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So what's going on with The Sims Mobile?

JumpingTrainsJumpingTrains Posts: 442 Member
Haven't seen any news for it for a few weeks now. Still testing in Brazil?


  • ErpeErpe Posts: 4,927 Member
    edited July 9
    Haven't seen any news for it for a few weeks now. Still testing in Brazil?
    Don't expect the game to be released officially in other countries very soon because soft launched games are often still only released in one country up to about a year after the original release according to the list on http://www.pocketgamer.biz/feature/60621/51-top-games-in-soft-launch-from-brawl-stars-and-lineage-2-revolution-to-titanfall-assault-and-the-sims-mobile/list/

    Ideally a soft launched game should be fully launched after 3 to 4 months though. But it is summer holidays. So let us just hope for a full launch some time in the autumn :)
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  • alike_2017alike_2017 Posts: 5 New Member
    The game is accessible in China now.Wish you can play it soon.
  • CystiaCystia Posts: 13 New Member
    That would be a disaster if it launches worldwide, too many bugs in my opinion.
  • Babsie94Babsie94 Posts: 18 New Member
    Where is it launched now? I know it's spread past Brazil, but where has it reached any iOS users beyond that?
  • CrueltivityCrueltivity Posts: 153 Member
    I played for a few days and didn't see any bugs
  • EmmaVaneEmmaVane Posts: 5,633 Member
    It just had a major update that changed the energy system a lot. Still a few glitches and illogical things. I'm playing on emulator.
  • Tiffany562411Tiffany562411 Posts: 36 New Member
    I've noticed lots of bugs & I described the bugs on here at a discussion that's called bugs & issues
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