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Aurora Skies or Hidden Springs??

fionaloveserranofionaloveserrano Posts: 528 Member
I have a bunch of new sim points and I am looking to splurge on a new world. A couple of months ago I bought Lucky Palms which I love. I have had my eye on these two since I bought Lucky Palms. I am not sure what to get.. any suggestions?? Aurora skies and Hidden Springs both seem to have beautiful (and different) aesthetics. Both of the CAS items they come with are gorgeous (but I think Aurora Skies has better CAS just because of the 2 braid child hair and that pony tail..) I play mostly legacy/family type sims if that makes or breaks which one I should get first.


  • SimmeradaSimmerada Posts: 1 New Member
    Both are awesome worlds. If you like north european atmosphere, red houses, thermal lakes, etc, Aurora Skies is perfect, I'm playing there lately. What I don't like at all is that everybody is wearing gloves and dark clothes on every single outfit... men, women, teens... Apart from this (which is just my opinion) is a beautiful world.
  • clue1234floclue1234flo Posts: 49 New Member
    I know for myself Aurora Skies was the one. I love it mainly because with the gold version you get the walker and play pen which makes family play even better. If you have Generations, The Day Care career is great with those add ons, not to mention the great family aspects that EP comes with. If you're looking for family play, I say Aurora Skies. It comes with lots meant for you and your tiny sims and it has beautiful scenery.
  • fionaloveserranofionaloveserrano Posts: 528 Member
  • LisaJ231LisaJ231 Posts: 17 New Member
    I would have to agree with @clue1234flo about getting the gold version of Aurora Skies
  • fionaloveserranofionaloveserrano Posts: 528 Member
    I do have those items (the playpen and the walker) but I really like the other items that come with the Tiny Prodigies Learning Center. But buying the standard and then the Learning Center separate is less points than buying the gold version. I think I am going to do that! The world looks the best I think and I am obsessed with the CAS items. :) thank you!!
  • TimevesselTimevessel Posts: 95 Member
    I thought I would mention one very important point about Hidden Springs, and that is the Premium item, Leon's Fountain of Youth. Being able to use it daily to keep from aging (if you don't want to use cheats/mods or if you don't have the points for the lifetime reward Age Freeze Potion) is a big plus. More than that, though, it is simply the most incredibly beautiful fountain (and natural looking) in the entire Sims 3 game, including all expansions, stuff packs and even store content. Hidden Springs is worth it just for that item alone. This is just my opinion, of course. I found Aurora Skies okay and the world of Hidden Springs okay, but as far as worlds go, my favorite is still Sunset Valley (with frequent trips abroad). I guess it all depends on what you're looking for.
  • lauravonawesomelauravonawesome Posts: 1,078 Member
    I like both, though Aurora Skies gets my vote 1) because the premade sims there are beautiful and 2) my legacy family lives there right now lol.
  • pepperjax1230pepperjax1230 Posts: 6,196 Member
    I like both, though Aurora Skies gets my vote 1) because the premade sims there are beautiful and 2) my legacy family lives there right now lol.
    Aurora Skies is so tiny though.

  • BonnieBonnie Posts: 109 Member
    I don't have Aurora Skies yet (it's on my to do list as I love all the generation expansions and the child care career) but I absolutely adore Hidden Springs! It's a really beautiful world and you get an amazing new type of sim to play! I'd suggest that but then again I'm a little bias. Hope you manage to make up your mind :smile:
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