Ask a Guru Thread and Community Engagement

Hello everyone!

As it appears there is some confusion about what is going on with the Ask a Guru thread and communications I thought I would help to have one post to go to that helps to clarify some things.

I am a lover of lists so let's start with the Ask a Guru thread... here we go:

1. Ask a Guru thread is being put on hiatus for now. We are in full swing of our The Sims 4 City Living Campaign and are focused on communications for that. It will be back once we have time to focus on it but for now it will remain closed as the team only has so much time to work on the game and answer questions about the EP that we don't want to add another thing on their plate.
2. Questions in that thread will be answered as we are able to get to them and I will be reorganizing it as I wasn't expecting to get so many questions from so many of you so quickly! It's really great that you want more insights about development and we are always happy to share where we can.
3. Also for extra clarification: No one is being punished for things here, the team simply does not have a lot of bandwidth between working on the game and SimGuru obligations so we try to be conscious of how much time we ask of them for things not directly related to their day to day. The "things that happened while I was away and decisions were made that I must respect when I get back" was us shifting the focus from Ask a Guru to EP communications --couldn't really say that then though XD.

Now on to the Community Engagement / Communications:

1. Over the last few months things have been getting heated by a lot of people in the community (I am not excluded from this by any means) but I know that this community is better than that. One of the main areas of contention was the confusion of what is considered speculation / rumor and what is fact as some would like to ruffle feathers by creating unnecessary threads. I opened the new Speculation / Rumors section as an area where those types of threads could be housed to keep areas like General Discussion free from incorrect information and more constructive conversation.
2. In order to create a more welcoming and constructive atmosphere we will be making a lot of adjustments to both moderation, our forum rules, and looking at ways we can all build up more positive engagement between us all (remember that "positive engagement" doesn't mean "sunshine and rainbows" it means that you all respect your differences and understand that while someone doesn't share the same opinion as you it doesn't mean they shouldn't be treated with respect - that goes for when you are engaging with the Studio, myself, the moderators, or each other).

If you would like to give suggestions on ways you feel we can help build a more welcoming space for you please feel free to comment below, or send me a PM if you feel more comfortable giving suggestions privately, as this is a group effort between you and us.

Happy Simming!


  • friendlysimmersfriendlysimmers Posts: 5,287 Member
    @SimGuruDrake it would be nice and helpful if some members in there post would stop posting in all cap because i have no idea if they are making a normal post or just simply yelling and also it would be nice if members would stop posting gif images in topics sims related since it makes it hard to read post?
  • Fairy_HappyFairy_Happy Posts: 8,621 Member
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    You guys took away the requirement for people to have to own a game in order to post on the forum so now any old body from anywhere land can make an account and post and act crazy. Also if you start listening to people instead of just coming on here to close or move threads around that says something negative about Sims 4 then maybe people will be more inclined to act civil. Maybe.......probably not but it's worth a shot. *shrugs*

    And I agree people shouldn't attack each other on the internet but hey it's the internet. Millions upon millions of people from different places, with different views, opinions, likes and dislikes all together so it's easy to attack and troll because it's anonymous and basically no chance of repercussions, except being banned which again won't make a difference in the least because people that were banned can just join up again because again no restrictions on registering and start posting and acting crazy once again. (Run on sentence)
  • james64468james64468 Posts: 1,015 Member
    hafizchan wrote: »
    Reaaaaaaaaly now? Because the last post I read really made it look like we're being punished because you are dissapointed in us. Quite honestly if there's anyone to be dissapointed with its yourselves. I have supported this game since day 1 and was really shocked with how unproffessional and emotional you reacted. Putting your own feelings upfront with how you were disturbed during your vacation? So much for players first, thats for sure.

    I am still disappointed in the way people after while I was away when I thought we were finally getting to a good place. This community should never be about spreading rumors about employees, attacking one another for opinions about content or trolling people with things they know will get them riled up.

    This is a space where everyone feels safe and comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions about current / possible future content, what they are doing in their games (whether that is in TS4, TS3, TS2, or even TS), content they create, and stories they would like to tell.

    Lastly I acknowledged that I've gotten heated in some areas too so I'm not blameless here. But I'm acknowledging there is a problem across the board and I want to work with those who want to make this back into the warm and welcoming community we love.

    It never ending battle. Been there done that and the community died. I just wish people would think about the other person behind the screen. At the end of the day words hurt no matter what the rhyme goes. Half of what was said on the forum would end up in bans on forum that I used to help on. I was board-member on that forum I stepped down because a friend and I was only ones doing the work. I step down from being super moderator because the coding on vBulletin was very picky and could not use the regular coding to do banners. And real life.
    My rant is this. Some of the members don't like it when others critique their favorite game then they tell the person to leave the forum. The more of that on both sides the bigger chance of ruining the community. I hope that people learn what we call disagree to agree. It a mutual respect idea.
  • NZsimm3rNZsimm3r Posts: 9,199 Member
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    Thank you for clarifying how the Ask a Guru Thread and other communications etc are going to function moving forward. I'm always pleased to see Guru's answering questions. (Especially mine! lol )

    *Also I'd like to add that I am appreciative of any guru that spends their own time here on the forums, as answering questions as part of your work is one thing but to talk shop when you are supposed to not be at work is another whole level of awesome!
  • mskubemskube Posts: 483 Member
    Thank you @SimGuruDrake happy that Ask a Guru will be back at a later date, looking forward to it.
  • xitneverendssxitneverendss Posts: 1,562 Member
    Thank you for this post @SimGuruDrake. Good to know you guys will be tweaking moderation because it seems a bit...un-refined at this point. It would be great if you guys would practice more consideration when it comes to merging threads and comments.
  • TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 10,104 Member
    @SimGuruDrake -Thanks for this announcement.It would be great to have a rotational play section for all versions of the game since I play my Sims 3 game in a Sims 2 rotational style.Sims 2 is also played rotationally and that part of it could be in that rotational play section.A lot of others are also playing Sims 3 rotationally like I am.
  • asouthernwriterasouthernwriter Posts: 978 Member
    Just a suggestion, I still think having a FAQ section will clear up a lot of important asked questions people have. Then you can just add to it over time.
  • OzzieneOzziene Posts: 95 Member
    I request that the sims 4 be improved that:
    1: mannequins randomize button at the bottom, have the ability to randomize accessories
    2: randomize button in accessory selections
    3: mannequins, when you click the x button on the accessories also recognize and remove glasses and necklaces
    4: have mannequins have the support for earrings
    5: in CAS, when an adult with straight hair's age is set to child, make it so all straight texture hairstyles can be obtained.
  • Sid1701D9Sid1701D9 Posts: 4,130 Member
    I think, the major problem with the community is it has a high children to adult ratio* and kids love to get everyone fired up especially teenagers, I like The Sims Games, but I am pretty sure I am one of the oldest sims fan left.

    This is my favorite line:
    "Just because you fail, doesn't mean you didn't learn nothing."
    "Just because you misbehave in class don't mean your a problem child"
    "Just because a game fails doesn't mean it was a bad idea, just poorly implemented."
    "Pass, Fail, succeed what does a letter grade actually mean outside of high school and college "Not A Thing"
    "Transcripts speak more of what type of person you are than a letter grade"
  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 3,930 Member
    I was glad to read this. I think you lay everything out in a very straight forward manner. I haven't been on the forums as much lately except to lurk now and then and post sporadically at this point. It's pretty disheartening to be here frankly.
    I was wondering when the rules for the forum would be looked into since it was brought up in the Changes Coming to the Forums announcement some months ago with a "fresh new set of rules and guidelines for posting in the forums" mentioned. I hope this is part of the new plan so that forum members have something clearer to look at regarding expected behavior.
  • IngeJonesIngeJones Posts: 2,843 Member
    My main concern is that we keep the channels open for actual technical discussion about the development of the game. Not just us making a request, but real dialog about the feasibility of the request and the dialog could end up in negotiation and moderating the original request to come up with something implemented in a feasible way. I understand this type of dialog The Sims Studio typically prefer to keep internal for all sorts of reasons. Not all game companies are this way, some will dialog on certain features. Occasionally one of the simgurus does, and I appreciate that, but with the exception of the Simulation Tech Talk thread there is no particular place to do it, and that thread is left for long periods of time as I guess gurus have less or more time to participate. I really don't know what to suggest as you guys either have time or you don't, me spouting off here won't make any difference to that, lol. Anyway what I am saying is at least please don't ever close that.

    Also I appreciate the modding tech forum without which modders would be totally lost. Sims 3 data was pretty much "discoverable" as it was already known formats, but TS4 engine is a whole 'nother proprietary thing.
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