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Celebrating the 16th Anniversary for The Sims!

SimGuruDrakeSimGuruDrake Posts: 1,038 SimGuru
Hello everyone!

As it is the 16th Anniversary of The Sims Franchise one of our concept artists, Emily Zeinner, created a unique wallpaper that she drew herself to share with all of you :) Enjoy!

Desktop Wallpaper Sizes:




Mobile / Tablet Sizes:





Thank you for being with us for 16 years!
1920 x 1080 - 709K
1366 x 768 - 448K
1024 x 768 - 342K
1080 x 1920 - 524K
1080 x 1920 - 526K
750 x 1334 - 343K
750 x 1334 - 343K
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  • ENolanENolan Posts: 2,545 Member
    Well, that's nice. I can use these for something later.
  • ScobreScobre Posts: 15,145 Member
    edited February 5
    These are cute. Thank you for making a thread for the celebration SimGuruDrake and sharing these. I was sad to hear the news of SimGuruMeatball leaving though, so I wish him the best with his future endeavors. Anyway happy 16th anniversary Sims. I wish you the best future in years to come. Thanks for making me addicting to you for the past 13 years and helping me get through some really tough health conditions. Thanks for inspiring me to attend college, help my parents design an addition to our house, make me join the gym, getting the guts to join forums, and get the guts to finally talk to a guy I'm interested in. I figure in life, that if my Sims can do things, there should be nothing holding me either. Thanks to the Sims 4, I was able to get through gallbladder surgery and recovery afterwards. So I'm very grateful it didn't end up being my last Sims game and that I can continue Simming all four games still.

    Happy Anniversary!
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  • LosaruTaiyoLosaruTaiyo Posts: 4,760 Member
    Cute! Thanks @SimGuruDrake and the rest of the team
  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 12,875 Member
    Those are really cute wallpapers! :smiley:
  • PamhamletPamhamlet Posts: 5,556 Member
    These are so sweet and cute! I set it as my wallpaper on my computer just now! Thank you for the nice anniversary gift. :)
  • Prink34320Prink34320 Posts: 4,523 Member
    Thank you! These look very adorable, thank you guys for many amazing years! :3
  • rusurerusure Posts: 28 New Member
    thank you so much for the gifts. Happy Anniversary!! :p :)
  • HowGreatThouArtHowGreatThouArt Posts: 692 Member
    Super cute!
  • luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 19,886 Member
    I approve the dress choices :)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 78,073 Member
    Hello :)
    Thankyou very much for the wallpapers. They are very nice! :)
  • blunote00blunote00 Posts: 18,373 Member
    Thank you. ;)
  • husseinandalihusseinandali Posts: 1,817 Member
    Awsome :)
  • XopaxPaxXopaxPax Posts: 1,634 Member
    What a unique piece of art.
  • ScobreScobre Posts: 15,145 Member
    XopaxPax wrote: »
    What a unique piece of art.
    It looks really cool as a wallpaper. I'm sure some CC artist could use it to make a picture in the game too. I could probably make a bedspread with it.
  • simguyssimguys Posts: 49 Member
    They all are so cute! :*
  • rochelimitrochelimit Posts: 729 Member
    I don't recognize the guy's clothing
  • InvaderchickycatInvaderchickycat Posts: 805 Member
    Aww :# That is so adorable.
  • Prink34320Prink34320 Posts: 4,523 Member
    I think we need some cake for this celebration, everyone dig in :3


    Happy Sweet 16th Birthday The Sims! Cheers to growing up with you :)
  • staravia81staravia81 Posts: 306 Member
    edited February 7
    Can't believe it's been 16 years! This franchise has been a stress reliever, hobby, therapy and escape for me since TS1 back when I was in college. I thank those responsible for making my favorite game franchise by far <3.
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  • princessdylanprincessdylan Posts: 124 Member
    [quote="rochelimit;14551135"]I don't recognize the guy's clothing[/quote] I believe those are the GT baggy pants and the Movie Hangout kimono with base game shoes
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