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Nomad Challenge - Requires Outdoor Retreat

VanillaChaiVanillaChai Posts: 169 Member
Hello Simmers! This is my first attempt at creating a Sims 4 Challenge, but I hope some of you guys are interested in trying it out.

The general idea of the challenge is to live only off of the land's resources and build the legacy of your dreams, complete with a museum to display all of your collections.

To begin:

Create two young adult sims in CAS with any traits or aspirations that you'd like. They can be siblings, husband and wife, roommates, etc. Avoid choosing any aspirations that will require jobs down the line. None of the sims in your household will ever have a traditional career.

Buy one of the lots in either neighborhood that is empty and costs 5,500 simoleons (either Hallow Slough or Arid Ridge).

Purchase one outdoor trashcan.

Turn on testing cheats and reduce your family funds to 0.

Set lifespan to Normal.

Now that you are completely set up, here are your goals:

1. Have a garden full of perfect plants.

You need to have at least one of each different type. You must begin the garden with your founders and continue it throughout the entire challenge. The plants can never be put into your household inventory - even when they reach "perfect" quality.

2. Complete the following collections:

Gardening (obviously)

3. Create a museum (completely separate space on your lot to display one of each item from your collections).

4. Build a home that is worth 350,000 simoleons.

Now let's make it a bit more difficult. Here are the rules:

1. Until you have completed your first collection, you may only purchase items that are portable. For example - tents, air mattresses, folding tables or chairs, guitars, campfires, etc. The only exception to this rule is your original purchase of an outside trashcan. You also cannot purchase ANY items in build mode, including walls.

Note: Although completing your first collection is what unlocks the ability to build and purchase non-portable items, you are not required to build anything until you want to. If you prefer to go the entire legacy without a "true" home, you can! In fact, it's encouraged as a completely new way of living and (in my opinion) quite fun! As long as a home with a worth of 350,000 simoleons is built in the end, you are okay.

2. You can only eat items that you have caught (fish or insects) or items you have harvested (fruits, veggies, and the things that can be cooked from the fresh ingredients you have in your inventory). No cooler or refrigerator quick meals are allowed. You CAN, however, eat food that other sims have left on picnic tables - if needed. You cannot go into other sims homes and eat their food.

3. Because the main goal of this challenge is to finish collections, you cannot sell the first item you pick up of each unique type. For example, if your sim catches 3 minnows and 1 perch, they are only allowed to sell 2 minnows. They must keep 1 minnow and 1 perch in their inventory. The same goes for all other collection types.

4. You can move to a different lot (50x50, for example) at any point, but keep in mind that you must place your garden into the household inventory before moving, and place it on the new lot as soon as you move. You do not have to build your home, but you certainly can if you'd like.

5. Your lot must include a separate space, your museum, that will display one of each unique item from the required collections. You can build your museum at the very end of the challenge or you can start right away, whichever is better for you. I personally like to keep my collection items in one sim's inventory to see if I have any duplicates that I can sell. Once I've completed one collection, I usually put those items in the museum. How you play is completely up to you.

6. You cannot buy any seed packets. All plants must be harvested or grafted.
EDIT - It seems that a few of the gardening items may only be found in the seed packets. For this reason, I am changing the rule slightly. After you have 25 unique plants growing in your garden, you may purchase seed packets to find spinach and any other items that are only available this way.

7. You can use local facilities for toilets, showers, etc. if needed, but you cannot use a neighbor's home. No sleeping in random neighbors beds -- even if they are a romantic interest.

8. You may have as many sims in your household as you'd like, as long as they are blood related (after the first generation) or adopted children.

9. You may move sims out of the household, but they cannot come back once they are gone.

10. You may move sims into your household, but they cannot bring any money with them. Like Pinstar's legacy challenge, you must make sure the sims you are moving in are in a household with another sim, or change your funds to remove whatever amount they bring in.

11. None of the sims in the household can have a career. If a sim moves in and already has a career, you must make them quit. Everyone in the house should be focused on building their museum, selling collectables, crafting items, or tending to the farm.

If you want a more difficult challenge, start with only one founder instead of two.

There is no true way to score this challenge, so it's just for fun. If you can think of a way, let me know. Also, post below if you decide to try it, and link your story if you create one. I'd love to check it out!
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  • Carewren123Carewren123 Posts: 2,658 Member
    I love this. You could possibly score based on how many generations it takes to complete the challenge. It's entirely too late at night for me, to put any more thought into the scoring than that at the moment lol. But I'll come back in the morning if I have any further thoughts. Really sounds like a great challenge.
  • VanillaChaiVanillaChai Posts: 169 Member
    Thanks! I'm glad you like it. I was thinking of giving the challenge a max amount of generations and then the point system could work based on what's completed at the end. I'm currently playtesting it to see what would be a challenging amount of time. Perhaps 5 generations?
  • Rainydayz179Rainydayz179 Posts: 3,889 Member
    Wow this sounds like a difficult challenge! I'm assuming that you play on normal lifespan?
  • VanillaChaiVanillaChai Posts: 169 Member
    Yes! Sorry about that. Adding it now. :)
  • Carewren123Carewren123 Posts: 2,658 Member
    In all honestly I'm not sure what number of generations would be the right number to set the max to. But 5 sounds good, and if it seems too easy/difficult when you start playing you can always update your rules later. I'm really thinking of doing this. LOL I already have two stories going, and here I am wanting to start one for this now.
  • VanillaChaiVanillaChai Posts: 169 Member
    Let me know if you do. I'd love to read it! I just started reading your Apocalypse story and I'm hooked!
  • Carewren123Carewren123 Posts: 2,658 Member
    Oh, yay! Thanks! I really might do this. If I do though, it would probably be a month or so before I get started. I'm so far ahead with my Apocalypse story that I really need to get it all caught up before I do anything else. I had to play test it for a while before I committed to writing the story :/ But I will definitely let you know if/when I start this one :)
  • Olivesims2Olivesims2 Posts: 354 Member
    Question? After unlocking or finishing a collection can I buy a fridge or do you eat off the land during the whole challenge? I have started this so have awhile to go before I finish that first collection off. :)
  • VanillaChaiVanillaChai Posts: 169 Member
    I'm glad you decided to give it a go. Great question!

    After unlocking non portable objects, you can then buy a refrigerator, counters, stoves, grills, etc. You are only allowed to cook the items that you currently have ingredients for. Luckily, the game lets you know in the menu when you go to cook a food -- by changing the color of the ingredients to green if you have them. Make sure to have the "Use Fresh Ingredients" box checked on your "Cook" menu. At cooking level 1, for example, you may cook Franks and Beans (which require an onion) or Garden Salad (which requires a tomato). No "quick meals" such as cereal, chips, or milk are allowed. You may not use a microwave at any point in the challenge as they are quick meals only.

    The only exception to the rule is for cakes. What's a birthday without a birthday cake, right?
  • Olivesims2Olivesims2 Posts: 354 Member
    I finished off my first collection last night, (insects) Thank goodness :) carrying all that stuff in my bag really shot the bills up, almost got the electric turned off lol. I'm doing this with a single Sim for each generation. I well keep track of what each generation completes. My founder Sim is getting ready to turn to adult and maybe pregnant, don't know yet she's in granite falls and cant do the test with public bathrooms so well have to wait and see. Hope she well complete the fish collection before passing the torch on. That's it for now. :)
  • VanillaChaiVanillaChai Posts: 169 Member
    Nice update! I started with two sims, already married. They're about halfway done with the plants for their garden and only need 1 more frog to complete that collection. They have quite a few of the trophies, elements, metals, crystals, and fossils, but I haven't taken them to Granite Falls yet. Bills were only 319 for me the last time. I only had a tent, shower, fold-up bench, air mattress, and fire pit in my inventory, though... along with all the collectibles they had at the time. I found it easier to put one of each type of fish on my lot right away so I wouldn't accidentally roast them (since you can't choose a specific fish to roast).
    They just had their very first nooboo, and named him Aspen. As soon as he ages up, I think it's time for a family vacation. :)
  • VanillaChaiVanillaChai Posts: 169 Member
    If I ever get to "member" status, I'll post up some pictures.
  • Olivesims2Olivesims2 Posts: 354 Member
    Lol my Sim ate fruit and garden veg for fear I would roast one of my fish. I'm thinking of having a retirement home to send my elder Sim too when the time comes. Not sure. I do best controlling 1 Sim. Good idea to take them (collectables) out of the inventory my bills were $2,690 from having all of them in it. should be a big drop when I take them out. Need to make a list of the collectables I have left so I can check them off as I go. Nice on getting all the frogs, my frogs aren't cooperating in the breading department lol . Aww well the extras are good for paying the bills. Well up date later. :)
  • VanillaChaiVanillaChai Posts: 169 Member
    I've had my sims make pork and beans with their harvested onions quite a bit... and it's so hilarious to see them all gassy afterwards! At first I thought "Wait... did I make them slobs??" and then I realized that it's just an after-effect of the beans. Nice touch, EA.

    It's strange that your bills were so much higher than mine. Have you been selling all of the duplicate items, or keeping some?

    Frog breeding is a pain, but I've found it to be the easiest of the collections to finish once you figure out the secret to getting which ones you need. I just finished my collection and built them a one-room house with a toilet. Pregnant sims without toilets... not a pretty picture. Poor Haylee was doing the plum dance nonstop.
  • Sketch793Sketch793 Posts: 706 Member
    edited January 2015
    A few questions.
    1. Can we grill hotdogs, tofu dogs, hamburgers, and veggie burgers? (no ingredients are required for grilling them)
    2. Can we roast hotdogs, veggie dogs, or marshmallows on the campfire? (no ingredients are required for roasting them)
    3. Can we make money by painting, writing, and woodworking? How about programming and video gaming?
    4. Can we make money by playing guitar, piano, and violin?
    5. Can we make money from doing standup comedy?
    6. Do the plants in our gardens count as the gardening collectibles or do we need to keep an extra apple, onion, etc. for the collection?

    I'd like to roast marshmallows even if the other foods I asked about are disallowed.
    Tip: I've been mounting the fish that I'm keeping as collectibles. I think that will keep them from being used for bait or cooking.
    Edit: changed tofu dogs to veggie dogs in question 2
  • VanillaChaiVanillaChai Posts: 169 Member
    edited January 2015
    All great questions.

    1 and 2. I personally am only using items that I've found or grown, to make things more difficult. I understand why you'd want to do the marshmallows, though. So, I'll say yes to marshmallows only since cakes are allowed.. And s'mores are a necessity in camping trips and weenie roasts. No to the others, though.

    3, 4, & 5. Before your first collection is complete, you can only make money using portable objects or collecting / gardening. After you unlock the build and buy mode, you can make money by crafting, painting, writing, programming, music, comedy, etc. You can even go into space and collect stuff if you want, though these collections aren't required. You just can't have a traditional career.

    6. The plants in your garden count as your one collectible needed.

    I'm glad you're giving it a try! Let me know if you have any other questions. :)
  • Rainydayz179Rainydayz179 Posts: 3,889 Member
    Isn't one of the plants needed to complete the collection from space? I could be wrong.
  • AmazingamphyAmazingamphy Posts: 1,731 Member
    This is an interesting challenge! I might adapt it to work in the base game once I finish playtesting the Astronaut Legend challenge.
  • VanillaChaiVanillaChai Posts: 169 Member
    Rainydayz179 - You're correct. I'll alter the rules a little tonight. To complete the challenge, you will need the U.F.O. plant in your garden. If your first collection ends up being the garden, you can consider it 'complete' when you have all but the U.F.O. as you can only complete that with the rocket ship. That unlocks your ability to buy the rocket ship and finish your garden.
  • Olivesims2Olivesims2 Posts: 354 Member
    Small up date. my fonder was indeed Pg and had a son. I think I well let him finish off fishing and have my fonder go after frogs, since you mentioned it was one of the easier ones to get. Finally got all the stuff out of my bag and laid it out on the lot. I think it well be easier to carry only the collection I'm working on with me to keep track of what I need.

    Got the garden started, I did take 1 seed from each plant I have collected and plan on putting them in my museum.

    KK ttyl will update more later glad to see more people interested :)
  • VanillaChaiVanillaChai Posts: 169 Member
    I'm so glad that kids can fish and collect. They're helpful when they aren't in school. They can even breed frogs.

    You don't have to put a seed of each in the museum, but if you want to, you certainly can. The plants themselves count if you'd rather sell your seeds.
  • Olivesims2Olivesims2 Posts: 354 Member
    Question can we get the rewards like steel bladder ect.. Not a whole lot of progress today getting close to finishing off a few more collections, can't wait for the kid to grow up and help with the garden lol very time consuming.
  • VanillaChaiVanillaChai Posts: 169 Member
    Definitely! No potions of youth, though. Nothing that alters their age. Also, like with the Legacy Challenge, no aging up until their birthday notification. I'll be adding some of these things to the rules soon.
  • SimHead82SimHead82 Posts: 152 Member
    edited January 2015
    This sounds interesting. How does it work when you have a baby though? Does the bassinet just sit outside the tent?

    Edit: Oh! I misunderstood that you can build a house once you complete one collection. I started the challenge. I have a board called The Forrest Family - My Nomad Challenge if anyone wants to watch my adventure.
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  • SimHead82SimHead82 Posts: 152 Member
    Another question. I know you can't buy anything in buy mode until you have completed one collection but can you use things you get while fishing? My Sim has fished up two violins but I don't know if it's within the rules to use them.
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