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3rd Trimester can't give birth

Hi I need help with my pregnant sim.. She is on the 3rd trimester and she can't give birth? Like i clicked the bassinet and there was no option to Have Baby and when I click on the sim there is also no option to go to the hospital. Am I supposed to wait longer or?


  • LoladahlsLoladahls Posts: 27 New Member
    I'm going to assume your a new player, sorry if I'm wrong. Once you hit #rd trimester there will be a ?? on the time. That's time before you go into labor so its an unknown time. Once you go into labor there will be a pop up telling you so. Nature will take its course. Hope that helped.
  • ZaraKanekiZaraKaneki Posts: 10 New Member
    Oh thanks so much! :D i actually had sims for months but i stooped playing it so i forgot :# thanks for helping though!
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    Hey simmers,

    I see the question here has been answered, I am going to go ahead and close this out, along with move this to the helpful tips section so other simmers with similar questions can hopefully find an answer here!

    Thanks again!


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