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How easy are mods to install for sims 3?

JanoJano Posts: 67 Member
The nraas mods look awesome but how easy are they to install for someone whos not technically minded like myself.


  • SchwuschbingbangSchwuschbingbang Posts: 49 New Member
    it shouldnt be that hard. The website for Nraas even has detailed step by step tutorials :D I myself am just at it right now.
  • Hadron1776Hadron1776 Posts: 126 Member
    I just download the mods and put them here:
    C:\Users\%user%\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages
    ...where %user% is your user name.
    I'm on windows 10 btw
  • JeanJean Posts: 409 Member
    This website, courtesy of Carl, explains how to install mods on a step by step basis.

    It SHOULD be easy following.
  • igazorigazor Posts: 11,576 Member
    Hi there. Actually, I would recommend using the download and following the instructions at MTS because they are illustrated and the MTS download includes two small, sample mods that you can use to test and make sure it's working before adding more complicated things. Carl's site links there eventually, towards the end.
  • JanoJano Posts: 67 Member
    A big thanks to everyone for the information and advice. :)
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