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The Mafia! The abandoned amusement park theme [town wins]

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hOII!!1! U FOUN MEH?!1/!?1

Roles needed:
Clown (Mafia Goon) - can kill normally
The shadows (Mafia 1-shot Strongman) - any kill the player made it cannot be prevented by any protection or block. can only be used once any night.

Ticket seller (Town Jailkeeper) - protects his target but roleblocks him also.
Oddman the detective (Town Odd-nigt Cop) - can investigate only at odd night (Night 1, Night 3, Night 5)
The joke teller (Town 1-shot Vigilante) - can choose who he wants to kill at night only once.

5 Innocents (Vanilla Townies) - they don't have power.
*No posting pictures
*Don't edit your posts
*Roleplaying is allo-wow-ed~
*You can say your actual role, or lie about it.. Or say nothing.
*Mafia must communicate in PMs in order to kill and not kill person X.
*Hosts (UniSims and me) must be added to all mafia related PMs.
*Older members should help newer members to these games. (if they'd like!)
*Don't break a rule!
*You CAN talk during day & night.. Or else it's boring.
*Days last 24 hours, nights last 15-20. If you are inactive for a day, we will warn you that you might get replaced.
*If inactive, you will be replaced by someone killed/lynched.
*If you admit you are mafia, your vote to lynch someone won't count.

PLAYERS (in random order):
@Alyssa4life @Zinniavanilla @Kandy @SimmerOfEngland @AvaSims4080 @Broncos4life @TRibbo24 @CraftyKat @DatSubmarineYourLookingFor @GhettoxRainbows


Aaaaand we are full, I think..
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You cannot give up just yet...
Lucky! Stay determined!


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