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Ciane! Ciane! A Special Thread Just for You!

LadyEmillyeLadyEmillye Posts: 19,045 Member
Hey @Ciane,

I was very excited to learn that I was your buddy and able to make you gifts that I hope you find as wonderful as the ones you have made for me.

I have a special gift that I am going to post first. The reason for it being special is because it is some of my simself's offspring. I hope you enjoy playing them. I didn't really go in depth with them, because they are only at the beginning of their journey and it is up to you to shape their lives for them.

Orphan Beginnings

Alicia, Patrick, Anthony and Bella lost both parents very recently. In order to have them all continue to live on the same roof they try and get good grades and Alicia sacrifices her wants and keeps food on the table and the bills paid through her job as her siblings enjoy the life she can't.

Their home is rather run down

28887926850_1fa459eec3_o.jpgScreenshot by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

And much to small for all four of them

28887927120_bedd283954_o.jpgScreenshot (2) by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

28887926260_95d17a0f29_o.jpgScreenshot-2 (2) by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

With the outhouse on the porch

28887924470_61c046b679_o.jpgScreenshot-3 (2) by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

and bunk beds in the two rooms

28887924350_2e66ce61a9_o.jpgScreenshot-4 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

Alicia gets a job at the local supermarket to keep the bills paid and the lights on

29175479485_4a0fec76e3_o.jpgScreenshot-5 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

Cooks for her siblings

29069535242_72a163c4c0_o.jpgScreenshot-6 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

and tries to keep her grades up

28556234743_95b67ceb23_o.jpgScreenshot-7 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

So that her and Patrick

29175483415_48ca5879fa_o.jpgScreenshot-2 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr


29069535782_bfe72d579e_o.jpgScreenshot-2 (3) by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

and Anthony can all stay together

28556239543_89a053fd2e_o.jpgScreenshot (3) by Lady Emillye, on Flickr
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  • MiaSkywalkerMiaSkywalker Posts: 2,903 Member
    Aw, that's so sweet! They're so cute, and Bella is absolutely adorable!
  • MsPrissy88MsPrissy88 Posts: 2,829 Member
    Whoooaaaaaaa... can you say cramped quarters?! LOL :D Kidding. That is too cute.

    I agree with @Mia.... Bella sure is a little doll. As is the rest of her siblings.

    Already rec'd. (it was the first thing on my mypage when I logged on. lol)
  • LadyEmillyeLadyEmillye Posts: 19,045 Member
    Aww thank you both. I can't wait to reveal the rest.
  • cianeciane Posts: 14,223 Member
    Yay!!!! I LOVE them! I can't wait to play them and see what happens. This is a perfect gift for me. Thank you so much. It's awesome!!!
  • suzsessuzses Posts: 967 Member
    This looks like a fun group of simmies to play @LadyEmillye and so cute - all of them! Anthony is quite adorable with that hairstyle. I will get you all rec'd up this evening after work. :)
  • ADWilsonADWilson Posts: 4,920 Member
    The starter might be small, but it has everything these four siblings need in order to stay together. Alicia has taken on quite a bit of the responsibility, but keeping this adorable family together is a must! They'll tell an interesting story as ciane (and others!) play them.
  • LadyEmillyeLadyEmillye Posts: 19,045 Member
    I am going to try and have your remaining up gifts up today or tomorrow. Another call off at work but hoping to be out of here on time.
  • SjappielovePaulSjappielovePaul Posts: 4,705 Member
    Their story is so touching! Love their little home as it keeps them together :)
  • LadyEmillyeLadyEmillye Posts: 19,045 Member

    I am going to post the other to tonight mostly likely, keep any eye out ^.^ ya never know when they may pop up lol!

    Definitely after I eat though . . .I'm STARVING O.o
  • 60smusicluvr60smusicluvr Posts: 1,419 Member
    Whoa. What an unfortunate position to be in! :'( But I'm certain it's an interesting household to play. >:) Alicia is pretty. :o
  • LadyEmillyeLadyEmillye Posts: 19,045 Member
    edited August 2016
    Hey @ciane

    I have your next gift ready for you.

    It's the House of Ciane

    This lovely home was made for families that like to entertain. A wrap around seating area surrounding a grand piano on the main floor with a lovely kitchen. Three large bedrooms and a small one for two small children. The attic, featuring a secluded bedroom offers a walk out to the balcony with the roof canopied overhead.

    The inspiration for the balcony canopied by the roof comes from a home I saw in one of the many rural areas around where I live.

    As the house was near the water, I wanted the outside to look cool and airy as I know you like Sunlit Tides (This is where Heavenly Home was) and I wanted the inside to be luxurious and kinda like a getaway/vacation home.

    29111353131_0c449cf811_o.jpgScreenshot-2 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

    29083172472_b49d79e82e_o.jpgScreenshot-3 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

    29155899866_2461c20cd3_o.jpgScreenshot-4 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

    29111350891_81dd5be09b_o.jpgScreenshot-5 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

    29155899816_6f1d0310ff_o.jpgScreenshot-6 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

    29083169962_69dc46ac14_o.jpgScreenshot-7 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

    29155898486_1f0d65e2ab_o.jpgScreenshot-8 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

    29111348531_3f02804bc8_o.jpgScreenshot-9 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

    28901705630_856cf4ac84_o.jpgScreenshot-10 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr
  • LadyEmillyeLadyEmillye Posts: 19,045 Member
    edited August 2016
    More Pictures, sorry they are dark, took them at night lol (in game and in rl)

    29083167872_d95528ba23_o.jpgScreenshot-11 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

    29083167152_7a89c90c46_o.jpgScreenshot-12 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

    29111347131_f896255d90_o.jpgScreenshot-13 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

    28901704090_e4e2f8f2e0_o.jpgScreenshot-14 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

    29189590035_0e88bc1b7c_o.jpgScreenshot-15 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

    29083166552_0f51269f68_o.jpgScreenshot-16 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

    29189588835_9740b5478d_o.jpgScreenshot-17 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr
  • LadyEmillyeLadyEmillye Posts: 19,045 Member
    Your second gift is up @ciane with one more to go. Saving the best for last maybe?
  • ADWilsonADWilson Posts: 4,920 Member
    The House of Ciane (nice name!) is spacious so sims can move & grove! LOVE the piano "recital" area with plenty of cushiony seating for guests to lounge about while listening to the host play. The dining alcove is another favorite!
  • LadyEmillyeLadyEmillye Posts: 19,045 Member
    Thanks Addy. I am working on getting her final gift set up, so one more to dive in to hehe.

    Those were my favorite parts too :)
  • MiaSkywalkerMiaSkywalker Posts: 2,903 Member
    edited August 2016
    Oh, that's a lovely little house! Yes, unfortunately some of my pics were done at night, too. I suppose I could have fast forwarded to morning to do the shots, but I was too impatient. And I'm guessing you were, too. :)

    I love that table lamp in one of the bedroom pictures. What is it from?
  • LadyEmillyeLadyEmillye Posts: 19,045 Member
    I can't remember, when I go back in game I will find out for you :) And yes, just a bit lol.
  • LadyEmillyeLadyEmillye Posts: 19,045 Member
    Hey @Ciane,

    Your third and final gift is going to take you on a little journey to here LE The Strange, as I had something planned with this gift, but you have to click to know why. It's just my blog :wink:

    But then come back here for the download link after the picture of the front of the house. A sneak preview if you will. Again built in Sunlit Tides with that in mind when I built it and close to the water, basically on the opposite side of the other house.

    29084025622_ab846b4d6d_o.jpgScreenshot-18 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr


    Sashi didn't know what to expect from the wishing well, beyond the fish she was hoping to catch for her supper, she never expected to find a child or love or a beautiful home. Could it be too good to be true?
  • cianeciane Posts: 14,223 Member
    OH my!! Am I spoiled, or what!!!

    This is too awesome. I will tell you that I like my first present so much that I've been in game with them already. I LOVE that their favorite foods are all vegetarian dishes. That was such an unexpected surprise. It made me smile so very big!!!

    Then I come back to find you built me such an awesome home with a little covered balcony. I love things like that - The little ends and outs that make a home special! And you added lots of plants and flowers... I love those too! And that paneling... the grand piano... just who wouldn't love all the special touches? It's so awesome!

    Then... you made me another very special gift. You gave me a story that is so very unique. A gorgeous sim, now with a little girl and a fiance... and another awesome home! I am spoiled rotten and grinning hugely.

    Thank you so very much. I love, Love, LOVE all my gifts!
  • ADWilsonADWilson Posts: 4,920 Member
    The presentation for Sashi is terrific! LOVED the way the story developed and the surprises the wishing well gave. Until this exchange I had no idea one could fish at the well... learn something new-to-me all the time. The house is rather nice, too!!!
  • MiaSkywalkerMiaSkywalker Posts: 2,903 Member
    I love that little presentation you did! What a wonderful story, and that house! It's so cute and delicious, with a wonderfully eclectic combination of styles! This will be a great little household to play. (I wonder what Tanya is? Fairy? Genie? Or just a human child with a lot of mischief?)
  • LadyEmillyeLadyEmillye Posts: 19,045 Member
    I am so glad you enjoyed your gifts Ciane. I really wanted to give you something wonderful as your gifts to me were so perfect. And glad the presentation went over so well.

    Tanya is just a normal sim.
  • KgaffKgaff Posts: 1,340 Member
    @LadyEmillye Two nice stories, you've been busy too. I want to play the orphans and see them grow up! And Sashi and daughter looks like a great deal of fun. I like the House of Ciane very much but my fav is Chopra for some reason, I don't know why yet.
  • suzsessuzses Posts: 967 Member
    I see I am getting behind here. @LadyEmillye I like both of your houses a lot - they both fit in very well for Sunlit Tides - and I like the siding choices you made for them. Sashi is adorable, and your blog presentation was just great. :)
  • LadyEmillyeLadyEmillye Posts: 19,045 Member
    Aww, thank you both so much :)
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