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Temporal Justice (a story with the Renegades)

EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 2,085 Member
In this thread I bring you "Temporal Justice", an adventure story starring my favourite Sims 4 premades, the Renegades from Get together.
They are all about 8 years older than in the game and I included the two members that were shown in the render only. Credits for Brandon go to VampiresTeeth and for Carlos to iamkerri. We'll see some other premades in minor roles and visit Willow Creek, Oasis Springs and Windenburg. Another thing I'll do is weave together two different times/realities like Lost and Once upon a time did.

In the beginning things look rather bleak for the Renegades, seeing that they ended up in prison:


Will their situation change for the better or get even worse...?

Anyway, the story will be posted on tumblr in the typical style with short dialogues and little to no narration. I shot the ending before writing this, so the whole thing is finished - no worries about getting left in the dark.
Please note that the later chapters will contain potentially offensive imagery (weapons, violence) and the occasional swearword.

Click here to read from the beginning: Temporal justice
Click here to read the sequel: The Secret of Dismal Downs
Click here to read yet another sequel: The return of the skuas

Thanks for checking out this thread!

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