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How would you like a Remastered Edition of the Sims 1?

As the title says, would you like Maxis to make a remastered edition of the Sims 1 that has improved graphics, improved Create-A-Sim, improved Build/Buy modes, and that is capable of running on many computers today?

And as for a bonus, with enabled aging, toddlers, and Justine Keaton.

The expansions for the Sims 1 would be combined with the base game. The price for it all should be $60. :)
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  • nickibitswardnickibitsward Posts: 2,859 Member
    edited May 2015
    Give me it! Now! (Adding: Sims 1 was just so special, had so many neat little things that made it unique).
  • simmesesimmese Posts: 1,536 Member
    Would it have CASt and an open world ... and Pets in the base game , and weather , lol
  • luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 28,449 Member
    Remastered to work on a modern computer in a modern screen resolution, but that's all. Let me find out again what it was like to play the first time. IIRC, I will appreciate my 2-3-4 Sims' dying of natural causes much more ;)
  • SlyBootsSlyBoots Posts: 559 Member
    Yes, 100% I'd love this! I wouldn't want them to change it too much though as I like the original sims 1 charm :)

  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 4,960 Member
    Can you have a turn off button for Justine? *Winks*
    Sure I would I love Sims 1 remastered but only as a retro thing with some better graphics and yeah some better sims would be nice. Would be a good moneymaking concept for them if they sold it as is with just a few upgrades for today's computers.

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  • MrGodardMrGodard Posts: 713 Member
    Hmmm good question. I had loads of fun playing that game and have very fond memories, but unlike Sims 2 and 3, I'm not so sure if I still would want to really play it extensively, remastered or not. But of course I'd still buy the game, for nostalgia reasons :)

  • joleacojoleaco Posts: 2,132 Member
    No, I don't think I would play it for very long.
  • Seera1024Seera1024 Posts: 3,050 Member
    edited May 2015
    I would buy a remastered Sims 1. However, what you suggest is not a remaster. It's a remake. And I would likely not buy it. At least not right away. I loved Sims 1 and Sims 2. I have a love/hate relationship with Sims 3. Sims 4 is so-so. Sims 5 or a remake of Sims 1 will have to appear to be well past my expectations for me to even consider buying it. Or not returning it should it be given to me as a gift.
  • xBob18xBob18 Posts: 7,893 Member
    Not really.
  • libra_stylelibra_style Posts: 1,226 Member
    I think we have's called the Sims 4 like never before.
  • ArcMajor18ArcMajor18 Posts: 1 New Member
    I would love a slightly remastered version!! Sims 1 has a charm and magic the next installments could never achieve. However, it has faults but the locations and expansions were always awesome and unique. I love Old Town and it's Louisiana style...everything! And Magic Town OMG!! I would love to go through a remastered version!! While Sims 4 did bring us back a bit I still yearn for the simplicity of the original. Update the graphics, tweak the bugs and take my money.
  • greenbean71greenbean71 Posts: 41 Member
    I would like to play a remastered version! As long as it keeps it's charm and objects. Maybe the exact same gameplay, but update the graphics a little.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 755 Member
    Only enough changes so the game will run on modern machines. I like TS1 as is. Any modifications to the game itself would make it no longer TS1.
  • pisceschick75pisceschick75 Posts: 410 Member
    Only enough changes so the game will run on modern machines. I like TS1 as is. Any modifications to the game itself would make it no longer TS1.

    I agree! I love seeing the progression of each incarnation....I would love to see TS1 rebooted to play on my current computer. I have been wanting this for a long time!

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  • Felicity1169Felicity1169 Posts: 208 Member
    edited February 11
    I love the Sims 1, to this day it's still my favorite game! So yeah I'd love to see a remastered version, but only if by remastered it means it works on modern computers and has a higher resolution without changing the graphics too much. I don't want the gameplay to change.

    Edit: I don't know whether I should make a new post but I'm just going to edit it instead. I was thinking about and the one thing I would love them to for a remake/remastered version is to add seasons/weather. I think it would be super fun.
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  • nickibitswardnickibitsward Posts: 2,859 Member
    Sims 1 was unique (I still play it). I'd love a remake.
  • jimmysnanjimmysnan Posts: 7,967 Member
    I have been asking for this since it stopped playing for me with windows 10. I would love it. How can we get it to happen @Colton147147
  • corrcorrcorrcorrcorrcorr Posts: 4 New Member
    I wouldn't want them to remaster it, just re-release it for newer technology! I miss the game so much
  • OxanaPihlajamaaOxanaPihlajamaa Posts: 144 Member
    That would be great and I would certainly buy. :relaxed:
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  • simfreakssimfreaks Posts: 36 Member
    I would love it, but I don't know if it would be worth the time. Just would be happy for a good, easy install with a boxed window so it doesn't mess up the aspect ration, or show plum behind it on my desktop.
  • KottonKrownKottonKrown Posts: 109 Member
    All I would like is for the game to be playable on modern systems. Personally, I feel that redacting some of the features would be disingenuous because then it wouldn't be the same as it was before. I love the strange charm of 1 and that includes the bits of ugliness about it.
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  • yaymeimashiyaymeimashi Posts: 17 Member
    I heard a rumor they were going to remaster The Sims1 for the 20th anniversary, but i can't find any more information about it anywhere. All I found was a comment from someone from EA on the forums saying they don't really do that. It makes me sad because I love so much about the old Sims1 games.
  • PixelDude64PixelDude64 Posts: 5 New Member
    If it HD remaster and fix addition bug or glitches in the game then maybe as well as making it work on Windows 10.
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