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Galaxy survivals - New Challenge!

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Galactic adventures - Scifi Challenge

In this challenge you will create 6 new families, community lots to play with and complete tasks, have fun guys!


Hi I was bored and wanted to try something different. I love scifi and alien themes so I came up with this neighborhood challenge. Main focus is on creating a fun new world/planet (whatever u wanna call it) by making both alien and human families live there with tasks. Each family has their own task they must complete and there are phases in this challenge. First start with the phase one where you create 2 families and build your first community lot. In this challenge we create sims, new families and community lots. We will proceed for 2nd generations but the main focus is on making a fun scifi land to play with. You will also switch between households in this challenge and play multiple families. It´s up to you then how many generations you want to play later on etc. CC and mods are allowed...I am doing this without mods and CC, playing vanilla atm. Completing each phase will unlock new abilities for sims to use.

Unlocking skills, objects and abilities: you are not allowed to use any other skills that are not mentioned on the household rules. You will need to unlock all this by doing tasks and becoming friends with sims who has that skill and power. For example, if a certain alien family knows gardening you must make best friends with one of them before you can use that skill. Each family and species have their own powers and skills they master. You are only allowed to use basic furniture. You must earn and unlock everything else by doing the tasks and phases (that means no electricity and entertainment such as tv, computer etc, or other luxury items).

Phase 1 rules in a nutshell: You are an alien species and you land unknown empty world in a small space capsule. You are the last surviving couple of your species and you have important task to do for you and your species to survive. Choose your world, create 2 families and 1 community lot, complete the “to do list “.

Rules for the 1st family The Gardeners:

No money cheats, no marriages to other species at this point, no leaving the world. No using stove or a grill.
- Choose a world u wanna live in. Bullzone all lots and remove premade families.
- Choose one alien species to start with. Use your imagination and creativity to make your own species or use your favorite characters from movies etc. You can also use my species if u wish.
- Choose a lot you want to start with. First sims are going to be gardeners and collectors so use bigger lots for having enough room. Then click on create a sim for this lot (it will take u directly to CAS).
- Create 1 alien couple. The species can be your choice but you must stick with a specific color theme. Use 3 colors when you make your first alien couple (genetics, clothing, make ups etc.). Remember that collectors and gardeners are humble on their looks and do not want too much attention.
- Then build a small base for them on the lot you chose. The base should have a small building or area for sleeping and washing yourself. The base should have these objects: Double bed, shower, toilet, sink, sofa, trashcan and 1-4 planting pots for gardening, some trees, flowers and bushes for decorating the lot. After you have made it use money cheat to decrease familyfunds to only 250 simeleons.
- Now use some of the money for buying seeds or look for the seeds. Start gardening and collecting things. You are not allowed to have a stove. Your founding couple will have to survive with only what they can find from the world or grow themselves. Fishing is also allowed so u can use that too. Mostly they will be vegetarian at this point. Eating the fruits and veggies they grow.
- To make money sell products from gardening, collectibles and fishes.
- This household also has a task for making children so after they have stored some food they can get pregnant.
U can: sell products from the garden, collectibles and fishes for making simeleons.

There are some tasks that each household must achieve, for the 1st household here is the to do list:

- Start a garden on your home lot.
- Reach lvl 10 in gardening.
- Have minimun of 1 baby alien.
- Expand your house for the kids by mimimum of 1 nursery with baby and toddler equipment, 1 fridge, 1 dinner table and chair for toddlers. If you have money you can decorate and upgrade the house as much as you can at this point. But remember that you are only allowed to use basic furniture (you have not unlocked things such as electricity, tv, computers etc. yet).

Here is a founding couple I am starting with. They are Green aliens with the following color theme: Green, yellow and white. Eco friendly, traditional sims alien species, looks with bald heads, big black eyes and green skintone.


After doing these tasks you can move to creating the 2nd family and the first community lot (will be another post later).

Household 2: The Workers

-Create human sim couple. Choose a color scheme of 3 colors, use those colors for their hair, make-ups, clothing and house. Remember that they are poor and the last surviving humans on their spaceship. They don´t have much left.
Then choose a small lot for them. Build a small house/landing capsule and buy these items: double bed, shower, sink, toilet, sofa and outside firepit. Also buy a woodworking bench. These poor humans will live humble lives with working home for whatever they can. A woodworking bench is a good start. Then use money cheat to reduce familyfunds to 250.

Try to hide your home with trees, flowers and bushes. You are friendly but also suscisious towards other species and unknown land.

U can earn money from collecting, fishing and woodworking. You can only eat what you find at this point.

Family 2: The workers tasks:

-Become best friends with the 1st family member. They have gardens so you need them desperately for food.
-Reach lvl 10 in woodworking
-Make minimum of 1 baby human.
-Expand your house for the baby and buy all the necessary equipment for toddlers.

After you have made best friends with the aliens the humans can teach using fire ability to the aliens and they can now buy a firepit to their homelot.
The aliens will now tell you how to garden and you are allowed to keep 1 gardening pot (the one with 4 slots) on your homelot and grow fruits or vegetables.

Then the last quest for phase one:

Building the first community lot: Central Park. This will be the first community lot. Choose the lot you wish to build on and build a park with minimum necessary requirements for the lot. There should be a small garden so place one there too with fruits and vegetables.

Congratulations you have completed the phase one :)!

Alternate rules and variations:

option A: You can also do this challenge with vampires, berrysims, banillasims or anything your tastes. Just change the theme from aliens to your liking. The point is that you will arrive on empty world and start from there.

option B: You are allowed to switch between families between doing the family tasks, but to move on to the next phase all family tasks must be completed.

The Hard Mode: You can make this challenge more difficult by adding the “sims can only shop from community” rule. This means that if you wish to buy something new for the household, for example new table or chair you need to find a furniture shop to do that or use market tables from CL. This adds a bit realism to the challenge. And obviously, you can only do this after you have completed the artists (if they opened a shop) and mad scientist tasks which allows travelling to the shopping area.

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    Phase 2

    Oh you are here already…great let´s move on to the next phase!

    In the 2nd phase you create 2 more households and also 2 new community lots. You have achieved lot by now… there are two families living on your planet and you got a central park for them to socialize and find food. You also unlocked ability to make fire when humans arrived so we will be making better foods. Also first residents were friendly so they are starting to get more comfortable and are looking for some entertainment too. But wait…there is a little twist. You will find out about it little later. Now just let´s hop on to the next tasks :)

    3rd household rules

    The Artists

    You are not yet allowed to buy electronic such as tv, computers or consoles. No leaving the world. Grilling and stoves are now allowed.

    These sims travel with market ships and they live for making art and finding stuff to sell in their litte shops. Choose a medium sized lot and jump into CAS. Create 3 sims, human or aliens. You can make also make this household mix of various species and genders. The three sims are going to be friends or siblings. In the first phase you made a married couples, now you make friends and single sims.

    Choose your colors, now you can use as many as you please. Artists are colorful. After creating the Household with 3 sims build a residence for them. Use kaching money cheat 10 x times to make 10 000 extra for building and decorating. You are allowed to buy these things: 2 single beds, 1 double bed, 1 shower, 1 toilet, 1 sink, fridge, stove, fire pit, 3 easels, sofa and paintings on the walls.

    You are allowed to join the artist career and make money from there or stay home and sell your art. Choose one member of this household and start business. Choose small or medium sized lot and start selling things (small decorative items and such) or your sim can open a bakery. The merchants brought better food to the planet so your sims can now also bake. Opening will be easier if you saved some of the extra 10 000 you got earlier.

    The Artist tasks:

    Become best friends with each other
    Find and make best friends with at least one of the locals (1st and 2nd family).
    Master painting skill
    Open a shop or business

    After completing the tasks you are ready to move on to the next family. Making best friends with 1st and 2nd family member will open the ability to paint and buy paintings for them too. If you become friends with the aliens, they give you 1 planting pot for gardening and the humans will give you 1 woodworking bench. But remember, you earn these abilities only after completing the family tasks.

    Okay…now it´s time for the little twist I was talking about earlier…

    Getting ready for the 4th household.

    The Rogues

    That´s right…not all creatures are good and friendly on this galaxy. The rogues and bards serve the darker side of our minds. In This houshold sims are hostile and have negative traits. First choose small or medium sized lot and go to CAS. Create 2 sims. They are siblings or a couple and are the same species. Human, alien or vampires. Both of them should have 1 negative trait such as cleptomanic, mean spirited or loner etc.

    Next, use the money cheat to get extra 10 000 simeleons. Rogues and Bards travel in a stealth like steampunk or cyberpunk styled ships. They do not like other sims that much and like darker tones. Choose dark color scheme of 3 colors to make them and decorate their home. You are allowed to buy these objects: 1 single bed, 1 double bed, sink, shower, toilet, fridge, stove, fire pit, sofa, instruments like guitar, piano, organs etc and paintings.

    You can take the hard road and earn money buy playing in public (guitar) or join the musical career. Or one of your household members can join criminal career (cleptos can live by stealing). Note that if you got city living you can also sing and master the singing skill.

    4th family tasks:

    Master one of the instrument´s skill
    Make 1 enemy
    Make 1 lover

    (Optional: Make 1 baby and buy all necessary things for her/him. )

    Okay so now you have 4 households on your world…awesome! And they all are different and exiting. So what is next…if you haven´t already, pick a name for your planet. Then build the 3rd community lot.

    Building the 3rd community lot. This unlocks after you have finished the 3rd and the 4th family tasks. You can now build a bar, lounge, coffee house or a nightclub. But not all of those, just choose one.

    Great! Your planet is starting to look lively….here are the things that are now unlocked: music (stereos), singing and karaoke, playing instruments, paintings, painting skill, stealing (with cleptos) and baking. Remember that you need to be best friends with the family before they learn these skills and unlock the abilities.

    There is more coming…the 3rd phase will be posted later.
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    Phase 3

    Congratulations! You have reached the 3rd phase. Now you have 4 households living in your world. Your world has unique name and sims you created yourself. It also has 3 community lot´s you made yourself :)! Next thing we are going to do is open the world little more. After all we do not wish to be stuck here all the time do we...

    5th household rules

    Mad Scientist

    Create 1 sim in CAS. He/she should be a mad scientist so you must put the insane trait on her/him. Use money cheat to get 20 000 simeleons extra for building a science facility. You can use objects that you need for building a science lab and also electronics such as computers and tv´s. The mad scientist will dedicate his life to science and lives alone in his lab so all you need to build is living, washing, eating and sleeping areas for him/her. If you wish you can also build examination rooms where you place all your findings and run little test for volunteers. If you are lucky you might find a cow plant and have little garden. Getting to know the 1st family will help with this one and you should make friends with them if you wish to start your own garden...

    Then join the science career and start building a space ship. If you saved some money you can also buy a space ship on your homelot and build one there too. This will help you master the rocket science faster.

    Mad Scientist tasks:

    -Buy a Space Ship
    -Master Rocket Science
    -Visit Sixam
    -Make 1 best friend and unlock ability of your choice.

    Great! Now you have unlocked travelling and your sims can now travel to other worlds. However...they need the Space Ship to do that so they must become friends with the Mad Scientist and after that he will teach you how to travel.

    So the Mad Scientist brought us Space Ship for all we need to do is to build one on a community lot. So your 4th community lot will be a library that has a Space Ship on the yard. Just build your library/science facility (or a museum) and your sims will have a place where they can educate themselves and use the Space Ship. You can also place computers and tv.s on this lot.

    You have now unlocked: Rocket Science, Logic, Electronics (computers, tv´s etc).

    Final 6th household

    The Queen

    Your world has a good amount of sims living there by now. People are getting little restless and they are starting to get all political and opinionated. To maintain peace the Queen will make her a glorious beautiful mothership.

    Choose a huge or a big lot and go to CAS. Create female alien sim. She will be like the Queen honey bee, the only Matriarch who survived. Make her beautiful and use impressive clothing on her. She must look like a royal. She is also narcissist so choose snob or materialistic trait for her. She can be good or evil if you wish but not necessary. Her favorite thing to do is looking at herself on the mirror and practice charisma. She usually can´t stand competition so she dislikes other females and favors males. But she only needs males for offsprings so she will just keep them as slaves and be the brains of everything. Even tough she is selfish and powerful she loves her children and will be a good mother to them.

    After making the Queen and placing her on a Lot use motherlode cheat to get 50 000 extra. Build impressive looking "mothership". If you have difficulties with this one you can also download one from the gallery. Some people have made some pretty cool looking scifi space ship homes. The Queen is allowed to have luxury items but remember that she also is alone in this galaxy and surviving so do not exaggerate it.

    Now the Queen is all alone and the only survived individual of her species. That means that she needs to make children with other species and her offsprings will be hybrids. Her task is difficult and desperate attempt to save her species so she will make many children and all of them must have different fathers. All the stress from ruling the planet makes her need to relax so she will need a spa and practice wellness skills or just relax on a gym.

    The 5th community lot will be a Spa, natural bonds, a swimming pool or similar. Building it unlocks sports and wellness skill for the whole town. Becoming a friends with the Queen unlocks hybrids. After you have made best friend with her she will give her blessing for getting married to other species.

    Queens tasks:

    Master Charisma
    Make 5 children
    Become best friends with 3 males.

    Optional: Join Political career (if you have City Living) and also you can make a King instead of a Queen if you wish. you have some pretty interesting sims living on your what is next? You can now play all these families by switching between them and spend 1 sim week with every household and then switch to the next. Try to reach 5 generations or You can also add new households to the world. If you wish to continue with the challenge by adding the skills, species etc, just add one skill per family you create. There are so many in this game it´ll make it fun to discover them slowly.

    After you have done both Mad Scientist and Queens´s tasks the game unlocks free travelling which means:
    -You can now add unplayable households on the world.
    -You can now travel to other worlds.
    -You can now add more community lots and also use some from the gallery if you wish.

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    My founding couple landed safely on the ground. This is how their home looks like now, the "capsule" and the gardens. I spent almost all the money they had to building and they left with 257 simeleons so you can pretty easily get rid of the extra money just by decorating a lot with trees and flowers.


    The landing was a bit rough...Dodo had little headache afterwards:


    Starting to garden:


    Gai´a and Dodo got pretty nice start with just 2 seed packs:






    I´am writing a little story of them in my tumbrl:
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    Fixed some typos (there were lot of them sorry guys) and also added this to the rules : Unlocking skills, objects and abilities: you are not allowed to use any other skills that are not mentioned on the household rules. You will need to unlock all this by doing tasks and becoming friends with sims who has that skill and power. For example, if a certain alien family knows gardening you must make best friends with one of them before you can use that skill. Each family and species have their own powers and skills they master.

    And in the first post, there are alternate rules for people who don´t like playing aliens or like to use other characters. Instead of aliens you can do this challenge with just humans, vampires, berrysims, banilla sims etc. what ever it is to your liking. Just switch the species from aliens to other sims you love.
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    Some pictures from the progress I have made so blog has more, here are the main happenings :)....

    So...Family no 1: Asters, spent few first days tending the gardens:


    It was actually difficult to find food first...the crops were not producing first so they had to collect vegetables from the surrounding nature. Lucky there was one plant nearby which they harvested everyday and survived. Tough...they were almost constantly hungry because vegetables did not keep the hunger up too long.


    Gai´a and Dodo also went to fishing a lot. But because they do not have anything to cook (and they are vegetarians), the fishes they got were sold.


    Dodo focused on finding collectibles and looking around...he found some fossils and treasure maps.


    Gai´a took good care of their gardens and finally crops started to produce:


    Alien mailbox <3!


    Gai´a and Dodo looking for collectibles:


    They love so much :)..


    They kept their fun up by woohooing in the evenings :D....


    Gai´a expecting:


    They got beautiful twins...girls called Cir´a and Zar´a:


    Then they build a nursery pod:



    Okey...then I made the Family 2: Workers

    Meet Amelie and Jules Garcia (humans)


    Workers Barracks:


    Amelie and Jules spent the Day 1 fishing and got some:


    They are both gluttons so they will eat anything and become satisfied...her facial expressions made me laugh lol :D...

    Day 2 Amelie and Jules started working and they advanced to level 2 in woodworking. They can now make simple furniture like chairs which is great for future...

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