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The Lockwood Legacy: Gen 2 *50th Chapter 9/11/15*

AuroraLockwoodAuroraLockwood Posts: 2,960 Member
I'm finally a member and can post pictures so here is my first try at doing a story :)

This will just be an intro, I'll try to get the first real update done tomorrow.


The main character for the story is Cassie Lockwood. She's the start of the second generation of a family I've been playing on my own.


Life was always a mixed bag for Cassie. On one had she was born to her loving parents Cecilia (originally Cecilia Henley) and Willow Lockwood (Willow was my original sim for this family line). Her family was by no means rich but decent careers in business and tech respectively they made enough to support themselves and Cassie just fine. Despite this decent success though Cassie had no desire to follow in her parents footsteps. Being an active and creative person as well as more than a little bit of a tomboy Cassie hated the idea of being stuck behind a desk or a computer screen so early on she decided that she wanted to be a professional painter.


Aside from that she also enjoyed spending time with friends, thought this always came difficult for her. While Cassie likes to hang out and have fun she also has a temper, one that she's never been very good at controlling. Due to this she has very few real friends as people are unwilling to put up with her flair ups and outbursts.


There are two main exceptions to this though. The first is Sean Almeida, Cassie's boyfriend since middle school and in her experience one of the most patient people she's ever known as he's always been understanding and forgiving when she gets upset.


But as said, her life is a mixed bag and that downside came into play when shortly after high school she found out that Sean was cheating on her.


And not with just anyone, as mentioned earlier there were two main exceptions to people being unwilling to tolerate Cassie's mood swings. The other person was Cassie's best friend since childhood JoAnna Swain, the person who had stood by Cassie as long as she could remember, the one who'd first helped her get into painting, and the person who she now found had been sneaking around behind her back with Sean.


Understandably Cassie did not take this well.


But when she confronted them about it the caring and patient boyfriend she thought she'd known just brushed her off, saying that he was tired of always "holding her hand through the hissy fits" and that he was "happier without the baggage."


Needless to say brushing someone off who has a bad temper isn't the best plan and Sean learned this quickly as Cassie angrily introduced her fist to his skull before telling him to get lost and that she never wanted to see him again.


Afterwards both due to the guilt of what she'd done and the realization of how much of a jerk Sean was JoAnna tried to apologize and begged for Cassie's forgiveness.

But Cassie still furious that the two of them would do this to her to begin with refused to listen and simply turned her back on JoAnna saying that she and Sean deserved each other.

With her relationship dead and her former best friend partially to blame Cassie's life fell apart. Despite her parents attempts to console her she bounced back and forth between anger and sorrow leaving everything she used to love by the wayside.

Eventually she came to the decision that she just needed to get away from all the bad memories.


With that, along with some financial assistance from her parents she moved away from her home town and purchased a small single bedroom house in Oasis Springs.

And that is where the story will begin.

EDIT: I have created an extra thread titled The Lockwood Tales which will be used for side stories that feature characters outside the main family. If you want to check it out follow the link in this sentence or the one below my banner.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. I'm still fairly new at this so any comments or advice would be appreciated. :)

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  • CathyTeaCathyTea Posts: 21,651 Member
    Cassie is really cute!
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  • AuroraLockwoodAuroraLockwood Posts: 2,960 Member
    CathyTea wrote: »
    Cassie is really cute!

    Thanks :) I was really happy how she turned out getting Cecilia's hair but keeping those nice purple eyes I gave Willow
  • lovesstormslovesstorms Posts: 15,471 Member
    She is SUPER cute! I am enjoying your start! :)
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  • MikiMiki Posts: 1,673 Member
    You write so well! She's beautiful! (actually they all are, even the cheaters!) But she is the star of course.

    * * * * *

    In spite of the twisted humor I put forth in here, I really am moved by what happened to her.

    I felt genuinely sad for all of them, of course, nobody came out ahead from that misguided exercise, well except lessons learned from terrible mistakes..

    I am hoping she gets her new life off to a good start in Oasis Springs.. It's a tall order for one with a short fuse!

    I'm looking forward to when the new story begins, but as I am sure many writers have told you, relax, take your time, let the story flow through you as much as from you.. of course your Sims will have ideas of their own.

    I think you'll writing of Cassie's hopes, dreams, and future as many will reading about them.. if not more!

    *Disclaimer.. I'm but a reader. I lack the wordsmithing skills required for this, so my "advice" was only a repeat of what I heard.
  • BBQPenguinWingsBBQPenguinWings Posts: 3,754 Member
    Very good! I hope her new start gives her what she needs. And I hope she can work on herself before moving on! All three of them have their flaws. Got to find someone who accepts them!
  • MikiMiki Posts: 1,673 Member
    edited June 2015
    Will "we the readers" just follow Cassie or will we get to know what's up with the cheaters? Especially her best friend.. I know IRL that's the end, period.. Most of the time.. But her best friend did realize her error and beg forgiveness.

    Just curious..

    This will be good, no matter which turns it takes! I can usually tell pretty early in a story! (speaking for myself, anyway!)

    Edit: I re-read it.. I felt even more for Cassie.. and decided Sean is a barf-bag. (I don't wish him ill will but he is the Pictionary entry for Sleaze.)

    On a side note, Cassie 's parents are so beautiful, too!

    But from the one picture of them I couldn't tell which was "responsible" for her beautiful eyes.
  • AuroraLockwoodAuroraLockwood Posts: 2,960 Member
    @Miki The story will stay with Cassie though I won't say no to bringing her parents, Joanna, or Sean back if the story progresses in a manor that would suit it, but currently I have no plans to.
  • AuroraLockwoodAuroraLockwood Posts: 2,960 Member
    @lovesstorms @BBQPenguinWings

    Thanks, I'm glad you liked the intro :D
  • AuroraLockwoodAuroraLockwood Posts: 2,960 Member
    edited June 2015
    Here is the update for today that I promised as we get into Cassie's new life in Oasis Springs


    Cassie stood outside her house, all the events that had lead her here still in the back of her mind.





    The house itself was sparsely decorated. It just had the bare essentials for the most part though considering her parents had been kind enough to get everything set up for her arrival Cassie couldn't complain.


    Right now though Cassie's attention was focused on one thing. The easel that sat in front of her, the first thing she'd seen as she walked through the front door. On it was pinned a letter.


    We know you said that you didn't want to take it with you, that it brought back too many bad memories, but we thought you should have it anyway. We're worried about you honey, we know it's tough going through such heartbreak but you need to remember not to let other peoples actions change who you are. Things may be tough right now but they will get better, and we hope that when they do you'll find the joy in painting that we enjoyed so much as you grew up.

    Good luck in Oasis Springs and always remember that we love you.

    Your parents
    Cecilia & Willow

    P.S. Mr. Long is expecting your call.


    Irritated, Cassie set the letter aside. She knew they were just trying to help but this was the last thing she wanted to see right now. Painting had been her favorite pastime but to much of it brought back memories of Sean and JoAnna. A pair of faces she certainly didn't want to think about right now.


    Feeling a flair up coming on as she stared at the thing she quickly changed into her workout clothes and went outside to go for a jog. Controlling her temper wasn't something she'd ever figured out how to do but she'd learned over the years that getting some excercise was a good way to burn off her anger and bring her down from it. Plus she figured it would give her a good excuse to take a look at the town in the process.


    A short while later Cassie found herself at the gym, the run having done little to help her mood.


    So it was on to plan B. Hit something, preferably something that she couldn't get in trouble for as various vandalism charges growing up had taught her. She liked punching bags. When all else failed they always helped her cool off, plus it didn't hurt that she could picture Sean's smug face as her fists repeatedly connected with the bag.


    Finally feeling better after a quick round of beating on imaginary Sean Cassie found herself feeling better as she washed off the sweat of her jog and workout her mind returned to the letter and the note at the bottom. She needed to call Mr. Long before it got to late.


    Heading out of the gym she headed towards the lakefront to make the call.

    Behind her sat the rest of the business district that she'd seen on her jog through town.


    To the left of the gym sat the public pool and a lounge


    To the right a local club sitting silent during the daylight hours.

    Neither was really her thing, she'd never cared for that kind of fancy hangout. A nice simple bar had always been more her style.


    Reaching the lakefront she pulled her phone out and dialed the number her mothers had left her. A voice came on the line quickly and she passed on the message that she'd arrived in town and that Cecilia Lockwood had asked her to call.

    And with that she had a job. It wasn't much, just an minor assistant position behind a desk but income was income.

    With that though there was nothing much left to do right now out here so she decided to head back home.


    As she headed back towards her house though something caught her eye through the gym window.


    The gym had been clearing out gradually as it had gotten later in the day but one woman still remained at one of the punching bags. She'd been there when Cassie had arrived at the gym as well.

    Cassie just shook her head in amazement. Some people just didn't know when to give up.


    Back home Cassie once again walked in to find herself staring at the easel.


    She sighed to herself moving it as much out of the way as she could given the places limited space. She had no desire to paint anything and at the very least she wouldn't have to stare at it every time she walked in. She'd throw it out later when she wasn't tired from a day's workout.


    With that she went into her room and toppled onto the bed. It wasn't time to go to sleep just yet but lying down felt good after the physical activity of the day.

    But as sore as her muscles felt she couldn't complain to much. She had a decent home, she had a new job, and she had a new start.

    Thank you for reading the update, I hope everyone enjoyed it :)

  • RoryPlaysTheSimsRoryPlaysTheSims Posts: 5,329 Member
    Loving your story so far and Cassie looks awesome! I LOVE her eyes! So pretty. Excited to see what her new life has in store for her. :)


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  • AuroraLockwoodAuroraLockwood Posts: 2,960 Member
  • MikiMiki Posts: 1,673 Member
    I like it! Her home has a simple elegance about it that can never be overstated. "Less really is more"

    And it is a nicely built place. Beautiful hardwood floors, the kitchen looking very modern and functional.. I mean it when I say I can almost sense that "new house smell" Really!

    (Don't take me seriously here, I get occasionally goofy when it comes to restrooms) The potty looks lonely so far from the sink! )


    Once again, awesome pictures .. and so well-written!
  • AuroraLockwoodAuroraLockwood Posts: 2,960 Member
    edited June 2015
    Miki wrote: »
    I like it! Her home has a simple elegance about it that can never be overstated. "Less really is more"

    And it is a nicely built place. Beautiful hardwood floors, the kitchen looking very modern and functional.. I mean it when I say I can almost sense that "new house smell" Really!

    (Don't take me seriously here, I get occasionally goofy when it comes to restrooms) The potty looks lonely so far from the sink! )


    Once again, awesome pictures .. and so well-written!

    Thanks, I wish I could take credit but sadly I didn't build it. I re-did almost everything in Willow Creek and Oasis Springs with lots from the gallery (the trailer across the street from where Cassie lives is the only lot I didn't replace. I don't remember who made the house Cassie is in but I could try to find out if you want :)

  • aroseinbloomaroseinbloom Posts: 3,359 Member
    Well done! I'm enjoying your story so far!

    Really detailed and easy to follow. Cassie is beautiful!
  • AuroraLockwoodAuroraLockwood Posts: 2,960 Member
    @aroseinbloom Thanks. I'm glad you like it, and her of course :)
  • SummerFallsSummerFalls Posts: 6,413 Member
    I loved reading this story so far! I can't wait for the next update :)
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  • BBQPenguinWingsBBQPenguinWings Posts: 3,754 Member
    Love the builds! The gallery is one of the best things they brought. SO great to be able to share our builds so easily! Your photos are great. I love the one near the water.
  • CrzydramaqueenCrzydramaqueen Posts: 615 Member
    Glad you started writing! I really like Cassie so far! A great start! If you like check out my legacy in the signature :)
  • AuroraLockwoodAuroraLockwood Posts: 2,960 Member
    Here is another update of Cassie


    As Cassie woke to her second day in Oasis Springs it was Sunday so she still didn't have to go to work for another day. In the meantime she still didn't really no much about her new home so she decided to spend the day exploring and seeing if she could get to know some people. First off though it was time for breakfast.


    Sadly while things were for the most part going well for Cassie with her new house and job already sorted out the same fortune didn't extend to her cooking. She'd seen her parents do it before but never really messed around with it herself and now as she tried came to realize she wasn't very good at it.


    After beating at the pan for a bit and now feeling quite irritable at the pan, eggs, at whatever chicken had laid them Cassie gave up and dumped her now thoroughly burnt breakfast into the trash simultaneously deciding as she resisted the urge to toss the pan in the garbage with them that exploring could wait until after a good she calmed down a bit.


    To help with relieving her frustration she decided to head down to the gym again for another morning workout this time opting to go for a run on the treadmill rather than beating on the punching bag again.


    As she started running though a familiar face appeared. The woman she'd seen the day before relentlessly pounding the bag was back.


    As Cassie tried not to stare at the familiar woman the lady in red walked over and climbed onto the treadmill next to Cassie.


    Before Cassie could say anything the woman turned to her with a big grin. "Hi there" she said. "I seem to remember seeing you here yesterday"


    And with that the two started chatting. It turned out the woman's name was Gwendolyn Snow "Gwen to her friends." Like Cassie she'd come to the gym the day before to work off some frustrations though to Cassie's relief neither of them seemed interested in delving into the details. Bringing up her plum ex and former best friend wasn't exactly on Cassie's list of topics to discuss with the first person she'd really met since moving out here.


    Quickly time slipped away as the two chatted, discussing everything from music to careers. The woman said she worked for the local news station as one of the lead reporters. As to music they both agreed on preferring alternative rock.

    After a while Cassie had finished her workout but remained there, enjoying the conversation Gwen.


    Their chat was disrupted however as Cassie's stomach began growling loudly reminding her of the fact that she'd skipped breakfast.


    Laughing at the surprised look on Cassie's face as her stomach grumbled incessantly Gwen suggested they continue their conversation elsewhere. She recommended the club next door as having decent snacks but upon Cassie's response that it wasn't really her kind of scene instead decided on a bar Gwen knew of in the nearby Willow Creek.


    She recommended the lounge next door as having decent snacks but upon Cassie's response that it wasn't really her kind of scene instead decided on a bar Gwen knew of in the nearby Willow Creek.


    Gwen jokingly commented that the bar was actually owned by the same person who ran the club across from the gym, though the brand didn't work quite as well here as it did in Oasis Springs. But either way it was more low key than the club.


    Cassie had to admit it was still a bit fancier than the type of place she'd normally visit but it was definitely closer than the options in Oasis Springs.


    Inside the pair continued their conversation well into the afternoon while Cassie munched on a constant supply of chips to satisfy her stomach for the moment.

    It quickly became clear that Gwen had a very bold type of personality. Perhaps it came with the job as a reporter but she certainly wasn't lacking for confidence or will.


    In fact at one point Gwen decided to mix drinks for them herself while they chatted. One of the bartenders started to protest but Gwen just slipped some bills into his front pocket and with that things went her way from there.


    After a while though it started to get late so the two said goodbye for the afternoon as Cassie headed home, just in time for her stomach to begin growling again. She laughed to herself her mood from this morning wiped away by the new acquaintance she'd made. Maybe when she got home she'd take another crack at those eggs.

    Thanks for reading this update :)
  • AuroraLockwoodAuroraLockwood Posts: 2,960 Member
    @BBQPenguinWings I agree. I redid the entire world, something I would never have had the patience to do without the ease of the gallery.

    @SummerFalls @Crzydramaqueen Thanks. I'm glad both of you are enjoying the story :)
  • RoryPlaysTheSimsRoryPlaysTheSims Posts: 5,329 Member
    Yay! Cassie is making friends. :) I'm loving how this story is going. :)


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  • aroseinbloomaroseinbloom Posts: 3,359 Member
    Great update!!! Really love your writing and Cassie's new friend ;)
  • BBQPenguinWingsBBQPenguinWings Posts: 3,754 Member
    Love the hair the friend has. It's awesome she has a new friend!
  • AuroraLockwoodAuroraLockwood Posts: 2,960 Member
    Time for update number 4


    Cassie awoke with a groan the next morning. Her first day of work was finally here and she was by no means excited to head off to spend her day in an office. But her mother had been nice enough to help her get the job so she just needed to deal with it. Plus bills were due today and that was going to do a fair bit of damage to her current budget so turning her nose up at a source of income wouldn't be the brightest idea right now.


    After cleaning up and getting dressed she stared at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She hated these clothes more than anything. The shirt was uncomfortable and restrictive and wearing skirts was completely outside of her comfort range... okay sure cute loose skirts weren't so bad but tight business ones like these were just restrictive and uncomfortable.

    Don't worry about it, she thought to herself. It's not like they're expecting you to go jogging like this, you just an office assistant. Sure it's probably not the most exciting position but it can't be as bad as your thinking.

    Feeling a bit better from the self pep talk she turned to fix breakfast only to notice the clock on the will. She was already running late, this was not a great start she thought as she rushed out the door simultaneously confirming that the skirt was definitely not suited to running.


    By the time she got home though things had just completely gone downhill from there. It was not better than she had expected of an office job, in fact it was far worse.


    How could one day go so wrong she groaned tugging at the itchy and ever so pink shirt she now wore. Pink was certainly not her color and to be quite honest was a shade she could go without ever wearing again if she had her way. It might be fine for girly girls or cheerleaders but to her it just looked weird and didn't suit her at all.


    Fuming as she walked into the living room stumbling in her new high heels as she want she finally cracked and decided that was it. Quickly unbottoning the plum, pulling off the skirt and kicking aside the stupid high heels with particular vehemence she finally felt like she could move again. "PLUM me, how can anyone stand wearing that stuff on a regular basis!"


    Suddenly a knock at the door made her jump out of her post clothes removal revelry.

    Hello she said peeking out the door window.


    On the other side of the door stood Gwen. "Hi Cassie, you mentioned yesterday that you started your new job today so I though I'd swing by and see how it went. Mind if I come in?"

    Cassie shifted uncomfortably behind the door. "Ummm, now's not really a great time..... I'm...." unable to come up with an excuse and not really wanting to lie to Gwen she sighed and just told the truth "I'm not really dressed at the moment, can you give me a minute."

    Gwen's eyebrows rose in surprise but she nodded in confirmation as Cassie hurriedly threw on some clothes


    Finally dressed she stepped out onto the porch where her friend was waiting patiently.

    "Soooo.... how was your day." Said Cassie forcing a smile in the process for good measure.

    "Oh no no no" Replied Gwen. "I show up at your door and hear you yelling loudly while wandering around the house in your unmentionables. There's either a story behind this or you've got company over you haven't mentioned and I'm sincerely hoping it's the prior."

    Cassie stared sheepishly, "Oh, you heard that"


    "So which is it? Some fascinating series of events that caused you to rip off your clothes or is there some cute boy or girl breathlessly waiting in bed for your salacious return."

    Cassie couldn't help but laugh at her friends teasing, nothing like that. Just a really bad day at work.

    "You want to talk about it?"

    Cassie paused for a moment debating if she did or not and then stepped to the side holding the door open for her friend.


    As they entered the living room Gwen noticed the easel tucked to the side. "I didn't know you painted."

    "I don't" replied Cassie, "It's complicated so lets just leave that topic alone alright."

    Gwen looked at her quizzically but dropped the issue as they settled on the couch.


    "So what happened to cause the aforementioned yelling and removal of clothing?"

    Cassie sighed rubbing her temples as she tried to figure out where to begin.

    "Well I was late this morning which didn't get me off to a great start, in addition to that I immediately got chewed out by my new boss. Apparently the office dress code specifically requires that we avoid wearing too much black, something about bright colors being better for morale or something like that. So due to that I ended up having to wear this obnoxious pink shirt...." at this point Cassie gestured towards the crumpled shirt lying off to the side where it had been thrown. ".... and on top of it I had to put on high heels as well because they 'create a more professional look which reflects well on the company.' But I need the job so I just changed and went with it but then because of the stupid heels I ended up tripping and spilling coffee all over the head of accounting who then complained to my boss. Then while I'm trying to apologize to my boss about it I tripped over the dumb shoes again and landed on top of him, and the creep actually had the nerve to wink at me while I'm trying to get up off of him, the guys twice my age and he's winking at me, plus I'm pretty sure he was staring at my butt in this stupid skirt as I left the office." Cassie sighed as she took a breath having just let her rant out practically in one breath. “After that I got home and was just so frustrated that I just took the stupid clothes off here in the living room just so I could move normally again and I was complaining, and upset and...." Cassie's fists clenched as she thought about it, she could feel a flair up coming on which she desperately tried to hold back not wanting to lose her temper in front of Gwen.

    "and then I showed up" interjected Gwen unknowingly saving Cassie and giving her a chance to cool down a little.

    Cassie nodded as she let her hands unclench. "And the worst part is I have to wear the stupid clothes and put up with my creep of a boss again tomorrow."


    "Not necessarily" said Gwen with a smirk as she stood up.

    Before Cassie could respond Gwen had already pulled out her phone and was quickly tapping away. "Which company do you work for? Gwen asked. "Pope industries" Cassie replied despite her confusion as to what Gwen was up to.

    "Ah yes, so that would be Miles Pope....." Gwen quickly tapped out a couple commands on her phone and then held it to her ear.

    "Hello, I'm looking for Mr. Pope


    "Yes, this is Gwendolyn Snow


    Yes that Gwendolyn Snow from OA6 News.


    "Yes I hope you're having a nice evening as well. Look straight to business Mr. Pope, I'm currently working on a possible piece for our channel about a recent study.


    "Yes it was done by a group in Bridgeport who have found that overly strict dress codes while giving a feeling of order in the work place also tend to reduce productivity. I was hoping to possibly get some quotes from local business' in the area on the subject."


    "Yes, later this evening would be perfect. In addition I would like to mention that I've heard rumors recently about sexual harassment within local businesses. Don't worry it's nothing conclusive and I'm not accusing anyone but you should understand that with my job it's good to keep an eye on this kind of thing, so if you happen to hear anything regarding these rumors that might lead to anything I would be happy if you would let me know.


    "Mmmhmmm yes and to you to. See you later.


    With that Gwen hung up and tucked the phone back in her pocket before sitting back down. "Well there you go" she said to the slack jawed Cassie staring in disbelief at what she'd just heard. "The good news is that you should be free to wear whatever color and shoe style you prefer from now on, though you'll still have to fall under basic business attire.


    "Did you really just.... I mean won't you get in trouble?" Cassie stumbled over her words still half in disbelief at the whole situation. "Oh don't worry. The rumor of the study alone will be enough for him to go on. I won't even have to do an actual piece. The sexual harrassment bit was also bogus but the thought that a top journalist is keeping an ear to the ground about it will keep him behaved. Besides what are friends for if not a minor bit of abuse of power. If he does anything else though just let me know, maybe that bluff will turn into a real piece if he doesn't take the hint."


    Gwen's face broke into a grin "Though admittedly I bet you look really cute in a skirt."

    Cassie glared "Ha ha, very funny. If I had my way I would never wear that stupid thing again." her glare softened. "But thank you, that was really nice of you to do for me."


    The two stood up as Cassie gestured towards the kitchen. "As thanks, how about you let me treat you to dinner. I'm not the best cook but I can manage some simple stuff.


    Gwen just laughed as she gave Cassie a hug. "I wish I could, but sadly I have an interview I need to get to." Cassie looked down bashfully knowing it was for her that Gwen was going to this trouble. "Thank you, I really mean it"

    Gwen just shook her head as she gave Cassie a playful shove. "Honestly don't worry about it, though if you really want to make it up to me how about a rain check on dinner." Cassie smiled and nodded as her friend headed out the door.


    And as the door shut behind Gwen Cassie turned back towards the clothes on the floor, now to burn those stupid heels.

    As usual thank you for reading the update.

  • RoryPlaysTheSimsRoryPlaysTheSims Posts: 5,329 Member
    Gwen swooping in for the save. Yay! I'm really enjoying reading this story. Thank you for adding more! :)


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