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Decades Challenge



  • flutegirl_132flutegirl_132 Posts: 227 Member
    rosietea03 wrote: »
    Anyone have CC for the 1920's? I've looked everywhere and I couldn't find good one's:(


    there are a few other links i shared above that should have more!

  • flutegirl_132flutegirl_132 Posts: 227 Member
    Anyone else struggling to find good themed CC, it also helps me a bit to look at actual fashion images from the time period and then keep an eye out for pieces of clothing that -while not meant to be 1920's/etc themed - can pass for decade appropriate clothes (especially with the right accessories)!

    April from TheSimsResource has some beautiful gowns. I actually just downloaded this one for my 1920's sims, because the length, shape, and embroidery remind me very much of a more elegant 20's evening dress.

    There is a disappointingly low number of 20's themed headbands I've found. Here is something that can pass by SLYD.
    Necklaces were mostly long and droopy so anything like that would be a good accessory. NataliS has this backdrop necklace that would be nice, as I think backdrop pearls were worn in the 20's.

    And, as always, HappySimsLife has a ton of 1920's themed clothing

    Here's some inspiration for blouses from a 1920's catalog
    The material and slouchy appearance of this blouse would work well.

    This blouse would be excellent for the 1910's or 1920's, depending on the skirt they're paired with.
    Another gorgeous blouse

    Skirts were mostly straight and pleated, probably no shorter than mid-calf or so.

    This is more 1940's, but it could work.
    This length and shape is perfect.

    Here are a few things I'm using in my game right now.

    - Make sure you get the right meshes for this one, or it won't work.
    - This and the mesh for it are both lovely dresses that work really well.
    - Beautiful coat
    - I am absolutely in love with this entire outfit.

    Anyway, I'm sorry for leaving such a long post! I have spent ages looking for good CC, and I am constantly trying to add to what I've already found. I've looked at so many historical photos to try and find inspiration, and I get a little passionate about trying to help and share this stuff.

    Good luck!



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    This is awsome ive been doing this for like a week and im at the 1980s!

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  • thebestonlycucumberthebestonlycucumber Posts: 1 New Member
    So is there a money limit or start
  • GeniusSimmerGirlGeniusSimmerGirl Posts: 6 New Member
    > @thebestonlycucumber said:
    > So is there a money limit or start

    I believe you get the starting funds, which is between 18,000 and 22,000 depending on if you start with a married couple or a single person or one sims eldery parent/parents (But I cheated a little, it's really up to you if you want to stick by the rules or not)
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