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Want a new GamePack. Help me figure out which?

hellojewbyhellojewby Posts: 1,316 Member
Well, what the title says.
What are your favorites and why? I have Outdoor Retreat, but that is all.


  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 115,153 Member
    These are guides to the game packs. They explain about the features and activities that come with the packs, as well as having pictures of the build/buy mode items and the CAS items. They may help you to decide which pack you would like to have for your game.

    These are guides to expansion packs and stuff packs
  • hellojewbyhellojewby Posts: 1,316 Member
    Thank you.
    Does anyone want to voice their opinions on these? I'd just like feedback from other simmers.
  • WiggleyTuffWiggleyTuff Posts: 523 Member
    Id probably pick the vampire pack since there are too many bugs in dine out and i dont use spa date so much=P
  • NimieNimie Posts: 90 Member
    I own all of them except Spa Day, depends on what are you looking for if u like family play I'd recommend Dine Out or Outdoor Retreat. Vampires is really good too but only if u like to play with that kind of characters on your saves.

    My favorite is Dine Out because I like to have dinner dates and having family meetings there.
  • luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 27,364 Member
    I like all of them, but I use Dine Out the most (I like that I can make pretty near any restaurant experience I can imagine for my Sims to go to, without having to manage any of them), followed, at the moment, by Vampires. I suspect that Dine Out, of the three, fits the largest range of playstyles. But the Vampires are the first in the series I've enjoyed playing.
  • kati77kati77 Posts: 3,095 Member
    I like Spa Day and Dine Out is fun too, if you play with human sims, who can eat human food :) But I really love the Vampires pack. I love playing with vampires.

    So, if you're into supernatural stuff and vampires, I definitely recommend that pack (the vampires are way better than in TS3 Supernatural). But if you prefer to play with human sims, then Spa Day would probably be the next on my list. And then Dine Out.
  • DeservedCriticismDeservedCriticism Posts: 1,721 Member
    Correct answer is Vampires. Supposedly there's some other game packs too but I dunno if they're worth mentioning.

    Also avoid Spa Day unless you like buying something and then asking yourself "wait, is this it?!"
  • PegasysPegasys Posts: 444 Member
    If you're open to vampires, Vampires has fantastic game play. Great pack. This is coming from someone who was even "meh" about vampires before. However, you WILL see vampires in your game, maybe not often, but you will see them. If you are one of those people who are like "I hardly ever want to see vampires and I hate the idea they can bite my sims" then don't buy this pack (or consider using mods).

    The pack I actually use the most for all my households is Dine Out. I love taking my sims to restaurants. They are great places for dates too; your sims can really focus on each other and you have much less group chatting and musical chairs going on.
  • TheGoodOldGamerTheGoodOldGamer Posts: 2,408 Member
    Dine Out has the best versatility. Whether you want a new venue to go eat at, or you want to run a venue that isn't a retail store from GTW, it's got you covered. Spa Day is the next best choice, though a little more niche. Every Sim needs to eat but not every Sim will want massages, yoga, and/or a sauna. That said, all those items can be used at home though (and imo Spa Day has some of the best build/buy mode stuff for decorating homes and gyms with).

    Vampires does come with a new world, but it by far is the most niche of any pack so far. It's almost soley for supernatural fans. I bought it only for the build/buy mode stuff (mainly the cracks and tears for walls) and the world lots, but now I basically have to ignore the annoying (to me) vampires it comes with. Fortunately they're the best vampires in the series so far, so they don't overrrun your worlds like previously, but still.

    It's really up to your preference though. If you like vampires, maybe you'll like the vampire pack the best. I'd rate it the lowest of the GPs for me. I find even OR more useful.
  • SimmeringBreeSimmeringBree Posts: 266 Member
    Spa day and dine out, I love them because they're just a breather for your sims, also I like restraints for my teens first dates.
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