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Living Off The Land TS4 Lets Play: episode 4 (20 Mar 2017)

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Hi all,

I was convinced by the recent anniversary sale to get The Sims 4, well, the base game anyway. Having spent a few hours playing to get a rough idea of how it works I have started a new Lets Play series. :smiley:

It is inspired by the Living off the Land challenge created by @kiwi84.

I'm not following all the rules strictly, but it should provide a nice objective to my first game.

You can follow my progress on Youtube, the playlist is

The first, introductory episode is:

As a TS4 noob, any thoughts, comments, suggestions are most welcome. :)

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  • ajaxpostajaxpost Posts: 3,842 Member
    Time for Aaron to properly meet his neighbours, and doesn't he just!

    With appearances from Marcus Sellby created by @gnlovew and Joss Weedon created by @Cogitotoro - thank you for creating such great Sims! :+1:
  • ajaxpostajaxpost Posts: 3,842 Member
    Time flies when you don't understand how 'Save Game' works! :rage:

    In this third episode Aaron and Marcus put their natural talents to good use ...

  • ajaxpostajaxpost Posts: 3,842 Member
    In episode 4 Aaron and Marcus take some time out to visit some of the 'hotspots' of Willow Creek ...

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