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"Have you ever" game :)


  • elmo_gurl112elmo_gurl112 Posts: 721 Member
    No not really, I don't get invited to parties often

    Have you ever held a koala
  • Alyssa4LifeAlyssa4Life Posts: 327 Member
    I have never, nor do I desire to right now.

    Have you ever cried because of a book?
  • wavveswavves Posts: 4,743 Member
    yes marley & me made me cry so hard that i couldn't see the pages anymore lol

    have you ever had your own business card?
  • Alyssa4LifeAlyssa4Life Posts: 327 Member

    Have you ever raged so hard you flipped whatever you were raging at over?
  • PancakesandwichPancakesandwich Posts: 1,460 Member
    Nope :D

    Have you ever eaten a sandwich? I know, I'm extremely unimaginativistive right now :D
  • Alyssa4LifeAlyssa4Life Posts: 327 Member
    Ummm, yeah duhh

    Have you ever commented on a post at the same time as anyone?
  • kailayykailayy Posts: 440 Member

    Have you ever performed on stage?
  • elmo_gurl112elmo_gurl112 Posts: 721 Member
    Yeh in primary school

    Have you ever gotten a tattoo
  • DeliriumTriggerDeliriumTrigger Posts: 6 New Member
    No, I'd like to though!

    Have you ever thought you'd seen a ghost?
  • Bad ArkaneBad Arkane Posts: 6,327 Member
    Nope and I hope it stays that way.

    Have you ever forgotten someone's name a few minutes after being introduced to them?
  • SonschiSonschi Posts: 2,353 Member
    No but I sometimes forget to ask people what's their name when I meet them for the first time. Like, we're friends for 4 months now but I don't know your name...

    Have you ever learned another language?
  • kailayykailayy Posts: 440 Member
    Yes. Mother tongue is English but I know Finnish an German too. Also had to learn Swedish in school.

    Have you ever said something to someone while angry and then regretted it later?
  • SimmChoolySimmChooly Posts: 93 Member

    Have you ever screamed at a scary movie?
  • kailayykailayy Posts: 440 Member
    No. I don't get scared easily.

    Have you ever blacked out from drinking too much?
  • SonschiSonschi Posts: 2,353 Member
    I'm ashamed to say yes...

    Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be an animal?
  • wavveswavves Posts: 4,743 Member
    sometimes a cat or a bird, bc cats seem like they live the greatest life & for birds im curious what it's like to fly

    have you ever worn a watch?
  • KendranaKendrana Posts: 621 Member
    Yes, many times.

    Have you ever participated in an Easter egg hunt?
  • Alyssa4LifeAlyssa4Life Posts: 327 Member
    My family usually does those.

    Have you ever gotten so confused you just left the room?
  • elmo_gurl112elmo_gurl112 Posts: 721 Member
    Yeh I think so

    Have you ever misplaced something at work and couldn't go look for it until the next day
  • ScarletPipperScarletPipper Posts: 235 Member
    Yep. Unfortunately, I left my phone but luckily someone had returned it to the front desk by the time I arrived the next day. Huge relief

    Have you ever thought you misplaced something just to realize it was right in front of you?
  • nightflower284nightflower284 Posts: 353 Member
    All the time.

    have you ever woke up because someone is calling your name but it end up being nobody?
  • wavveswavves Posts: 4,743 Member
    can't recall a specific time, but i think so

    have you ever felt like you were falling in a dream and woke up?
  • Alyssa4LifeAlyssa4Life Posts: 327 Member
    Not really.

    Have you ever ragequit a game?
  • Dreamie209Dreamie209 Posts: 2,214 Member
    Nope, my husband has though...reallly scary :lol: .

    Have you ever awkwardly met an ex somewhere? (like supermarket,clubs, parties, jobs etc. lol)
  • wavveswavves Posts: 4,743 Member
    yes a lot, usually i'm friendly but some exes are awkward

    have you ever been snowed in somewhere?
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