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I Never Have Time to Play

fullspiralfullspiral Posts: 13,205 Member
I need a lot of time to sit and go through a session of my sims game and I just don't seem to have the time to do it. I'm not the type to start the game and play for 20 minutes. I need the whole night, or whole day. I haven't hardly been playing. How do you all find the time??


  • RebeccaEMannRebeccaEMann Posts: 17 New Member
    Honestly, I used to need like a 24 hour period. But now, sometimes it's just relaxing to play for a little bit then hit the hay. :smile:
  • ayekantspeylgudayekantspeylgud Posts: 44 Member
    I find that when I include pausing and all the other stuff (not counting if I get on a building spree), it takes me roughly 40-60 minutes to get through a full sim day even though the day itself isn't nearly that long. I also have a household of 6 - soon to be 7. :smile: But I am on vacation for a week (a "stay-cation") so I have been playing in the evenings and in the mornings before my boyfriend gets up and while he does other stuff. But don't get me wrong, we're homebodies so we like being home but I also love getting out and doing SOMETHING with my day.

    On a normal work day, if I don't work too late, I usually just play for a bit before bed. It helps that my boyfriend watches shows that I'm not interested in on a couple nights of the week so we sort of "do our own things" together.
  • LiseyLisey Posts: 195 Member
    Nope, play for 30 minute increments. Don't have a whole day or even half a day. And I usually feel plum at the end of a marathon game session, because it's so excess, but that's just me.
  • Dreamie209Dreamie209 Posts: 3,069 Member
    Eh I work at home now a days (Feels so good to say that :lol:). So when I'm done with my daily routine of the day (clean house, feed kids, put son on the bus, do work assignments etc etc). I'm finally able to play the sims. My daughter tends to take naps for about 3-4 hours in the daytime after a hour at the park, so that's some sim time there after we get back.

    My son gets home at around 2-ish so I hurry and get him off the bus lol. Then I end fixing them both snacks/lunch and he runs over to see the sims on my laptop and we play together untill 4-ish since I have to cook :lol:. Then once my husband comes home, we pretty much both make sure the kids are asleep by 6.

    And finally I have the rest of the night to fully sim...well unless my husband declines to that...BUT usually he understands my need to sim sometimes :lol:. But I do give in and switch up my simming schedule.

    On weekends my parents have my kids, so I have a full sim day and my husband has his own game day. And afterwards we just spend time with eachother <3. And then the next days it's back to normal :lol:
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  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 5,530 Member
    Get a chronic illness.
    Learn to say "No!" to irl people.
    Kill off your social life.
    Give up on sleep (sleep is for the weak)

    It was interesting being chronically ill, and studying full time. I stopped simming.
    My health really crashed at the end of the course, it gave me more time for games. :/
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  • jessienebulousjessienebulous Posts: 108 Member
    My health problems leave me pretty much homebound, so I have a lot of free time.
  • belpitabelpita Posts: 1,225 Member
    It's very different from each session.
    I do have days when I don't play at all, because there's just no time. Then other days I can spend hours playing, especially building.
    Since I have two stories going I feel a certain obligation to play a few times a week in each save and if I do both it probably takes me something like 2 hours, because of pausing and screencapping.
  • GrumpyGlowfishGrumpyGlowfish Posts: 353 Member
    Living alone + working part-time + gun club meetings only once a week + flexible other outings + having recently moved to a new town where I barely know anyone = plenty of time for Sims.

    I don't play every day, though, sometimes I go for months without even thinking about it until the next binge playing session.
  • To7mTo7m Posts: 4,933 Member
    I make time. I decide when I'm going to 'game' and I stick to it. Usually 4 hours a day, more if I'm able. Owning your own business helps.

  • SamaramonSamaramon Posts: 69 Member
    I mainly just build and usually get so into it that I don't go to bed until my house or lot is completed. So because of this...I don't actually play-play the Sims, unless I wanna test something before posting it. Sometimes I feel bad because one of my tester Sims is really cute and goofy, so sometimes I play her for a bit.

    I realized back in the Sims 2 that actually playing them takes huge chunks of my time and I wasn't even noticing. Back then I had a huge family of multiple generations and I ended up playing it too much and neglecting everything else in my life.

    So now I just stick to building :) and I'm happier this way! The Sims 4 has an amazing build system.
  • LosaruTaiyoLosaruTaiyo Posts: 9,725 Member
    edited February 2017
    I usually play after I get home from work. It's usually done in bursts as my attention can shift at times. I do always make it a practice to cut my gametime off at 10pm though during the weekdays as I have work in the morning. If I didn't I'd be playing until 4am for sure...LOL. Weekends, depending, are free reign.
  • DannydanboDannydanbo Posts: 12,932 Member
    I'm a lonely old man on disability, so, all I got is time. Winner!
  • RepoRepo Posts: 215 Member
    I am a natural early riser, (and a middle aged woman with midlife related sleep issues). I am awake on the average day between 4 and 4:30 A.M. (it's so nice and quiet). Today I was early, 3:20 A.M. On most week days I am able to play game between 4:30 and 5:30 A.M. At 5:30., I have to stop (or at least pause the game) to fix breakfast and pack a lunch for my husband. If I am lucky (and I am often not), I can go back to game playing for another hour or so. Saturdays are the same, husband and daughter (if she's awake) want their pancakes (waffles, french toast, eggs and sausage, etc.) about 7:00 A.M. Sunday I get lucky and most of the time I can play uninterrupted for a few hours in the morning (unless the dog is being a pest). After that, it depends whats going on in the household. My daughter has class Monday through Friday at noon and I have to drop her off (takes about an hour and fifteen minutes). She has also had a lot of medical appointments lately and that has diminished the amount of time I get to game play (lots of hurry up and wait). Because I have been out of the house more, my dog, a 13 in Beagle, thinks he isn't getting enough attention and dogs me to death when I am home (it makes household chores a pain, too). He will tolerate me watching T.V. while playing with him, but is quite offended by my using the computer and he will pester me until I get off the computer, which is why I value my early morning play time. He sleeps with my daughter and doesn't wake until about 6 A.M. on the average day.
  • BlargianBlargian Posts: 194 Member
    When I was younger, I used to wake up at 5am and play until lunch time! At sleepovers, we could play from 7pm up until we fell asleep. Nowadays, I can play whenever, because Sims 4 doesn't take much time to load and I don't have to bother with CD's. It's strange though - never play it anywhere but my own house and when I'm busy with university I just never feel like playing. Still miss some features from the previous games but am having lots of fun with the new one o:)
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  • luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 28,508 Member
    I'm with you on this, full. I like my game play to be in nice, long stretches, so I can get lots of world-populating or live mode play in and feel continuity in my game. Some days there just isn't a long stretch of leisure time available between paid and volunteer work, appointments, chores, eating and sleeping, and family events. Some days there's a long stretch of leisure time but Sims isn't top of the list that day: last night my husband I and watched TV together. (Did you know that you can watch the first season of Letterkenny on Crave TV with cast commentary?!!) I do more Simming when he's away on business trips.

    In between, I get my in-touch-with-playing side fix in by catching up on Favorite Screenshots and other stuff on the play-sharing side here (that's what brings me here, then I stay for a couple of other things and then that's that break over, or I'll have finished that pre-work second coffee). I've also been really enjoying the Sim-creating challenges for small fixes. I can pop into CAS to make a Sim or two, upload screenshots, and post, and that can be the space of a lunch break or that bit of time while dinner is cooking or after dinner before we sit down with a movie.

    OTOH, I also would really like to be an early-retired person who can just play whenever. I should pick up a lottery ticket while I'm out today.
  • AvaSims4080AvaSims4080 Posts: 769 Member
    Normally throughout the weekdays, I am extremely busy with doing GCSE work and helping my parents around the house. That means I never play The Sims 4 and I forget about it.

    On the weekends, if I'm not hanging out with my friends or spending quality time with my family, I like to have half an hour to grab a can of Diet Coke and load up The Sims 4. I prefer to not play for very long, because I get bored or distracted.
  • MasonGamerMasonGamer Posts: 7,658 Member
    Usually I take breaks in between classes

    I have like 2-3 hours between classes

    So I do work, take Break for an hour and a half play sims or Minecraft. And then do more work before class
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  • fullspiralfullspiral Posts: 13,205 Member
    I've got 4 of the next 5 days off work and I'm hoping I can get some time to play in that. Back in November, I found that the base of my main support beam in my basement was rotting so I've been spending all my spare time in my basement saving my house. lol My brother and I got the beam done, but now the basement needs some serious cleaning up and I've been working on fixing the old foundation walls and painting them. It always just seems like there's something that needs doing!

    I'm going to promise myself some game time tonight if I am not too tired after the work I have to do down there today.
  • sillyangel0906sillyangel0906 Posts: 5,160 Member
    Usually only on the weekends during the school year. I get up while everyone is still asleep and get my Sims time in then. I have summers off so then I usually get a bit of time in every morning.
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  • EllowynEllowyn Posts: 1 New Member
    Okay, so this is not at all the thread for this, I KNOW, but I'm not a member despite having badges for the last gazillion years... but I desperately need help! I've been searching and searching and can't find anything. Please, help me.

    My sim died in his apartment (Sims 4 City Living), he lived alone, and so I can't get to his urn! I can see it in build mode. Any ideas? I've tried a ton of things but I'm so scared of losing him completely 'cause I spent a looot of time on him and had ideas and plans for him.
  • simlish1simlish1 Posts: 2,604 Member
    It depends on what kind of day it is. On a work day, I come home from work around 6pm. I make dinner and settle down after a busy day. Once I've showered and tidied up, it's about 8ish, so I decide whether it's worth an hour or so gameplay.
    Weekends, I tend to get up early to do some chores and if I don't have anything planned, then I'll spend pretty much all day on it, with breaks in between to plum to the shop, fix lunch/dinner etc.
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  • RitensRitens Posts: 67 Member
    There's days when I play for 10 hours straight (usually weekends) and then there's days when I just get on for 30 minutes to do something specific. And of course there's also times when I stay away from the computer for weeks. I play when I have an idea on what I would like to do in the game, be it building, playing through scenes & events for inspiration so I can illustrate it later, finishing aspirations on certain sims, or making a new household. I guess I always need a reason for everything I do. Although there's another thing. I'm a busy university student and I procrastinate a lot. whoops. So technically I shouldn't even have time to play but I do it anyway and then rush with my assignments on the night before due date. :/ well done, me.
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