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Food stuck in microwave glitch can't delete!

So, long story short I hired a butler who tried to cook hot dogs in the Nanowaver microwave. From then on no one could continue cooking them or clean up and throw away. It was saying there's something blocking the path to get to the microwave when there clearly wasnt. After trying everything possible to delete the microwave filled with hotdogs I gave up, moved the Nanowaver microwave to an area on my lot away from home with a fireplace then lit the fire moved my Sim away and fenced it in with NO way of entering the fenced in area to keep my Sims safe from the fire. Eventually it burned the cabinet and microwave until it was gone! This was the only thing I could do! Good luck :)


  • TreyNutzTreyNutz Posts: 5,639 Member
    I get that from time to time, especially in dorms when more than one sim is trying to microwave something. I usually use NRaas MasterContoller with its Cheats module to delete the object. I think using the testing cheats and shift-clicking to delete would also work, but I don't usually use that option.
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