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The Sims 3 Family Man Challenge

mirta000mirta000 Posts: 2,439 Member
I'm playing it live on twitch, then modifying and uploading to youtube.

Family Man Challenge is rather an easy short challenge where you create one male sim and go on to have as many children as possible. How many children you have is your score.

Full rules:

When videos go up on youtube, I'm going to post them here. So here are the first two parts:

We're playing as a vampire and I'm manually keeping track how long he would have lived if he was a human. Mr Fertile REALLY fails at getting all the ladies. Especially for the first 5 days. Which is how long it takes him to get laid once.


  • mirta000mirta000 Posts: 2,439 Member
    It takes us 10 tries to make a baby. Okay. Fertility is certainly a problem. And after that part Crumplebottom wants nothing to do with us anymore. But that is fine, because we find Bayley and a newly born vampire Joanie is very easy to charm.

  • EmilyLouise95EmilyLouise95 Posts: 27 New Member
    I have done something like this before, though i never asked the females sims to become my girlfriend as i just couldn't come to impregnating then dumping them... i just class it as a 1 night stand type of thing lol. Because he didn't have a girlfriend i'd be going around town and one of his love interests would come up to him and confront about cheating which is so annoying cuz you can't cancel the action.
  • mirta000mirta000 Posts: 2,439 Member

    we graduate from young adulthood (we're a vampire, so not really, but lets pretend) with 6 children and another one currently cooking in the oven. Unfortunately most women that still liked us have now ran out of space in their homes, so it's time to go on a hunt for new partners again!
  • mirta000mirta000 Posts: 2,439 Member

    explaining my schedule changes a bit.
    Essentially I got a full time job now (\o/ yay), so I'll upload and record whenever I can, but it will no longer be on a nice predictable schedule.
  • mirta000mirta000 Posts: 2,439 Member
    Fixed the aging issue. Thanks Darius B! We take a new approach to love and go lady hunting in the library. Movie Theater touring idea really did not go well, so we're back to our usual approach at making babies.

  • mirta000mirta000 Posts: 2,439 Member
    Searching for love with the neighbours and aliens seem to be searching for love of their own. Also, a unicorn! Oh and Bella. I mean Bailey managed to get herself pregnant without our intervention. And seems to not recognise us. But after running out of all the other options we decide to attempt to go for Bella after all.

  • mirta000mirta000 Posts: 2,439 Member
    eye candy is a great trait!

  • mirta000mirta000 Posts: 2,439 Member
    If one girl in a household starts to hate you, just pick another one and have a go at her instead! Even if one girl in the household doesn't hate you just yet, it can't hurt to be on friendly terms with the other girls.

  • mirta000mirta000 Posts: 2,439 Member
    Attractive trait works very well! Now EVERYONE gets babies! You a ghost? You get a baby! You a fairy? You get a baby!

  • mirta000mirta000 Posts: 2,439 Member
    as we're getting old, I'm on a hunt for a wife!

  • mirta000mirta000 Posts: 2,439 Member
    this wife is too old to give birth to babies, so this wife must go. We must find a new wife!

  • mirta000mirta000 Posts: 2,439 Member
    crazy fairy lady takes us back and it's NOT what we wanted!

  • DragonCat159DragonCat159 Posts: 1,034 Member
    edited September 16
    Can you make it so it records brigther than dim? Your first videos are like on the norm, crystal clear looking.
  • mirta000mirta000 Posts: 2,439 Member
    I literally changed nothing between the first videos and now :D
    But I'll see if I can turn up the brightness in post processing on the next batch.

    Many babies. Ghost babies, normal babies, no available women though! And I really want a wife!

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