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(ItF) Some questions about time travel

PancakesandwichPancakesandwich Posts: 2,131 Member
I might get Sims 3 with Into the Future for my birthday in ten days (or rather, I'll be allowed to buy it then). So I've got some questions about time travel, 'cause that's something my Sims are totally going to use just like normal Sims use their car.

1: If I go to the future with one Sim and stay there for, say, a week... will the present world have advanced by one week if I come back? Or will I come back the same moment I left? And what if I leave a household member behind?

2: Does the future have an adoption service too?

3: If I meet my single Sim's descendants, then later move another Sim into my household, how high are the chances he/she will be related to the descendants too?

4: Let's say the descendants come from a lineage by Sim A and Sim B, but I would then go back and kill Sim B only to marry Sim A and a Sim C? Would all the descendants be swapped out then?

5: Couldn't I just buy a hover car or some other awesome future technology, then take it back to the past?

6: Do my actions in the future, like killing the descendants of another family, really not change anything in the past?

7: Can I take anyone I want with me through the time portal? What about babies and toddlers, can they be cared for in the future?

8: Will the family inventory be the same for both times, so I can literally pack my house together and move it to the future?

9: I've heard about a "time travel sickness". What can I do against it? Will it happen if I only go to the future once and then stay there forever?


  • TreyNutzTreyNutz Posts: 5,639 Member
    edited April 2017
    1. No, time in the homeworld will freeze just like when traveling to WA worlds and university. However, unlike when traveling to those places, sims will age while visiting Oasis Landing. Sims left behind won't have anything happen to them, aging or otherwise.

    2. I don't know. OL is known more for the option to engineer a baby at the hospital there.

    3. Probably very low. The game can't predict what you, the player, are going to do later on in your game. It might create descendants from your single sim and another random sim in the homeworld. If that happens then you moving that sim in to the household would be purely coincidental (or deliberate on your part if you can figure out who that sim is when meeting your sim's descendants).

    Descendants in OL will change as your sim's situation in the homeworld changes. Factors include wealth, family size, maybe changing traits. One of the quest chains that Emit Relevart, the time traveler sim, gives your sims asks you to do just that.

    4. Probably. Actually I would expect so, although I've never done anything like that myself. Whether or not Sim A had children with Sim B might affect the outcome too.

    I once had a single sim visit OL early in a game. He had virtually no descendants, which didn't surprise me. Later, back home, I got him abducted repeatedly and he had 15 or so alien kids. On his visit to OL after that almost the entire population was part alien.

    5. Mostly. All the future technology is in buy mode, you don't need to travel to OL to get it. OL, though, has an actual retail shop where your sims can purchase future tech products in game at prices that can be lower, higher, or the same as in the buy mode catalog. Your sims can also take stuff from the community living center and take it home. Lastly the dystopia version of OL has trash piles everywhere which you sims can dig through and obtain a lot of ITF buy mode items. It's similar to dumpster diving. The only ITF item which routinely doesn't survive travel in my game is the bot building station.

    6. You won't find descendants of other families in the future, just your own. I don't see how killing sims in the future would affect the past, in this game or in real life.

    7. I'm not 100% sure. I use NRaas Traveler which adds some functionality to traveling, including the option to take babies and toddlers and non-household friends. I don't know what the default rules are. Generally I'd expect to only be able to take household members. Because aging is enabled in OL, your sims can get pregnant and have children in OL. I have had several sims visit OL, have several babies, raise them to children, then return home. I haven't had problems returning home with infants and toddlers either, but then I use Traveler.

    I would expect that you could return home with an infant or toddler because of the option to engineer a baby. But someone else will have to answer whether EA allows that or whether EA requires the baby to be raised to a child or older first. There's no school in OL, but I hear you can add one if you wish.

    8. Mostly. Some items don't survive travel. The bot building station is one I know about. Also, trait chips in CC inventory. And by 'not surviving travel' I mean those items disappear from family or personal inventory never to be seen again.

    9. I've never seen it from traveling maybe because most of my sims get the Simunity LTR eventually? From the wiki entry it doesn't sound like there's a way to prevent it. Just send the sim to the hospital to be cured before they die.

    There is one sickness your sim gets as a result of a quest chain from the time traveler sim, Emit Relevart. Once your sim gets sick the next quest Emit gives you is to visit the hospital. You have...2 sim days to do that? It's not a big deal. Many of the quests Emit gives your sim rewards the sim with Advanced Technology skill making those quests the quickest way to level that up. So I often have my sims go through that particular quest chain and a visit to the hospital is just of several quest destinations.
  • PancakesandwichPancakesandwich Posts: 2,131 Member
    @TreyNutz Thank you for the quick answer! :)
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