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Sims 3 Movie Making

Kaylie883Kaylie883 Posts: 180 Member
Hi guys! I am working on my very first Sims 3 series! I'm super stoked, but I have no idea what I am doing. I tried getting poses, but my computer is weird and didn't download into my Sims 3 Launcher like everything else did. I got all my stuff from The Sims Resource. When I downloaded all my poses, they went through Internet Explorer and I had the options to Save and/or Open. I was using Google Chrome while I was downloading the stuff, but it kept opening Internet Explorer up for my poses. Are poses like mods? Because I've tried to get mods before and they did the same exact thing that the poses are doing. Also, you know when sims are talking with each other and it has that little talking and action bar at the top left corner of the screen? How do I hide that when I am recording? And how do I hide the nude block for when my sims are in the shower or skinny dipping?


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