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Day & Knight 10/16

pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 8,318 Member
I've always wanted to do the I'm a Lover Challenge. I love romances and ones with lots of twists and turns and drama! So, I hope you will like it.

I will list the chapters here, so you can come back to the first page to scroll through them easily.

For those of you who want to take a look at the family tree, go here: DAY & KNIGHT FAMILY TREE

Be aware that it is full of spoilers if you're new to the story!

Generation Two

So, without any more fanfare, here it is:


Chapter 1.1

“Promise me, Alex,” Dad pleaded with me. He lay there on the hospital bed—a shriveled prune of a man from what he used to be. Seven years of chemo did that to a person.


I swallowed, stroking his arm. “But Dad...how can I be both parents to Bri?”

“You have to be. Promise.”

Biting my lip, I thought about Mom and how she’d ditched us as soon as she found another man who wasn’t sick and kids who didn’t cramp her style. “I won’t be Mom.” My voice was harsh. I didn’t mean for it to come out that way, but I guess the bitterness hadn’t gone away even after six years.

“Then be her father, Alex. She’s only ten. She has eight more years until she can live on her own. Y-You can work as a mechanic at your current job until then. That should earn enough to get by. After that, you can go to college. You’ll only be twenty-six. Not too old.” He squeezed my hand. “Promise.”


I wanted to escape this nightmare. Seeing my father slowly deteriorate over the years had taken its toll on me, but here I was facing losing him for good and now, he was asking me to take over instead of shipping Brianna to my grandparents overseas.

But I was only eighteen. How could I raise a ten year old by myself?

I heard the words, “I promise,” come out of my mouth anyway. Tears stung my eyes. Dad couldn’t see me like this. It would hurt him too much. I had to be brave for him. And for my sister.

Wiping my eyes and nose, I said, “Don’t worry. I’ll be her dad. I’ll make sure Bri’s taken care of.”

Dad lifted the side of his mouth. “Thanks, Alex. I have no doubt you’ll do a great job. Hey... if I hadn’t said this to you in a while...” He covered my hand in his. “I love you, kid.”

I smiled. “I love you, too, Dad.”

Turning away, I wiped the tears streaming down my face.


After the funeral, Bri and I said our last goodbyes to our father.



I kissed his cold withered cheek before they closed up the casket. I’ll never forget the loud grinding of the hydraulic shovel, digging a six-foot hole in minutes. They set his casket in and dropped dirt on top and then it was over.

All the visitors hugged us with gloomy looks and one by one they said their condolences and vanished.

It was me and Bri.


“Come on, Bri. It’s time to go home.” I wanted to get out of that dreadful cemetery.

“How can we go without Daddy?”


“I’m taking care of you now. Don’t worry.”

“But...you’re not him. Who will tuck me in and read stories to me at night? Who will get rid of the monsters under the bed?”


Holding my sister, I whispered, “I’ll be your dad from now on. No matter what happens, I’ll take care of you.”


Bri looked into my eyes with her sad face. “You’ll never be Daddy.”


She was right, of course, so I couldn’t argue. I only patted her on the shoulder and told her to come with me anyway.


In the months that followed, I noticed I couldn’t earn enough money to keep us in food let alone pay all the bills. So I sold the house, car, anything that we didn’t need, then moved us to an area we could afford in Oasis Springs.

Luckily, I found an old garage with a living area on the top floor. Nothing fancy, but it had four bedrooms, a living area and a kitchen. Plenty for me and my sister. And then I could have my own business fixing cars. It was pricey. I couldn’t buy it outright, but the landlord let me sublet it from him and he was more than happy that I could use the garage as it had been when he was young. All the renters before never used it.

We could do this.


My stomach plunged as I saw Mr. Richardson stroll into my garage. I hadn’t been able to overnight the part for his car and I knew he was going to be livid. The Richardsons basically own Oasis Springs and even though I’d never dealt with any of them before, their behavior was widely known. I was shell-shocked that his personal assistant had even called and brought his corvette to me in the first place. I thought rich guys used dealers, but I wasn’t going to argue with him. I needed the cash.

What I didn’t expect was for the heir to the Richardson legacy—Knight Richardson himself—to pick it up in person. My heart beat like a jackrabbit getting chased by a fox.

“H-Hello, Mr. Richardson,” I said, stalling.


“Hey, kid. Just picking up my car.” He shot me a bright smile which only made me even more nervous.


“Um...about that...it isn’t ready.”


He arched an eyebrow. “What do you mean it isn’t ready? Didn’t you promise my assistant I could have it by today?”


I flung my hands around, hoping to get my point across. “You see, I would have had it done. It’s actually easy to fix, but the part...it didn’t ship like they said it would. I’ll have it done by tomorrow.”


Without another glance at me, Richardson marched into the shop area and tried to open the door to his car. When he couldn’t, he yelled like a spoiled two year old who was told he wouldn’t be getting any ice cream, pulling at his hair.


“I’m sorry, Mr. Richardson. The car is locked and without the motherboard working, electronically it’s fried. A new one will fix everything. You’ve just got to wait one more day.”


“I don’t have one more day. I need my car now.”

“Don’t you have another car? I know your family is rich and...”

He waved his arms angrily, “What would a snot nosed punk like you know anything about my family?”


Plum. I knew I shouldn’t have mentioned his family. I didn’t like the guy but I needed the money. Kissing butt was the only remedy in this situation even though I hated to kowtow to people like him. But I was in the service business. Sometimes that was the name of the game. I backpedaled. “Listen, you are more than welcome to tow it somewhere else, but no matter where you take it, I can promise you it will take more time. Another garage hasn’t even ordered the part yet. The shipping company guaranteed it would show up tomorrow.”

He jumped to his feet and shook a furious finger in my face. “Okay, punk, but if you don’t have it to me by tomorrow, I will personally rearrange your face. Is that clear?”

I winced. “Yes, sir.”


He stomped out of the shop, slamming the gate.



I could only hope that plum part would come in the next day. I hated to see what kind of tantrum he’d pull if it wasn’t.
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  • amberthezombieamberthezombie Posts: 213 Member
    Finally it's letting me comment lol I love this start :smile: I'm excited to read more!
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 8,318 Member
    Finally it's letting me comment lol I love this start :smile: I'm excited to read more!

    Thank you @amberthezombie ! And thanks for nominating Tribe Wahine. What an honor! :heart:
  • MarialeinMarialein Posts: 2,882 Member
    Yay a new story from you <3 I am excited were this will lead us. By the way I really thought first that Alex is a girl (and I am still not totally sure if Alex is a boy :D )
  • TheGeekGamezTheGeekGamez Posts: 642 Member
    Bookmarked! i´m exited to see where this will go.
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 8,318 Member
    Chapter 1.2


    I flinched when I heard how hard I’d slammed the gate. “Gosh, Knight, why do you have to be such a d*ick?” Shaking my head at myself, I decided I’d make it up to the kid the next day. A hundred bucks should put a smile on his pretty boy face.


    I didn’t want to end up like my father—number one plumhole. I’ll never forget how he’d yell at our maids or his assistants or anyone he’d hired. One by one they’d quit or get fired. He’d throw gigantic tirades if he didn’t get his way. I remember one time, he made his driver go around the block because he didn’t park the car exactly five inches from the curb. And look at me. I’ve just done the same thing to some poor teenager.

    Sighing, I pulled out my phone.


    “Marco? Yeah, I need a ride. My car is still out of commission. Should be fixed tomorrow.”


    I studied Benton’s face. Red glossy hair. Dark eyes. Gorgeous tan skin. So, why am I invisible to him?

    “Hey, Bri!” Kyle Richardson waved awkwardly. How could the second boy in line to all the money in the Richardson Legacy be so goofy? I tried not to roll my eyes.


    He put his hands in his pockets. “You’re coming tonight, right?”

    Shrugging, I picked at my nail polish. It was time to get a manicure again. I did that on the sly. Alex would kill me. I spend way too much money. “Sure...if I can get away from my boyfriend.”

    “You have a boyfriend?”

    Now I did roll my eyes. “Duh...but I’m not married, so pizza sounds good.” I sidled up to Benton. “Are you coming, too?”

    He brushed his fingers through his crimson, silky locks. “Uh, sure. Sounds fun.”

    A few hours later, we all met up at Dinny’s Diner. It’s a cute place and their pizza is good. Problem for me was that Alex wouldn’t give me any spending money. Said I’d already gone through my allowance for two months. I was so mad, I’d slammed the door when I left.

    Benton wasn’t giving me the time of day, so I decided to swallow my pride and talk Kyle into paying. He’s rich. Surely, he wouldn’t mind.

    “Listen...Kyle...about the pizza...I’m a bit low on cash so...”


    “You want me to pay? Sure!”



    “Yeah, if you agree to go out with me.”


    My stomach sank. “What?”

    “A date. You know...go out with me on a date, Bri. You’ve been playing me for months now. It’s time. Don’t you think?”


    No, no, no! This couldn’t be happening. How would I ever snag Benton if his best friend was mooning over me? This was not going how I’d planned. Knitting my eyebrows, I said, “I can’t. I’ve got a boyfriend or did you forget that fact?”


    “Boyfriend? Really? How come I’ve never seen him? Does he go to our school?”


    I searched my brain for an excuse. Of course I didn’t have a boyfriend. That was just a cover to ward off Kyle. Unfortunately, it wasn’t working. I was hoping to get close to Benton, but Kyle was like sticky glue that wouldn’t come off.

    Then I thought of Alex.

    “Um, yeah, like...he’s....older. Twenty-five to be exact. And he’s really into martial arts and boxing. So, if he even senses I’m dating around, he’d come after you. Seriously, I’m just thinking about your health, Kyle. You really don’t want to mess with him.”


    Benton got in the middle of us. “Hey, guys. Are we going in or not? I’m starving.”

    Kyle pointed at me and said, “Yeah, we’re going and I’m buying.” He whispered in my ear, “And you’re going out with me. I don’t care what your boyfriend says.”

    Putting his arm around me, he hustled me inside.

    If I had been a cartoon character, steam would have been coming out of my ears. Shrugging off his arm, I pushed past Kyle and sat next to Benton, looking over the menu and hoping Kyle wouldn’t sit next to me.

    Benton watched me. I could feel his eyes. My face heated up 1000 degrees. “What kind of pizza do you like?” he asked.

    “Anything with loads of cheese.”

    “Really? Me, too.”

    I smiled. “Boring, huh?”

    He shrugged. “Sensible. Cheese won’t burn your tongue. Hey, Bri...do you really have a boyfriend?”


    My stomach did a twirlywhirl. My lie was now getting me into trouble. I wanted to say, “NO! Of course not! I’m free to go out with you, gorgeous hunk of man-boy.” But I had just told Kyle that lie and I couldn’t get out of it. I grimaced and didn’t answer.

    Just then, Kyle swooped down on us. “Hey, dude, you’re not hitting on my girl are you?”


    I folded my arms. “I’m NOT your girl. How many times do I have to say it, Kyle?”

    He arched an eyebrow. He wasn’t buying my lie. “Produce this boyfriend and I’ll leave you alone.”


    I could feel my eyes pop out of their sockets.


    Without thinking, I dialed Alex’s phone. “Um...hey...I’ve got a problem. Could you come to Dinny’s Diner and help me out?”


    “I know it’s late, but please. Just come over. I really need your help. I’ll explain when you get here.”


    “What? Why? Okay. I promise. Thanks.”


    Kyle shot me a look. “That didn’t sound like a deep, loving relationship. You had to beg him to come to the pizza joint? And you didn’t tell him you were having trouble with a guy? Hmm, Bri...sounds like a wonderful boyfriend.”

    “Never you mind. He’s coming. And you’d better hope he doesn’t get mad.”


    After we ate, we all tromped down the steps, waiting for Alex. My stomach churned.


    Minutes ticked and no Alex.

    “Where is this lover boy, Bri? Looks like he’s not showing up.”

    “He promised,” I said. And then I saw a dark figure in a red hoodie.

    Alex came.

  • amberthezombieamberthezombie Posts: 213 Member
    Finally it's letting me comment lol I love this start :smile: I'm excited to read more!

    Thank you @amberthezombie ! And thanks for nominating Tribe Wahine. What an honor! :heart:

    Your welcome :smile: Tribe Wahine was the story which really inspired me to start my own :p
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 8,318 Member
    Finally it's letting me comment lol I love this start :smile: I'm excited to read more!

    Thank you @amberthezombie ! And thanks for nominating Tribe Wahine. What an honor! :heart:

    Your welcome :smile: Tribe Wahine was the story which really inspired me to start my own :p

    That makes me happy to hear! :sunglasses:
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 8,318 Member
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    Chapter 1.3


    So, Bri’s boyfriend was not just her imagination. About six foot one and lanky, he looked like a cross between the pop star Dustin Jeiber and any number of boyband front men. I just didn’t get why chicks went for that. They’re very...I don’t know...tween boyish. Not manly at all.


    I was interested to see how this was going to go down. Kyle looked as if he was going ape plum crazy. He’d been wanting to ask out Bri for a while now, but she’d always have some excuse and yet, she hung around us any moment she could get. Especially at school. I wanted to ask her out myself, but yeah, Kyle wouldn’t have liked that too much and besides, I wasn’t sure she was my type. Very high maintenance. You needed money to date a girl like that. Kyle Richardson fit the bill.

    Bri ran up to this guy and literally glowed when looking into his popstar face.

    It was sickening.


    Kyle wasn’t having any of it. I was about to intervene when Kyle yelled something then threw a punch!


    But the guy blocked it and before I even knew what was happening, the boyfriend swung and Kyle was laid out on the ground. It happened in a microsecond!



    The boyfriend kept saying he was sorry over and over.

    I shook my head. I couldn’t believe Kyle got himself knocked out in one punch from a guy who looked like a tall thirteen year old.


    Bending down to check on Kyle, he started blinking, coming to. I could tell he wasn’t sure where he was yet. Looking into the boyfriend’s face, I glared. “You better get your girlfriend and go before I make you.”

    Stunned, the guy said, “Bri’s not my girlfriend.”

    Then it dawned on me. His blue eyes were almost exact replicas of Brianna’s.

    He was her brother.


    Fuming, I pulled Brianna away from the scene. It was all I could do not to dig my fingers into her arm and shake her. She had told those guys I was her boyfriend! And then it went to blows. I could end up in jail if they wanted to press charges.

    Once we got home, Bri ran up the stairs to her bedroom. I let her. I had to calm down or I was going to do nothing but scream at her. Dad never told me raising a teenager would be this hard. I felt like a failure.

    After an hour, I’d calmed down enough to want to talk. Knocking on her door, I called, “I’m coming in, Bri.”

    She was on her bed, tears streaming down her face. It was a pathetic sight. What would drive her to tell such a lie?


    “Bri, we’ve got to talk.”

    Standing, she went for the door but I stopped her. “Now, Bri. This can’t wait.”

    Glowering, she asked, “What if I don’t want to talk?”


    “I know what you told them. Why would you lie like that? Do you realize what that might mean for me? I knocked out a kid. I’m an adult. They could press charges.”

    Glancing around, Bri explained, “I-I didn’t know that would happen. Seriously, Kyle’s a freak. He acts like he owns me. I only told him that so he’d leave me alone and when he didn’t believe me, that idea just popped into my head.”


    “Kyle...you mean Kyle Richardson?”

    She nodded.

    A stone sunk in the pit of my stomach. “Do you realize what the Richardsons could do to me? Knight Richardson already threatened to punch me out today and now, I’ve just knocked out his younger brother.” I pointed at her. “Never tell anyone I’m your boyfriend again!”

    She lifted the side of her mouth. “Well, can I tell them you’re my scary older brother who has five different black belts and is about to win the MMA title of Oasis Springs?”

    Stroking her arms, I shook my head. “Bri...come on...why can’t you fight your own battles? You don’t need me for this. You could have stood up to Kyle and said no.” I shook her gently. “Be strong. I know you can.”


    Her bottom lip quivered, “If Dad were here, he’d help me out. He would have marched in and told Kyle Richardson off.”

    She might as well have kicked me in the stomach. Sighing, I said, “I know...I’m not Dad. I can only do things that I’m capable of. If I had been Dad, you wouldn’t have lied and said I was a rival—a threat—and Kyle would have backed off when I came and got you. That’s why you have to be strong for yourself. You’re going to be on your own next year. Going off to college. I won’t be able to swoop in and help anymore.”


    Bri looked up at me. I could tell she felt bad. “Do you really think they’ll press charges?”

    I shrugged. “The Richardson’s lawyers have lawyers. I doubt this will go away.”

    “B-But it was self defense! Kyle tried to punch you first!”

    “That won’t matter. They’ll spin it however they wish. We don’t have money to fight this.” I closed my eyes then opened them. “But don’t worry. Hopefully, Kyle will be too embarrassed to say anything.”


    Bri grabbed me and gave me a hug. “Alex, I’m sorry. I’ll make sure Kyle doesn’t do anything so don’t worry about it. And...I promise. I won’t lie again.”

    I squeezed her, just holding my little sister and wishing I could have done a better job with what happened tonight.
  • Maladi777Maladi777 Posts: 3,537 Member
    I almost missed this! Bookmarked. New story from you, what a treat!
    And I have to compliment Bri on her room decoration. :smiley:
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 8,318 Member
    Maladi777 wrote: »
    I almost missed this! Bookmarked. New story from you, what a treat!
    And I have to compliment Bri on her room decoration. :smiley:

    Glad you found it. I won't formally advertise it until I get at least 10 chapters. Thanks for reading!

    Yes! Brianna and Alex are big fans. You will see more later on. ;)
  • SeaDragonSongSeaDragonSong Posts: 1,641 Member
    Interesting! Bookmarked :D
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 8,318 Member
    Interesting! Bookmarked :D

    Welcome to this new story! Hoping to update tomorrow! B)
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 8,318 Member
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    Chapter 1.4


    “That’s it, Alex. Quick punches. And don’t forget your feet. That’s where you can really mess up.” My coach was relentless today, not letting me have even five minutes in between sets.

    Panting, I’d already drenched my shirt. One hour and thirty minutes into our session, usually I’m not this tired, but I think because of the fight last night, I hurt my hand. I really landed a hard punch on that kid.


    “Nice. Now do some uppercuts and then I’ll let you get some water.”


    In quick succession, I pummeled the bag. Left. Right. Right. Left. Right. Right. Left.

    “Yes...yes! Keep going. Don’t let your opponent breathe.”

    “What’s this?” a familiar voice interrupted my coach. “The kid can box as well as fix cars? Impressive. There is hope for our youth these days.”


    Hearing his voice made a clink on my insides, and I stumbled into the bag.

    “Footwork, Alex!” Coach Marvin bellowed. “If you can’t control your feet, you won’t control the fight.”


    “S-Sorry, coach. I got a little distracted.”


    “Yes, it’s my fault,” Knight Richardson said with a mischievous smile. “I didn’t mean to interrupt.”


    “No, it’s okay.” I put out my hand. “Coach was going to give me a break anyway.” I guessed Knight Richardson didn’t know about what had happened to his brother last night. Relieved, I went on, “I’m glad to see you, Mr. Richardson. Just wanted to let you know the part arrived yesterday afternoon and it’s all ready. I stayed late fixing your car. You can pick it up when I open at 9 today.”


    “Okay, I’ll go to your garage right after I’m done here. So...you’re a boxer?”


    Shrugging, I said, “I do mixed martial arts—I know judo, jujitsu as well as wrestling and boxing. It’s pretty hard, but I like it. Keeps me in shape, anyway.”


    “Wow. That’s amazing.”

    My coach piped up. “Alex is my most talented pupil. We will be at the octagon in one month. I believe we’ll see a trophy in that and then it’s on to the national competition.”


    “I’d like to watch that. I’ll make sure to get tickets. Well, I better get going. See you soon, Alex.”

    “Bye, Mr. Richardson.”

    Hesitating, then leaning in, he added, “Please, call me Knight. Mr. Richardson makes me feel old.”


    I smiled. He certainly was a lot nicer today. Must have been in a bad mood last time I saw him. “Okay, Knight. See you then.”

    After he’d left, my coach just stared at me. “What?” I asked.

    Lifting his eyebrows, he said, “I think he’s into you.”

    I rolled my eyes. “Knight Richardson is NOT into me. In fact, yesterday, he told me he would rearrange my face if I didn’t have his car done. Those are not exactly sweet nothings. Plus, I'd never get mixed up with the Richardson family. They have the notoriety of being a bunch of plumholes.”

    Shrugging and smiling, Coach Marvin laughed. “I know what I see. But I want to warn you. Boyfriends don’t mesh with all we have to do to get ready for your fight. Got it?”


    I sighed. “Coach, you don’t need to worry about that. I’ve got too much on my plate.”

    “Agreed. But just thought I’d put it out there. Now, one more set and you’ll be done for today.”

  • Maladi777Maladi777 Posts: 3,537 Member
    Yay! for the update! I'm wondering who is going to be the main couple for gen 1 in this challenge. :) First I thought Bri and Knight would end up together somehow and after today's update you've got me completely confused. Well, those boys are at the banner... but the rules say the couple must produce offspring. I only hope there will be no pregnant male sims. I still consider it weird. :lol:
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 8,318 Member
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    Maladi777 wrote: »
    Yay! for the update! I'm wondering who is going to be the main couple for gen 1 in this challenge. :) First I thought Bri and Knight would end up together somehow and after today's update you've got me completely confused. Well, those boys are at the banner... but the rules say the couple must produce offspring. I only hope there will be no pregnant male sims. I still consider it weird. :lol:

    No...don't worry about that. ;) It will be natural. I hate pregnant male sims unless it's done by aliens. And there will be no aliens.

    And you'll just have to wait and see! There will be twists.
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  • TheGeekGamezTheGeekGamez Posts: 642 Member
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    when you write something @pammiechick there are always going to be twists :D
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 8,318 Member
    when you write something @pammiechick there are always going to be twists :D

    Of course! >:) ;)
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 8,318 Member
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    Chapter 1.5


    “Here you go, Mr. Richardson. She’s all ready for you.”


    I turned to the kid, smiling. I hadn’t given him anything to make up for my behavior the day before and well, I got an idea from the sparkle in his eye when he looked at my car. “Would you like a ride?”


    Alex squinted. “Really? You’d let me drive it?”


    “I’ll even do better than that. How about I buy you dinner? I’ve wanted to check out this new place for a while.”


    “Dinner...” he bit his lip. “I-I’m not sure. I mean...why are you asking me?”

    I put up my hand. “Hey...I just want to make it up to you since I was such a d*ck yesterday. I feel bad and besides. I know you probably don’t get out much with high school and work and your MMA stuff. What do you think?”


    He tilted his head and glared. “High school? How old do you think I am?”


    “Um...you look about my brother’s age. He’s seventeen.” But as soon as I said it, I’d wished I hadn’t.


    “Um...I’m twenty five and I can get my own dinners. Although I live poorly, I don’t need favors. You don’t have anything to make up for.”

    I backtracked. “Whoa...I’m sorry if I offended you. It’s just...you look young. That’s a good thing, right? If you don’t want dinner, I get it.” And then it socked me when I saw his face. He thought I was hitting on him. “I hope you don’t get the wrong idea. I-I’m not into dudes. I just figured you might want a change of scenery.”


    When I said that, relief washed over his face. “Okay then. What time do you want to go? I haven’t eaten out in ages.”


    “How about you meet me at La Tableaux at seven?”

    His face fell then he winced. “Um...my truck is out of commission at the moment.”

    I almost laughed. He’s a mechanic yet he doesn’t have a car that’s running. “Why can’t you fix it?”

    He shrugged. “The transmission is toast. It’ll take $2000 to repair. I just don’t have the cash.”

    Putting my hands in my pockets, I said, “Okay, how about this? I have a roadster that’s just collecting dust in my garage. I’ll pick you up in it and then we’ll go to the restaurant. I’ll take a cab home and you can use it until you save enough to fix your truck. Deal?”

    Alex shook his head. “I couldn’t do that.”

    “I insist. And anyway, you’d be helping me out. That thing needs to be driven or the battery will die.”

    “O-Okay...if you’re sure.”

    “I’m sure. I’ll pick you up at seven.”


    I arrived at the garage early when Alex popped out. Something inside me stirred. How could a guy like that look good in just a sweater and khakis? I usually didn’t notice stuff like that. I must have been working too hard. “Ready to go?” I asked.


    “Yeah, I just need to say good bye to my sister.”

    I spied a pretty red head coming down the steps. She looked down at her feet, not making eye contact with me. She reminded me of Alex only she was very petite with tiny features.

    “I hope you’ll introduce me,” I said, gesturing to her. “I can see she’s way better looking than you.”


    Alex rolled his eyes, laughing. “Of course she is. Bri, this is Knight Richardson. Kyle’s brother.” He made a weird face then put on a smile.

    “Oh, you know my brother?” I asked.

    “I wish I didn’t,” she spat.

    Alex cut in, “Ha ha...Bri, you’re always making jokes. They’re actually friends.”


    Putting her hand on her hip, she asked, “Are you here to make trouble for Alex? If you are, you can just hit the door. Why can’t your family leave us alone?”

    “Bri, stop it. Knight is just taking me to dinner to thank me for working on his car.”

    Looked like my brother was his usual charming self to this poor girl. “Hey, I’m sorry about Kyle. He is spoiled. Listen, I’ll talk to him for you. Not sure if it will do any good, but if he gets out of line, I’ll just tell him Alex has some major skills in boxing. That probably will scare him off.” I laughed at my joke, but neither of them joined me. They only gave each other a strange look.


    “So where’s this roadster?” Alex asked, changing the subject. His sister still eyed me like I was some gangster, taking her brother for ransom.

    I pointed behind me. “In front. Want to go?”


    “Sure.” Turning to his sister, he gave her a hug. They exchanged what looked like a whole conversation in one glance and then he smiled at me, opening the door.

    Once I got in the car, I noticed Alex wasn’t wearing a sports coat. “Oh, yeah, this place has a dress code. You’ll need a jacket.”

    Sputtering, he said, “B-But I don’t own one. The only suit coat I have is the one I wore to my dad’s funeral, and I really don’t want to wear that.”


    Man, I didn’t know his father had died. Feeling like a d*ck again, I said quickly, “Oh, well you’re about the same size as my brother. You can just borrow something from him.”

    As soon as I mentioned my brother, Alex put his hand on his forehead. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”


    “Why? He won’t mind. He’s got a whole closet full of stuff he doesn’t wear.”

    Raising his hands, Alex said, “It’s not that. I-I’d feel bad. I mean, you’re taking me to dinner, letting me drive your car, and now I’m borrowing your brother’s clothes. It’s not cool.”


    “Look, my brother isn’t even home so he won’t know and won’t care. This car is fun to drive and it’s not a big deal to me to let you borrow it for a while. And hey, why can’t I buy you dinner? I told you before. I’m not into dudes, so you’re safe there.” I laughed, but something told me it wasn’t funny to Alex.


    I swallowed. “You’re not into guys...are you?”


    Glaring, he leaned over to me and whispered, “Don’t worry. You’re definitely NOT my type.”


    I laughed nervously, worried that I offended him. Strike three in the d*ck department. Turning on the car, I put it in gear and blasted out of the driveway. Maybe if I got the wind going, my cheeks would stop burning.
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  • Maladi777Maladi777 Posts: 3,537 Member
    edited August 2016
    Oh gosh, this was such a great update. I couldn't help but had to laugh at all those awkward moments in the conversation. I wonder what Knight's reaction is going to be when he learns about the punching his brother received. Will he be cool about that? And he could invite Bri for the dinner too. ;) Even though it still seems like a bad idea for the two of them to be near the Richardsons.
    I need more!
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 8,318 Member
    Maladi777 wrote: »
    Oh gosh, this was such a great update. I couldn't help but had to laugh at all those awkward moments in the conversation. I wonder what Knight's reaction is going to be when he learns about the punching his brother received. Will he be cool about that? And he could invite Bri for the dinner too. ;) Even though it still seems like a bad idea for the two of them to be near the Richardsons.
    I need more!

    So glad you liked it. :) He could have invited Bri but I don't think she'd fit in the trunk. Ha! ;)

    There will be more soon! It's been a breath of fresh air playing this challenge. But I've noticed I need to write before I play for this one. It's very scripted. I don't usually play/write like that. In this, the game won't ever change what I'm going to do with the story like it does for the others.
  • ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,251 Member
    Ooh, I like this a lot! It's not like any other story I've seen around, and I can't way to see what happens next. Knight seems like a cool dude, and I love Alex already! I'm not familiar with the challenge at all, and I don't think I'll look at the rules - I want to be surprised! :)
  • TheGeekGamezTheGeekGamez Posts: 642 Member
    Im shipping it already
  • Maladi777Maladi777 Posts: 3,537 Member
    Im shipping it already

    Already? But the workers haven't even started chopping the trees for wood to build the ship! :joy:
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 8,318 Member
    Maladi777 wrote: »
    Im shipping it already

    Already? But the workers haven't even started chopping the trees for wood to build the ship! :joy:

    Lol! That cracked me up!!
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