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Ask Me Anything, the game


  • SonschiSonschi Posts: 6,705 Member
    I dream a lot. Most things I can only remember 5 minutes after I wake up and then every single memory of it is gone. I only remember the ones I have had more than once. My favorite one is the one where my late grandpa (died 1999 :( ) comes down from heaven and is allowed to live with us again :) It's actually a bit weird because the sky is always cloudy (white ones, not dark ones) and suddenly a little "door" opens within the clouds and a golden ladder comes sliding down. After it has reached the ground my grandpa is climbing it down ^^ (I was muuuch younger when I had this dream several times)

    What was the hardest decision you ever had to make?
  • elmo_gurl112elmo_gurl112 Posts: 721 Member
    funeral arrangements for a family member

    Do you have any pets?
  • SonschiSonschi Posts: 6,705 Member
    That's sure the hardest thing you have to do :(

    Yes three black cats :)

    What's your favorite movie?
  • wavveswavves Posts: 7,185 Member
    lords of dogtown & the parent trap

    do you wear glasses,contacts, or neither?
  • KendranaKendrana Posts: 1,463 Member
    Contact lenses.

    Do you often get snow in the winter where you live?
  • wavveswavves Posts: 7,185 Member
    yes, got a lot of snow yesterday especially

    what's your least favorite color to wear?
  • SonschiSonschi Posts: 6,705 Member

    What's your favorite pair of shoes?
  • staciepandastaciepanda Posts: 20 New Member
    My favourite pair of shoes are Vans. they are so comfortable and I love the range of colours.

    How would you describe your perfect Boyfriend/Girlfriend?
  • wavveswavves Posts: 7,185 Member
    really good sense of humor, doesn't hold me back from being the strong independent woman i am, very supportive and trustworthy, and spontaneous! this is my boyfriend, luckily :)

    same question
  • ElesmeraElesmera Posts: 569 Member
    Hmm I don't have time for a boyfriend :D but probably someone that respects me and allows me to have my alone time (i'm very much a introvert) and someone that can make me laugh.

    What is your least fav food?
  • wavveswavves Posts: 7,185 Member
    onions and mushrooms

    favorite reality tv show?
  • sillyangel0906sillyangel0906 Posts: 4,929 Member
    idk. I don't watch much reality TV. I guess ANTM

    Do you have any tattoos?
  • wavveswavves Posts: 7,185 Member
    yas i love ANTM

    nope, but i want a few

    how do you unwind?
  • Haids5987Haids5987 Posts: 7,003 Member
    I really enjoy cooking, it's becoming my favorite hobby. It relaxes me.

    Who is your least favorite relative?
  • wavveswavves Posts: 7,185 Member
    u know how everyone has that one creepy uncle? i have one of them. i haven't seen him in like 5 years tho, which is good lol

    do you have a small circle of best friends or a big group of good friends?
  • elmo_gurl112elmo_gurl112 Posts: 721 Member
    I only have 2 friends and they don't know each other lol

    Anything planned for Valentine's Day?
  • wavveswavves Posts: 7,185 Member
    yes my boyfriend is visiting me and we're going out to dinner :)

    did you celebrate galentine's day today?! (if you're a gal)
  • OhMyHemsworthOhMyHemsworth Posts: 6,939 Member
    edited February 14
    Nope, I didn't even know what that was at first. :D

    What are your plans for Valentine's Day?
  • KelebekKelebek Posts: 1,715 Member

    Do you have siblings?
  • DeKayDeKay Posts: 29,667 Member
    Yah, an older brother.

    Are you close to your family?
  • SonschiSonschi Posts: 6,705 Member
    I think so.

    Do you watch any series you're ashamed to watch?^^
  • DeKayDeKay Posts: 29,667 Member

    Fav snack?
  • sillyangel0906sillyangel0906 Posts: 4,929 Member
    Celery w/peanut butter

    Do you ever have insomnia?
  • DeKayDeKay Posts: 29,667 Member

    Do you?
  • Haids5987Haids5987 Posts: 7,003 Member
    Not usually, no.

    What's your dream?
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