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Let's Play: "X or Y Game"

ThatDoggoneGirl7ThatDoggoneGirl7 Posts: 1,314 Member
edited March 2015 in Off Topic Chat
I don't know if somebody already did this or not but I just wanna start a new game here. It's called the "X or Y Game". The title "Choose between two things" is too cliche for me. So I used a different title but it's just the same mechanics. Lol lame but I couldn't think of a better name of the game. :) All you have to do is to pick your favorite out of the two things. No rules other than be honest with yourself. Choose wisely. :smiley:

For an instance:

"Ice cream or pizza?"

Ice cream.

"Coffee or tea?"

Coffee forever!

"Japanese food or Korean food"?"

Japanese food.

Let's start, shall we?

Mac or PC?
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