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Yes or No...


  • SonschiSonschi Posts: 9,952 Member
    Do you know that guy in the movie World War Z that runs away from the zombies, trips and dies. That's 100% me so it wouldn't help anyone if I joined the army... I would probably become the dish washer :D

    Would you lose so much weight that you'd be obviously underweight for a movie if you would become famous like Angelina Jolie?
  • S1MSLYS1S__QARDS1MSLYS1S__QARD Posts: 112 Member

    Sonschi wrote: »
    Sounds like a lot of fun :) If I got it right I have to ask the first question:

    Would you eat no pizza for 6 months if you get 5,000 $ for it?

    OF COURSE YES 5K UP, and switch to pasta
  • RedPandaWoRedPandaWo Posts: 8 New Member
    No, I think I'd prefer to be in good health :D

    Would you get something you really like for a friend, but keep it for yourself?
  • xGravityGirlxGravityGirl Posts: 225 Member
    Probably.. I know it sounds really mean >:) :/ :(

    If it was your friend's (Who lives the other side of the world to you) wedding, would you pay the money to go and see him/her? :)

  • amberquigleyamberquigley Posts: 122 Member
    Yes for one to see the wedding and two because I like to travel.

    If you had the choice to live in space for the rest of your life on a station would you?
  • xGravityGirlxGravityGirl Posts: 225 Member
    Hmm that's hard. I think yes. It's a one in a lifetime opportunity! Why not?

    If you could see yourself in the future, would you?

  • RedPandaWoRedPandaWo Posts: 8 New Member
    No, that would spoil my future.
    It's exciting but, no
  • RedPandaWoRedPandaWo Posts: 8 New Member
    If you had the chance to go to school in another country,would you?
  • SonschiSonschi Posts: 9,952 Member
    Depends on the country. But if I could choose which country definetely yes!

    Which pill would you take? Blue gives you the ability to become invisible but every time you use it you gain 5 kg weight. Red gives you the ability to read someone's mind but when you use it you turn blind for 12 hours.
  • xGravityGirlxGravityGirl Posts: 225 Member
    Red... probably.. That's so hard!! Yes, red :D

    Would you enjoy being invisible?
  • KendranaKendrana Posts: 1,733 Member
    edited February 2017
    Lol yes, although only if I could choose when I wanted to be since permanent invisibility wouldn't be desirable.

    Would you ever dye your hair a different color for a special "romantic" event like your wedding or a date?
  • SonschiSonschi Posts: 9,952 Member
    No. I would want to be me on my wedding or on a date.

    Would you cut your hair for a friend if he/she was jealous but going through rough times?
  • amberquigleyamberquigley Posts: 122 Member
    Yes cause short or long I can still dye my hair.

    Have you completed a legacy challenge?
  • NelcaRedNelcaRed Posts: 322 Member

    Will you marry me?
  • SonschiSonschi Posts: 9,952 Member
    No my cats would hate me if I married a foreign cat :D

    Would you eat 50 hot dogs in a contest where you can win money?
  • amberquigleyamberquigley Posts: 122 Member
    No I've seen too many sims die from that XD

    Would you take 100 dollars to not say a word for 2 days.
  • SonschiSonschi Posts: 9,952 Member
    Yes. That's easy for me ^^ Btw, a sim can die from eating too many hot dogs? :o

    Would live one year like a monk/nun if you got 1 mio dollar afterwards?
  • xGravityGirlxGravityGirl Posts: 225 Member
    Sure, I'd quite like to see the difference between our lifestyle and theirs :D

    Your friend dares you to wear ugly make-up in public for 12 hours and get $35 for it. Would you do it?
  • SonschiSonschi Posts: 9,952 Member
    Haha, yes. I already did that before :D But without the money...

    Would you stop washing your hair for 2 weeks? (I've heard it should be good for your hair)
  • KendranaKendrana Posts: 1,733 Member
    edited February 2017
    If there was some type of big incentive, probably. Otherwise I'm not sure I could stand it for even a week.

    If a someone agreed to pay you $100 to have your hair dyed platinum blonde, would you do it?
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  • amberquigleyamberquigley Posts: 122 Member
    Haha done cause my hair is already that color

    Would you want to live in the world of the last movie you watched?
  • Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 2,987 Member
    Welp... I guess I'd be living on Paper Street with an even worse version of myself in my subconscious... In that case it's a definite yes.

    Would you happily destroy something beautiful for twice of its' price as a reward?
    Winning and spinning
  • xGravityGirlxGravityGirl Posts: 225 Member
    It depends what it is- if it's a plant then no, but if it's a painting, then yes.

    If you had the chance to, would you go on I'm a celebrity get me out of here?

  • SonschiSonschi Posts: 9,952 Member
    Whoa no! No money in the whole world can buy back my dignity after joining this...

    Would you date someone who's still married but will divorce soon?
  • UniSimsUniSims Posts: 1,246 Member
    no! that would be unfair.

    would you give up the sims for 6 months for a monthly commission of $150

    Everything is more colourful in black and white
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