The Sims 4, or any Sims game after?

I'm sorry to say this EA/Sim devs, believe me, but it's very unlikely at this point that I'll ever buy a Sims game again. I think you all are great people with a lot of ambition, but I've had too many game-breaking problems with The Sims 3 to recommend it or any future Sims games to anyone, at least until I can play a family without having to worry about glitches that will never be fixed ruining my game.

I'll still play The Sims 3 from time to time but I think The Sims 2 and Sims games from before will be my main Sims games from now on. I've never lost a save in any Sims game before The Sims 3.

I sincerely hope you don't take what I've said the wrong way, and understand that I simply can't buy or recommend future Sims games in good confidence anymore. I always thought I would be a lifelong fan and customer of Sims games, but I guess I was wrong.


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  • cleo00cleo00 Posts: 736 Member
    This reminds me of how recently my parents' xbox bugged out and my mom thought she was going to lose 5+ years of all her games (and she is a major completionist) and she was like genuinely plum and about to cry and I looked at her and said "And HOW many times has sims glitched or bugged out and I've lost everything? HOW many reinstalls have I done in the last 16 years? Yeah I cry but then I make new sims!" :D

    I think no matter what issues sims has I have invested 3/4 of my life so far on it and they'd have to REALLY plum up for me to not keep buying and playing.
  • SunnyyesjamsSunnyyesjams Posts: 328 Member
    I agree, sims 3 is a great game but it is also high maintenance. When you encounter those bugs you should look for a solution instead of giving up on it. I've had the invisible sims and inventory items being invisible. Invisible sims can be solved by making them change outfit, you can make them take a shower. The invisible items will reappear after you switch into buy mode and back to live.

    S3 I find, takes a more initiated player to solve all its problems (that the devs annoyingly didn't). I recommend the nraas overwatch and error trap mods, they've helped me a lot. If you have future problems I'm sure the players here will be happy to help. I hope you can find it to play S3 again, because as you said it's a great game :).
  • clue1234floclue1234flo Posts: 52 New Member
    I know this has happened to me several times. After spending so much time and energy on a save file, the whole game gets corrupted. I recently was able to save my game file after a sim had become corrupted but now I'm wary of everything my sims do to avoid it happening again. I enjoy the sims 3 more than any other sims game, however, I get frustrated with it very quickly now.
  • skybakerskybaker Posts: 176 Member
    Can't agree more.
    As the announcement of EA for the last patch of Sims 3, "This is not recommend to play with All EPs/SPs at the same time." I don't think a responsible game developer would say that after the players bought their products.
  • cleo00cleo00 Posts: 736 Member
    skybaker wrote: »
    Can't agree more.
    As the announcement of EA for the last patch of Sims 3, "This is not recommend to play with All EPs/SPs at the same time." I don't think a responsible game developer would say that after the players bought their products.

    Right? Is it not the whole purpose of EPs and SPs to purchase ALL of them even if you dont use all the content from all of them because we are sims junkies and slaves to EA? :D
  • Namaya92Namaya92 Posts: 297 Member
    Have you tried out the NRAAS mods like overwatch and errortrap? My games used to crash really often after +/- 3 generations, sims would get stuck or simply disappear out of town, a lot of gamebreaking plum that u talk about. These two mods have fixed all of this for me and also took away huge amounts of lag.

    I agree with you that EA doesnt deserve your money though. The fact that we need mods made by a third party to stop the game from literally breaking down when played for multiple generations is outrageous and EA made a HUGE mistake disbanding the sims 3 team because of the sims 4. It's like you said there is still a ton that needs fixing and patching and sims 3 and 4 arent even remotely similar so you cant just tell people who play sims 3 to move onto the next game. Sims 4 at the moment isnt even worth the money they ask for it either. So yeah I agree don't spend money on EA, which has won the 'award' for being the most plum moneygrabbing corrupt and unfriendly gaming publishing company in the world multiple years in a row already.
  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 17,223 Member
    I've been playing this game vanilla for about four years and with mods (halleluja) for almost three now. Bugs are a pain in this game, but never ever have they spoiled my experience. Just make sure to always save as (I number the files) and make sure you've got your sims somewhere in a safe place on your computer. I'm playing the 21st generation of my family at the moment (not in one save of course), which means I've managed to keep that family safe and alive since May 2010. I have way too little bugs to let it get to me the way it apparently gets to you.

    @skybaker As for that warning: I play with all EP's and SP's installed without a problem.
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