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Going Broke Challenge

etothepietothepi Posts: 150 Member
So, there are lots of challenges involving earning lots of money (Rosebud challenge, etc.) but I propose one that's the exact opposite of this! The rules are pretty simple:

-Start out with 1000000§ (gained by enabling testing cheats and then typing Money 1000000.)
-Give your Sim the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration and the materialistic trait. All your descendants must have these as well.
-Buy the Bargain Bend lot in Willow Creek.
-Buy only essentials on day one.
-You must marry someone and have as many children as possible in each generation.
-You must buy the cheapest version of any essential items (although of course beds must be adult/kid appropriate, so it's the cheapest double bed and the cheapest kid bed in this case.) Otherwise, buy anything (until you spend 10% of your current funds. This limit resets daily.)
-Once you buy any object, you may not sell or upgrade it.
-You, and all of-age Sims in your household must join a career as soon as they are able. They must keep this job until they are (hopefully) fired for low performance. Go to work on time as much as possible. If they are fired, they may remain unemployed (and probably should; this is largely a deadbeat accumulation challenge.)
-If a Sim moves into your house, you must keep their money.
-The goal is to go completely broke within 10 generations (0§ in the bank.)
-Sims may retire once they reach old age.
-Aging on, normal lifespans.

-Go broke within:
10 generations: 10 points
9 generations: 20 points
8 generations: 30 points
7 generations: 40 points
6 generations: 50 points
5 generations: 60 points
4 generations: 70 points
3 generations: 80 points
2 generations: 90 points
1 generation: 100 points

-Get a promotion: -1 point
-Fail to pay the bills: 10 points
-Pay the bills: -1 points
-Get fired: 2 points
-Earn 5 points per unique active Sim with a job.
-Lose a child to social services: 5 points.
-Have a Sim starve to death: 5 points.
-Something breaks: 5 points.

That's basically it! If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave a reply. I'll see if I can come up with more rules later. Other than that, try it out and have fun!
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  • etothepietothepi Posts: 150 Member
    I'll be testing this out in the next couple of days for feasibility and balance. Anyone else who wants to test may absolutely do so!
  • laladottyspotlalalaladottyspotlala Posts: 301 Member
    I'm in. I need something to get me back into playing sims 4
  • etothepietothepi Posts: 150 Member
    Excellent! Let me know how it goes!
  • EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 4,186 Member
    etothepi wrote: »
    I'll be testing this out in the next couple of days for feasibility and balance. Anyone else who wants to test may absolutely do so!
    Curious to see how this goes. Never had a Sim get fired before.

  • laladottyspotlalalaladottyspotlala Posts: 301 Member
    Starting today! I'll post an update shortly.
  • etothepietothepi Posts: 150 Member
    I forgot to mention: the founder Sim must start as a young adult.
  • totalRainbowtotalRainbow Posts: 425 Member
    This is hilarious. I'm such a money hoarder, this challenge would be nearly impossible for me to even attempt! But that's a challenge isn't it? Please let us know how it goes!!
  • Nicarra60Nicarra60 Posts: 2,916 Member
    Is there a limit on what to buy? Otherwise, you could just spend all your money on decorations in gen 1.
    Do they have to work a full day or can they keep leaving early until fired?
  • etothepietothepi Posts: 150 Member
    @Nicarra60: Yes to both. On the first day, you may only spend as much money as you need for the basics (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen.) Nonessential spending is limited to 10% of your current funds on any particular day. As long as you can work, you must, until you are fired. After that, you can choose to get another job, but I don't recommend it.
  • etothepietothepi Posts: 150 Member
    Playtesting a little, and realized that the Money cheat will complete your fabulously wealthy aspiration. You may not choose another aspiration for your founder Sim.
  • NaralynnNaralynn Posts: 60 Member
    This sounds so funny!
  • laladottyspotlalalaladottyspotlala Posts: 301 Member
    heres the house i built for the challenge




    thats lily chatting it up with the neighbor christian.

    I threw them a lavish wedding. I tried to make them spend as much as possible.

    currently they have six kids. (two sets of triplets)
    We are down to about 390,000 right now. Lily and Christian have both been fired from their jobs.
    And the bills are piling up around 10,000 :) i will post more pics later
  • laladottyspotlalalaladottyspotlala Posts: 301 Member
    My bills are now up to 22,000 lol. Hope it keeps climbing. If so my sims will be broke by the time their children all age up.
  • etothepietothepi Posts: 150 Member
    Good progress! How are you finding the balance of the scoring?
  • laladottyspotlalalaladottyspotlala Posts: 301 Member
    Good. I've had a lot of things break in my sims house so I'm not able to keep track of that lol. So do teen sims have to get a job since they are able to?
  • etothepietothepi Posts: 150 Member
    No, you only need to have young adults and up in their permanent careers. Teens can wait,
  • etothepietothepi Posts: 150 Member
    edited March 2015
    Sorry I keep adding stuff. I've decided that you don't have to meet your founder's spouse; you can bring them in from CAS/the gallery. If you do, they must also have Fabulously Wealthy and Materialistic. NPC spouses can keep their original traits/aspirations.
  • Spacey72659Spacey72659 Posts: 1,461 Member
    So, decided to try this one. Its a lot of work spending that much money daily but still so much fun.
    I made my Sim a nice little trailer and a spot out back to "store" his old appliances. Its beautiful. Lol!! His back story is he just won the Sim lottery and he has no clue how to manage his money. Hahaa.
    His trailer looks more like a house now though, and its only been like 3 days. Hahaha. I wish I'd saved the original lot to my gallery but oh well!

    I'm playing more for fun then scoring, but so far so good. I'm just worried about how much that extra income is gonna be (the one where you get a weekly deposit from having this LT wish I think). Haven't gotten that far. Lol!
  • revoltairerevoltaire Posts: 1 New Member
    Halfway through this challenge I had an idea: as a continuation, in the end, when your family hits $0, you must move 1 or 2 sims to an empty lot (use money cheat to pay for funds for this lot, then set back to $0), and try to survive and regain your money. I recommend choosing a painter/musician to make money early on. The rule is that you can't get a job until you have $500, a bed per sim you have (if it's a couple you may have a double bed), a fridge for quick meals, a toilet, and a shower on the empty lot.
  • saarlandbabe2saarlandbabe2 Posts: 76 Member
    This was such a difficult but fun challenge!! I thought it would be a lot easier. It took me 13 generations to get to 0. Even though I didn't make an effort with my sims to get promotions, they seemed to get them without any help. Also with the reward trait with the completed aspiration, it gives you a percent of your current funds back to you every saturday. So I felt like I was taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back some of the time lol.
  • Lissi6124Lissi6124 Posts: 7 New Member
    does that house have a name on the gallery its amazing <3
  • frozenorangejuicfrozenorangejuic Posts: 1,830 Member
    As far as buying the cheapest version of essential items, is that forever or just the first day?
  • allygold98allygold98 Posts: 16 New Member
    awesome idea
  • VintageHorizonsVintageHorizons Posts: 89 Member
    This would be hilarious!
    I'll give it a go!
  • SuperCoolRachaelSuperCoolRachael Posts: 199 Member
    Yeah, how do you get your Sim fired without skipping work? That's the only way any of mine have ever gotten fired--and I typically do very little to get my Sims promotions. As long as they keep going to work, their performance continues to rise.
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