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Never done CAW, have some questions

creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 904 Member
So it appears that we could use the CAW tool on an EA world? Would this allow me to make changes which would be present every time I loaded that world in any new or saved game?

Would I be able to use this on the WA worlds to be modified for every new/saved game as well? Would it allow me to make regularly playable worlds from the WA vacation worlds?

Alternately, is there any way to add more worlds through the WA system? (outside of the mod that allows any world to act as a vacation world)

Is there any reason any of the above wouldn't be allowed?


  • suzsessuzses Posts: 967 Member
    edited June 9
    Not a CAW person, but I think you would need to give your modified EA world a new name and load that world each time you wanted to start a game there, just as if you were beginning a game in a custom-made CAW world.

    I'm pretty sure people have made regular worlds out of WA worlds, but how to go about it I don't know. Also fairly certain you cannot have more vacation worlds than the three WA worlds without modding.

    You'd be more likely to get helpful answers (instead of uncertain attempts to answer like mine) if you posted your questions in the Create A World forum under Game Tools:

    If you decide to do some CAW work, would love to see what you come up with. :)

  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 904 Member
    @suzses thank you, I hadn't realized there was a separate forum :)
  • Fireheart2010Fireheart2010 Posts: 52 Member
    I haven't tried working around the already made EA worlds in CAW but, I think if you just open the file up and then do "save as" you should be able to modify it and make your own town out of it.
  • CrazyCandySimsCrazyCandySims Posts: 179 Member
    I've never done CAW and have some questions too. Where can I download CAW? Do I need it to download other players' worlds? And where can I find those worlds?
  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 904 Member
    @Fireheart2010 Thanks!

    @CrazyCandySims You can download it here and download other worlds from the exchange
  • CrazyCandySimsCrazyCandySims Posts: 179 Member
    @Fireheart2010 Thanks!

    @CrazyCandySims You can download it here and download other worlds from the exchange

    Thanks, but the "download it here" link leads to a page not found.
  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 904 Member
    @CrazyCandySims weird. Go to, pick the game drop-down, go to tools, then world.
  • CrazyCandySimsCrazyCandySims Posts: 179 Member
    edited 5:21PM
    @crativemetaphor Just tried that and still got page not found, so I logged in to see if that was the issue. Now all I get is a "The site is down for maintenance. Please try again later." message, so I'll have to try again later. Hopefully it's there.
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